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Dreams that have come true...over 3,000! - 2016 DREAM JOURNAL
psychic prediction 7066 23 march 2016 2 ladd7 viewsTV 5 April 8th 2016 smoke everywhere, saddest day?
My Sister Christine Ladd died please help save the live of a cat or dog today6 viewsChristine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian.
Psychic prediction 8077 29 December 2016 4 by Brian Ladd6 viewsthis is a dangerous dd and I'm not going to comment on it, but it's related to last month's (November) dreams
psychic prediction 6868 6 january 2016 2 ladd5 views(request) Power ball numbers for Saturday January 9th 2016
psychic prediction 7135 20 april 2016 5 ladd5 viewsApril 25th 2016 church
psychic prediction 7546 23 august 2016 3 ladd5 viewsIt happened again, Saturday the 27th day of August 2016 61312 God's Calls
Psychic prediction 8060 24 December 2016 6 by Brian Ladd5 viewsThese are my public lottery picks for each week in February 2017 for the US MegaMillions Lottery only.
psychic prediction 74389 6 august 2016 2 ladd4 viewsPraia da Luz Beach, SAGRES Madeline McCann
Psychic prediction 7590 4 September 2016 2 by Brian Ladd4 viewsJames Carville heart attack boxes
Psychic prediction 7733 3 October 2016 5 by Brian Ladd4 viewsKaufman Park Canada, gold nuggets in the stream?
Psychic prediction 7738 4 October 2016 1 by Brian Ladd4 viewscall 7046389000 calling calling rx meds
Psychic prediction 7823 26 October 2016 6 by Brian Ladd4 views(censored) DHS lies again about the upcoming commercial airline accident stating it was not a 'trial run'
Psychic prediction 8026 16 December 2016 4 by Brian Ladd4 viewsplane crash details...again
Psychic prediction 8051 22 December 2016 6 by Brian Ladd4 viewsblue water United Kingdom Lotto for December 22nd 2011? waterfall, numbers
Psychic prediction 8079 30 December 2016 2 by Brian Ladd4 viewsthis is a dangerous dd and I'm not going to comment on it, but it's related to last month's (November) dreams
psychic prediction 6941 27 january 2016 4 ladd3 viewsPratas Islands, February 16th 2016
psychic prediction 6995 2 march 2016 3 ladd3 viewsAbe Walsh not connected to Donald Trump attacks, fake phone recordings, 'N' word
psychic prediction 7049 18 march 2016 5 ladd3 viewsRX drug kills, EMMANUEL ETH Potassium Chlorine, TOR murder
dream review for 30-31 March 20163 viewsdream review for 30-31 March 2016
psychic prediction 74384 4 august 2016 1 ladd3 viewsPowerball and MegaMillions numbers for the 2nd 3rd and 4th week of August 2016
Psychic prediction 7672 18 September 2016 3 by Brian Ladd3 viewswater on fire
Psychic prediction 7703 30 September 2016 2 by Brian Ladd3 viewsplane crash on October 4th 2016 is somehow related to a later 747 crash that will shock the world
Psychic prediction 7841 4 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd3 viewsMegaMillions, Powerball, EuroMillions, 6/49 and 2 picks 3 lottery numbers for the month of December 2016 (ALL THESE NUMBERS WILL HIT, WAIT AND SEE )
Psychic prediction 7853 5 November 2016 4 by Brian Ladd3 viewsCCC child 9182255638 Matthew 24:7
Psychic prediction 7919 25 November 2016 2 by Brian Ladd3 viewsThis is about Donald Trump
Psychic prediction 8009 13 December 2016 2 by Brian Ladd3 viewsDD8009 Stock picks for January 2016.
Psychic prediction 8067 27 December 2016 1 by Brian Ladd3 viewsRussian and bad news
Psychic prediction 8075 29 December 2016 2 by Brian Ladd3 viewslottery numbers for next year and other stuff, I think its only for Austria
Psychic prediction 8076 29 December 2016 3 by Brian Ladd3 viewsthis is a fire to take place next year on January 4th, other details on the dd
Psychic prediction 8080 30 December 2016 3 by Brian Ladd3 viewsJanuary 4th and 10th UFO sitings turn out to be something amazing for many and terrifying for myself. (2017)
psychic prediction 6964 8 february 2016 4 ladd2 viewsplane hits house with teeth
psychic prediction 6991 26 february 2016 3 ladd2 viewsdprk Austin Texas room 35 Kim Rak Syome murder ground zero Colorado river (where the water splits, WWII meaning)
psychic prediction 7002 5 march 2016 1 ladd2 viewswoke up shaking in this one, not sure but the DD says Amazing Joy, and that's the opposite of what this dream felt like
psychic prediction 7068 25 march 2016 1 ladd2 viewsRussian Mafia, ?? get out of Muri bei Bern
psychic prediction 7274 4 june 2016 1 ladd2 viewsNightmares are real, Conteran, Eva Kor warnings save over 2 million Korean people,'world dreams of this man' first of all this is not a man, it's a 10 year child born in 1934 and is a dream that I have had since I was 10 or 11 years old and have posted on this site for the past 10 years!. Without a doubt I know who this is, included all members of his family. Jacob was held in the 'Birkenau' concentration camp (not sure id this is the correct name, but it was a Nazi Camp in WWII) and was the subject of radiation treatments so awful, it/s impossible for me to describe what happened without breaking down in tears. Jacob survived these so called 'tests' and died in a small room in the back of a family farm with some sort of devise attached to his head. It was some sort of clock with a rock attached to it...this rock hit him every 22 seconds until his death. I know much more, but is the only time I will ever recall events such as this. I have included a photo of him just 12 days before his death, there are other children in the photo, but I'm not going to show you something this horrible. This child's current family is well aware of who his is and why his 'spirit' will not go away. Brian
Psychic prediction 7682 21 September 2016 3 by Brian Ladd2 viewsthe united states holocaust museum arrests shut down and it's operators linked to crime and family members linked to past WWII camp atrocities (censored)
Psychic prediction 7694 25 September 2016 3 by Brian Ladd2 viewsSingle event bans handguns in the USA Fredis, Trump killed by same caliber weapon. (censored and very sad)
Psychic prediction 7718 2 October 2016 6 by Brian Ladd2 viewslottery numbers for the 2nd week of October 2016
Psychic prediction 7750 9 October 2016 6 by Brian Ladd2 viewsApply ex-manager? arrested for faking reports of N Galaxy Note 7, apple shares fall after rising when rumors sparked halt of Samsung products.
Basically, another stock related dd, Apple buy @ 104.2 , sell @ 128.2

