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Hi Brian,

I stumbled across your sight and was intrigued by the accuracy in the Shawn
Hornbeck, Ben Ownby and Baby Abby readings. We have several missing
children in this
area of Missouri, most of which you have touched upon.

One case that has puzzled those in this area for years is the case of Angie
Houseman, she was abducted? from her bus stop after school only to be found
9 days later
by a hunter. She was tied to a tree in Busch Wildlife Area and had
ultimately died of exposure. If I remember correctly, police have DNA and
possibly fingerprints - (maybe both)on file, but nothing has ever been
matched to anyone.

I know this is not something you do regularly, but thought I would ask. I
am in no way connected to the case, just from the area.

Janet - St. Charles


Hi Janet, would be happy to help you, and will get to this as soon as I can.



Hello, sorry for the delay, RV has been completed.


RV 418 The Murder of Angie Houseman (4.8.2007)

"butterfly -- 4"

"Paul - 45, white male 5' 9" 260 lbs, bald spot, false teeth, tattoo, cannot read, deer hunter, no police record admitted state hospital for suicide"

"trailer in Kentucky - 3 pit bull dogs 821-113, 2 bodies under trailer"


Thanks Brian, for all you do.  It sickens me to think that anyone could do this, especially the parent of a child, if that is the case.  As a mom, sometimes I feel guilty just for disciplining my child!

 Unrelated, I was going through your public RV cases just now and came across a drawing under Angie Houseman that looks familiar.  RV #418, looks like your first drawing in the series, and very different from the other drawing.  You have a butterfly and the number 4, that is all.  Reminds me of MMs drawings that you have done recently, though I know the butterfly is a different shape.  That RV was done on 4/8/07, approx. 1 month before Madeleine went missing.  I don't know what that means, if it is a coincidence, or if Madeleine's situation came through in that RV, but I thought you should know, just in case. 

Also--a question for you, if you can answer, at your convenience.  I have a thing about the number "56".  In a dream I had a couple years ago, the number 56 came through, like someone was speaking to me (it was all I remember from the dream).  I woke up in a state of panic because I was convinced someone I knew was going to die at age 56.  My dad was 55 at the time, and I really went into freak mode (especially since he does not go to the doctor and I worry about his heart from stress and diet). Nothing happened to him, thankfully, and he is now 57.  One year later, my close friend told me her mom had cancer.  Her mom was my mentoring teacher in the credential program and a great teacher to me.  She passed from the cancer at age 56.  I don't know if this is the answer to my 56 dream, because I did care for this woman and she had a big impact in my life, but I was not close to her at this time.  Do you know what I may have been seeing?  I now worry about my mom, because she is 53........(I am a worrier, I cannot help it, and I overanalyze everything).




Hi Tara, sorry for the delay in reading your email...let me check.






Request free public remote/dream viewing  | Pending RV Cases

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