Missing Mary Geneva Friend located 2020

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Missing Mary Geneva Friend

Mary, approximate date 1999

Vital Statistics at Time of Disappearance

Missing Since: December 1, 1999 from Lewis County, West Virginia

Type: Endangered Missing

Date of Birth: August 1, 1954 Age at disappearance: 45 years old

Height and weight : 5'2, 130 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: White female. Brown hair, brown eyes. Mary wears large-framed eyeglasses.

Details of disappearance and psychic work by Brian Ladd (login to view entire case )


This is the last time anyone saw either of the women. The next morning Mary was supposed to pick up Pugh, who would drive her to work and then use her car to go shopping with Metz. Mary never arrived at her sister's residence and never reported to her job at the local dry cleaner's. Kevin tried to call his wife and mother-in-law several times over the next few days, and even called one of Mary's coworkers to try to get in touch with her. When he arrived home on December 3, he found his house uninhabited. There was no sign of violence or forced entry at their home, but there were also no indications that the women had left voluntarily, and all of their belongings were left behind. Maxine's pet Doberman was found dead under the house. Police haven't disclosed the cause of the dog's death. The family's second dog, a border collie, wasn't at home but was later found at Mary and Kevin's former residence at Glady Fork near Stonewall Jackson Lake, ten miles from the Friend/Stalnaker home.
Mary's gray 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity was discovered abandoned on December 6, five days after Mary and Maxine vanished. There was no sign of them at the scene. A photo of Friend's car is posted below this case summary. The vehicle was located in Clarksburg on Route 19 close to the former Harrison County Bureau Of Emergency Services near Gore, West Virginia.
Investigators searched Stonewall Jackson Lake in 2002, after a fisherman found a purse belonging to one of the missing women. Identification for both Mary and Maxine was inside the purse. They searched the lake a second time in 2007, but found nothing of interest. It should be noted that Metz lived near Stonewall Lake and the Friends' former home where the border collie was found, and the animal used to belong to him.
In September 2013, Metz and two other men, David Martin Hughes and Charles Steven "Steve" Freeman, were charged with robbery, kidnapping and first-degree murder in the two women's cases. Photos of the suspects are posted below this case summary. The charges were dismissed in November for lack of evidence. However, in December 2013, Hughes was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in Stalnaker and Friend's cases, and later, Freeman and Metz were charged again with two counts of first-degree murder. Hughes pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution, but his story repeatedly changed: he implicated only Metz, then said both Freeman and Metz were involved in the murders, then claimed he didn't know who was involved and had been coerced into making his previous statements. In August 2015, the charges against Freeman and Metz were dropped again after the prosecutor admitted Hughes was not a credible witness. The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning the suspects could be charged with murder a third time if more evidence comes to light.
Mary and Maxine's bodies have never been found, but foul play is suspected in their cases due to the circumstances involved.

Left: Joseph Metz;
Center: David Hughes;
Right: Steve Freeman
Lewis County Sheriff's Office
West Virginia State Police
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
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