When arrests are made the stock will drop to around 8 dollars a share, June 2017, but that's not the only bad news for apple,
Psychic prediction 7776 15 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladd2 viewsWings Over Georiga airshow accident, this is who cause it (pending)

Random dream predictions. - 2016 DREAM JOURNAL
Psychic prediction 8012 13 December 2016 5 by Brian LaddDD8012 An event to take place, on December 17th, 2016, well at least the beginning of the event.
psychic prediction 7545 23 august 2016 2 laddcover up, meth cooking catches fire, Brian, McDonogh Village r131
Madeleine McCann Case2C September 26th 2016 Search Map by Psychic Brian LaddMadeleine McCann case, this again is the exact area that's not ben searched yet. Please start at point A and using a metal detector set to gold, follow the line to point B.

You're looking for a gold ring, some sort of pill bottle and several other objects as mention in my past DD's.
Psychic prediction 7922 26 November 2016 1 by Brian Laddnot sure
psychic prediction 7363 7 july 2016 8 laddMy dad is coming to stay from Washington State will not be here...well I will but not doing this :) Will use my phone to scan dream drawings for the next few days and post when I get a chance...it's been really hard on all of us. My mom will be here in a few weeks, with the dog :)
Will translate the best I can then. Brian
psychic prediction 6877 10 january 2016 1 laddNASA, Public Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 7398 13 july 2016 3 laddno strings on me Alex Jones Mengele
psychic prediction 7091 8 april 2016 2 laddJuly 16th 2016, arson
Psychic prediction 7963 5 December 2016 1 by Brian LaddSUX murder, not heart attack, potassion level ???? Ciudad Juárez hit bitcoin , 8772394878 death I know it says my name and I not sure why yet.

