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Brian Ladd dream readings






Many psychic's offer readings by phone...since I'm not psychic, I'm not able to offer this type of service but I am able to offer a personal dream reading that I guarantee to be more accurate and helpful than any psychic reading you've ever had.


Dream readings are exactly what they say they are...I actually have a dream about your request. This is unlike any type of psychic readings many people are used too...and it does take some effort on my part to get it right.


Doing a reading requires me to be either sleeping or in a lucid dream state...I do not know how to do this any other way.  In most cases, I actually sleep with your request under my pillow...might sound a little strange, but it does work.


I have had great success with dream readings in the past and I'm certain that I can answer any question you may have for me.


Here are just a few of the past dream readings that have been correct.





Please do not order this service if you're expecting a crystal-ball type of reading...I cannot do this, nor do I have a clue on how others are able to do it.  You also need to understand I'm not here to provide you with results you want to hear...I am however going to give you the most accurate, truthful work I'm capable of doing and with absolutely no sugar coating.  If your future turns out to be undesirable, I will also do my best to help you change it now!





Request's can be about anything you wish; personal issues, family matters, illnesses and cures, relationships, lottery numbers, financial matters, medical cures, investments, missing persons, stocks...whatever you want to know about, I can help. 


Private readings are usually completed within the time period mentioned below and upon completion I will send you my results to you. This includes sketches of what I saw in my dreams, my dream translation, audio recordings and any other documents pertaining to your case. I generally spend about ten hours on each private case, not including the actually time of the dream which in most cases is unknown.   Your dream reading is not just limited to one night...if I ever get additonal informaton from my dreams that maybe for you, I'll send you an email.  I have has requests from 3 years ago that I'm still working on!





The price for a personal dream reading is based on completion time, prices are listed in the dropdown menu below.  During the ordering process there will be a box when you can send a message to me, please use this area for your request.  If you do not have a specific request, just leave the box blank and I'll do the rest...which I personally prefer.


Bill me later...




You also have the option of paying for your reading later...up to six months from now.  Full details are displayed during the checkout process and only apply to dream readings of 7 day or less completion time.

Time to completion

Your contact email (important)






If you absolutely need me to call you right now and work on your request now via lucid dreaming, please use the link below. As soon as your ordered is processed, I will personally call you right away...drop everything else I'm doing...and start working on your request until completed.  I promise you that I will work up to 30 continuous hours on your request or until the desired outcome is reached.


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Recent winning lottery number dream requests.



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