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Crystal Ann Arensdorf

Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
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Arensdorf, approximate photo date 2001

Missing since: 07/04/2001

Missing location: Dubuque, Iowa

Type of missing case: Endangered Missing

Gender: Female

Ethnic group: White

Date of Birth: 02/01/1981 (39)

Age at time of disappearance: 20 years old

Height / Weight: 5'6, 115 pounds

Description, clothing, tattoos, other identifying markings: A white polo shirt, tan shorts, black sandals, a gold chain necklace with an opal pendant, an opal ring and a toe ring.

Other characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, brown eyes. Arensdorf has a mole near her navel. She wore blue-tinted soft contact lenses at the time of her disappearance. Arensdorf's ears are double-pierced.

Details at time of disappearance: Arensdorf was last seen at approximately 2:00 a.m. on July 4, 2001 in Dubuque, Iowa. She was at Knickers Saloon (occasionally called Knickers Tavern) in the 2100 block of Central Avenue at the time of her disappearance. She has never been heard from again.
Officials announced that Steven and David Peacock were at the bar on July 4. The brothers resided in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin at the time. They were questioned about Arensdrof several times and agreed to polygraph exams in April 2002. Authorities also searched one of the Peacocks' vehicles. The brothers have never been charged in connection to Arensdorf's case.
Robert F. Mootz was employed as a bartender at Knickers Saloon in 2001. He pleaded guilty to serving alcohol to a minor in May 2002. (Arensdorf was underage at the time of her visit to the bar). Mootz told authorities that he and Arensdorf planned to share a cab to East Dubuque, Illinois after her friends departed from the bar. The plans apparently changed during the evening and Arensdorf did not leave with Mootz. He has not been charged in connection with her disappearance.
Arensdorf's family members said that it is uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning. Authorities searched Leisure Lake in Jackson County, Iowa after a witness reported seeing a body floating in the water on July 16, 12 days after Arensdorf vanished. The sighting turned out to be a false alarm and no evidence was discovered at the scene.
Investigators eliminated Arensdorf's boyfriend as a possible suspect in her disappearance in October 2001, three months after she was reported missing. Authorities said that they do not believe she left of her own accord. Arensdorf's case remains unsolved.

Other case information

Agency in charge: Dubuque Police Department
Other information: Iowa Missing Person Information Clearinghouse
The Telegraph Herald
The Cedar Rapids Gazette
Shawn Runde
Psychic detective links: https://briansprediction.com/missing/

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