Missing Debra Jean Kent new case information posted as of May 15th 2020

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Missing Debra Jean Kent

Debra, approximate date 1975

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: November 8, 1974 from Bountiful, Utah

Type: Endangered Missing

Date of Birth: March 12, 1957 Age at disappearance: 17 years old

Weight and Height: 5'1, 110 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Debra's nickname is Debi (spelled "Debbie" and "Debby" in some accounts). She has a mole on the front of her neck just under her chin, a fine surgical scar across her neck, a smallpox vaccination scar on her left arm, and pierced ears. Her ribcage is very small and she is right-handed, and half of the nail on her right big toe is missing. Her dress size is 3 or 5, her pants size is 5 or 7, her shoe size is 6 and her bra size is 36C. Clothing/Jewelry Description: A dark blue waist-length coat with navy blue trim, a medium blue long-sleeved sweater with a white flower in the middle, long white pants, two-toned brown and black lace-up shoes, possibly white underwear, a small gold chain necklace and a Viewmont High School class ring. A photo of the sweater is posted below this case summary.

Details of disappearance and psychic work by Brian Ladd (login to view entire case as of May 2020)


Debra attended a play with her parents at Viewmont High School in her hometown of Bountiful, Utah during the evening of November 8, 1974. About 1,500 people came to see it. Debra, who was a senior at the school, left at approximately 10:30 p.m., before the play was over, to pick her young brother up from the nearby Rustic Roller Rink. Her parents stayed behind to see the rest of the performance. Debra was last seen in the school's parking lot shortly after she exited the building. Witnesses later told authorities that they heard one or two piercing screams originating from the parking lot around 10:30 p.m. that evening. Another witness stated that he arrived at the school at approximately 10:30 p.m. and saw a light-colored Volkswagen Bug speeding away from the lot.
Debra never arrived at the skating rink to pick up her brother. Her parents waited at the school until midnight before leaving. When they went into the parking lot they realized that their family's car was still in the same spot and Debra never departed for the rink. The police were called and discovered a small handcuff key laying on the pavement in the lot, but additional evidence was not recovered. The description of the Volkswagen Bug and the discovery of the key were earmarks of serial killer Ted Bundy, who confessed to Debra's murder before his 1989 execution.
A photo of Bundy is posted below this case summary. Debra has never been located, but it is believed she was one of his victims. Other young women who are still listed as missing persons but believed to be Bundy's victims include Nancy Baird, Ann Marie Burr, Lynette Culver, Julie Cunningham, Susan Curtis, Georgeann Hawkins, Vicki Hollar, Rita Jolly, Donna Manson, Denise Oliverson, Nancy Wilcox and others. Debra's brother died in a car accident several years after her disappearance and, when her parents buried him, they put up a gravestone for her next to his.

Left: Bundy, approximate date 1980s;
Right: Debra Kent's sweater
Utah Missing Person Clearinghouse