psychic prediction 7082 30 march 2016 2 laddhelp her
psychic prediction 7384 9 july 2016 4 laddhe buried over 10 pounds of solid gold
Psychic prediction 7935 29 November 2016 3 by Brian LaddDanielle Egnew sees her own death in a dream. this is not her death, but her friends from the east?
Psychic prediction 7817 25 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddThese are US Powerball numbers for November 12, 2016 (I think)
psychic prediction 7032 15 march 2016 3 laddFBI Raids ?
psychic prediction 6993 2 march 2016 2 laddthis was a nightmare.
May 23-24 2016 dr scan 5May 23-24 2016 dr scan
Psychic prediction 7722 2 October 2016 10 by Brian Ladduse numbers to win wed. UK Lottery East Midland UK ?
psychic prediction 7084 31 march 2016 2 ladd1633 lottery 1 5 20 16 14
psychic prediction 6920 20 january 2016 4 laddCoalinga State Hospital siege, executions and explosions, terrorist act and he is the leader.
Psychic prediction 7713 2 October 2016 1 by Brian LaddBirchwood landfill, IRC LABS, millions of people are getting sick and no one knows why, I do....the test for the poison was removed from the list of standard tests for water by the FDA (so I'm assuming the USA)
psychic prediction 7393 12 july 2016 1 ladd10 u ship the balx 23 25 33 37 37
Dream video slide show from November 1st to the 20th 2016 by Psychic Brian Ladd
Psychic prediction 8027 17 December 2016 1 by Brian Laddnumbers
Psychic prediction 7753 10 October 2016 1 by Brian Laddfree pierce chapple
i love you christine laddAs I write this exactly one year ago today, I lost my younger sister Christine....she was my only sibling and I miss so much I cannot understand why the pain is not going away :(

I'm going to cry right now...
Psychic prediction 7779 16 October 2016 3 by Brian LaddDiamonds are everywhere, just under the dust and dirt (again, to save time, this is the exact location according to the dd, and apparently the entire area is cover with diamonds) 34°21'19.72"N 107°30'2.31"W

psychic prediction 7269 3 june 2016 1 ladd not sure
Psychic prediction 7930 28 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddDemerson 44 133 444 Jesus saved hm? go there, March 16th, 1986 - March 17th, 2083 you were saved? 44 Copa Sudamericana (same dream as last week)
psychic prediction 7006 6 march 2016 2 laddThis object is mailed to John Wayne Airport and it's one of many similar objects...and this was about life elsewhere and it was terrifying...as usual'
psychic prediction 7330 28 june 2016 4 laddno idea of anything from last night
Psychic prediction 7799 20 October 2016 2 by Brian LaddTimisoara drone anthrax (censored) - Nancy Lieder (UFO Scientist) dies and a secret dies with her, this is the address of the man that causes the horrific accident (dd from March 2015)
thumb brian ladds dreams 2016 26~0
psychic prediction 7058 20 march 2016 3 laddRussian - Japan - EAC - C2C Japan to submarines 47 fishing boats submarine cable cut DPR K hero 202 dead for two cables.

This is one of six dd's from last night about the upcoming North Korean's fishing boats and submarine deaths and how the event relates to the distruction to several undersea Internet cables.
Finally North Korea succeeds in cutting the Russian to Japan connection and the Seoul 'main ineter hub' The fisherman responsible is make a 'secret' hero in the DPRK, but it was China that provided the new 'hi tech' salvage equipment that mafe it possible.
DD's from 2014 and 2015 have more specifics on this up coming event, including dates, times, names, and dozens on numbers that I'm not sure about yet.
Psychic prediction 7634 10 September 2016 9 by Brian Laddthis is your dream
psychic prediction 7417 20 july 2016 5 laddbox 21 1 2 3 4 5 6 26 40 EuroMillions 2 and 4
psychic prediction 7332 29 june 2016 2 ladda euro million lottery for the 1st and 5th of July 2016, winner both from UK?
Psychic prediction 7850 5 November 2016 1 by Brian LaddOconners Pub fight, I think