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Ava Grace Baldwin

Missing person located July 2020
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Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
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Ava, approximate photo date 2015 Age-progression to age 9 (approximate photo date 2018) Kathryn "Katie" Baldwin

Missing since: 09/17/2015

Missing location: San Antonio, Texas

Type of missing case: Family Abduction

Gender: Female

Ethnic group: White

Date of Birth: 04/16/2009 (11)

Age at time of disappearance: 5 years old

Height / Weight: 4'0, 60 pounds

Other characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, hazel eyes. Ava may have a tooth missing in the top right side of her mouth.

Details at time of disappearance: Ava was last seen in San Antonio, Texas on September 17, 2015. She may be in the company of her non-custodial mother, Kathryn Ann Baldwin, who has a felony warrant out for her for interfering with child custody.
Photos of Kathryn are posted with this case summary. Her date of birth is January 3, 1975 she was 40 years old in 2015. She's described as Caucasian, 5'2 and 105 to 120 pounds, with blonde hair and hazel eyes. She is right-handed and has a large tattoo of a rose on her abdomen and hip area. Her natural hair color is light brown. Her nickname is Katie and she may use the last name Moore.
Kathryn has a history of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. suffers from mental illness and is supposed to take medication, but there's been no record of her refilling her prescriptions since 2015. She and Ava may move frequently and may be staying in women's shelters and/or homeless shelters. Kathryn may tell people she is being stalked.
Ava's mother and father, David Hopper, had joint custody of her. After Hopper requested full custody, Kathryn disappeared with her. Kathryn's vehicle, a silver 2014 Ford Escape with the Illinois license plate number Q29-2793, was found abandoned in a parking lot on Whitby Road in San antonio in April 2016, seven months after the pair disappeared.
Kathryn's family stated they haven't seen or heard from her or Ava since 2015 and they believe they are dead, but Hopper thinks they are alive and in hiding, possibly being helped by friends or family. Kathryn has family in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida and Illinois, and friends in several parts of the country as well.
Ava's disappearance remains unsolved. She was involved in cheerleading, soccer, gymnastics, and tumbling prior to her disappearance.

Other case information

Agency in charge: San Antonio Police Department
Other information: The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Facebook Page for Ava Baldwin
Investigation Discovery
Fox 25 Oklahoma City
Psychic detective links: https://briansprediction.com/missing/

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