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Missing Michelle Kelly Pulsifer

Michelle, approximate date 1969

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: July 1969 from Huntington Beach, California

Missing person classification: Endangered Missing

Date of Birth: March 17, 1966 Age at disappearance: 3 years old

Weight and Height: 3'2 - 3'5, 40 - 45 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Blonde hair, blue or brown eyes.

Details of Disappearance and Psychic Results (login to view) (login to view)

Michelle was last seen sometime during July 1969 in her hometown of Huntington Beach, California. She resided with her mother, Donna J. Pulsifer (often referred to in media accounts by her later married name, Donna Prentice); her mother's boyfriend, James Michael Kent (often referred to as Michael Kent); her older brother, Richard Pulsifer Jr., and Kent's young son by a previous relationship. Photographs of Donna and Kent are posted below this case summary.
Richard Jr. was six years old at the time of his sister's disappearance. He remembers that Michelle tried to hide in his room sometime in the middle of the night, around July 4, and seemed frightened. Donna went in and took her away and he never saw her again. Richard Jr. says he was often abused physically by Kent and that Kent hit Donna as well. He also recalls that the day after he last saw Michelle, he went into the family's garage and saw a large cardboard box covered with blankets. The box had not been there the last time he was in the garage. Donna found Richard Jr. in the garage and told him to get out of there and stay out. She told him the box contained a motorcycle seat.
A few days after Michelle vanished, Donna, Kent, and the two boys packed all their belongings and moved to Illinois. Donna and Kent told the children that there was not enough room in the car for Michelle, so they were leaving her behind. She did take her own pet cats and dogs with them, however. Richard Jr. later said he had been forbidden to ever mention Michelle's name while he was growing up, and his mother and stepfather ignored him whenever he asked what had happened to her. Kent reportedly told his own biological son that he would only discuss Michelle's fate when he was on his deathbed.
Michelle and Richard Jr.'s father, Richard Pulsifer Sr., was divorced from Donna. A photograph of him is posted below this case summary. He visited his children every other weekend but was not notified when they moved. He called the police and attempted to file missing persons reports, but since Donna had full legal custody of Michelle and her brother, no action was taken to find the children. Custody laws at the time often granted a mother complete rights to her children, to the exclusion of the father. Richard Sr. eventually found out that Donna and Kent were living with Richard Jr. in Illinois and that Michelle was not with them. Donna and Richard Jr. returned to California about a year later, without Michelle. When Richard Sr. spoke to his son, Richard Jr. told him he did not know where his sister was and had not seen her since before moving to Illinois. Richard Sr. tried again to file a missing child report for his daughter, but was refused help because Donna had custody and claimed to know Michelle's whereabouts. A few days later, Donna took Richard Jr. and left again, and Richard Sr. did not hear from them for years.
In 1980, eleven years after Michelle's disappearance, Richard Sr. was served with an order to pay child support, but only for their son. The child support papers gave Donna's address in Wisconsin. She had married Kent after moving to Illinois, but later divorced him and had moved to Wisconsin in 1979, leaving Kent behind in Illinois. She continued to live there for the next 25 years. Richard Sr. called her when he realized where she was, and she refused to tell him where Michelle was. A judge ordered that Richard Sr.'s child support payments be withheld until Donna disclosed Michelle's whereabouts, but Donna never revealed Michelle's location. Richard Jr. moved to California to be with his father after turning 18. He said he did not know where his sister was. Because Donna never filed a missing person's report for Michelle and the police refused to accept Richard Sr.'s report, her disappearance was not investigated by authorities for over thirty years.
Michelle's paternal aunt hired a private detective in 2001 to find Michelle. The investigator interviewed Donna, who said she had given Michelle over to the care of Kent's mother but had not tried to find her or get her back after Kent's mother died of breast cancer in 1972. Donna stated that she did not contact Michelle again because Kent had become abusive and she was afraid of him. The private detective passed on his casefile to police after he was unable to find any record of Michelle following July 4, 1969, and law enforcement began their own investigation at that time.
In August 2004, Donna and Kent were arrested and charged with murdering Michelle. Police investigated Michelle's disappearance but could not find a single public record of her after 1969; they concluded that her mother and Kent had murdered her and then moved away quickly so no one would notice her disappearance. Kent and Donna told people in Illinois that they had left the child with relatives in California, but family and friends in California did not have her and had no idea she was missing. People who knew Kent's mother say she never lived with Michelle, and since in 1969 she was an alcoholic and was already ill with the cancer that would later kill her, it seems unlikely that she would have agreed to care for the child.
Kent cooperated with authorities and confessed to burying Michelle's body in a shallow grave in a remote gorge. Kent claimed that he and Donna found Michelle lying dead in her bedroom with no signs of injury and he helped Donna dispose of the remains. He stated that they never discussed the child's death afterwards but he assumed Donna had killed her, as Michelle had died while in Donna's care. Both suspects pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.
Kent agreed to waive his right against self-incrimination and give testimony against Donna before her trial, as he was suffering from diabetes, internal bleeding, and severe liver and kidney problems, and was dying. In the weeks before his death in February 2005, he fell into a coma, so authorities never got his testimony.
At her 2007 trial, Donna denied responsibility for her daughter's death. She said Michelle had simply disappeared and she was too afraid of Kent to ask any questions about it for the next three decades. He had an extensive criminal record, a substance abuse problem, a violent temper, and a history of violence towards women and children. The jury was unable to reach a verdict and a mistrial was declared. Donna was retried in 2008, but the jury was again unable to reach a verdict. After the second trial, the judge dismissed the charges, saying there wasn't enough evidence to try her a third time and the case should be closed.
Michelle's remains have not been found. The canyon she was allegedly buried in has regular floods and unless her body was buried deeply, it may have been washed away by the water or eaten by animals. Foul play is strongly suspected in her case due to the circumstances involved.

Left: Richard Sr., approximate date 2004;
Center: Donna, approximate date 2004;
Right: Kent, approximate date 2004
Orange County District Attorney's Office
Orange County Sheriff's Department
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