Missing Tangena Hussain new case information posted as of May 15th 2020

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Missing Tangena Hussain

Tangena, approximate date 2008

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: October 2, 2008 from Detroit, Michigan

Type: Endangered Missing

Date of Birth: April 10, 2006 Age at disappearance: 2 years old

Weight and Height: 3'2, 34 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Asian female. Black hair, brown eyes. Tangena has a burn scar on her chin/upper lip area. She is of Bangladeshi descent. Clothing/Jewelry Description: A long-sleeved brown shirt with a cartoon character on the front, white nylon cargo pants with multiple pockets, and gold-colored sandals.

Details of disappearance and psychic work by Brian Ladd (login to view entire case as of May 2020)


Tangena was last seen at a Marathon gas station in the 20500 block of Greenfield Road in Detroit, Michigan on October 2, 2008. Her mother's live-in boyfriend, Jamrul Hussain, stopped there to get gas and buy some gum and juice. He left Tangena in his red four-door 1997 Geo Prism and went into the store at 9:02 p.m. He came out at 9:06 p.m and Tangena was gone. He says his car was locked at the time of her disappearance.

After Tangena's disappearance was publicized, a fifteen-year-old girl went to police and said she recognized Jamrul from a television broadcast and that he had kidnapped her at gunpoint, held her captive for a week, and raped her repeatedly in February 2008. She said she hadn't reported the crime before because Jamrul had threatened to kill her and her family; instead, she claimed she had run away with her boyfriend. Investigators arrested Jamrul for kidnapping and rape, and also charged the couple who lived in the house where the girl said she'd been imprisoned. The charges against them were later dismissed, and the charges against Jamal were reduced to criminal sexual conduct after two witnesses testified that he and the girl had been dating each other. In December 2009, Jamrul was convicted of statutory rape. He was sentenced to one and a half to fifteen years in prison.
Begum initially supported Jamrul, saying he loved Tangena and cared for her like a daughter. By November 2008, however, she publicly stated she doubted Jamrul's version of events and believed he knew more about Tangena's disappearance than he was telling. Begum took a polygraph of her own initiative and passed the test. Jamrul took a polygraph as well, but he was so upset at the time that the results were useless. He refused to take the test again. Begum has since returned to Bangladesh, where her other children live. She says she believes Tangena is still alive.

Left: Nilufa Begum;
Right: Jamrul Hussain









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