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Cynthia Linda Alonzo

Missing Person Case September 2021

Missing Person Case September 2021

Missing Person Case September 2021

Alonzo, approximately 2004; Eric Mora

Date reported missing : 11/25/2004

Missing location (approx) :
Oakland, California
Missing classification : Endangered Missing
Gender : Female
Ethnicity :

DOB : 09/09/1956 (64)
Age at the time of disappearance: 48 years old
Height / Weight : 5'6, 130 pounds
Medical conditions : Alonzo is addicted to crack cocaine.
Distinguishing characteristics, birthmarks, tattoos : African-American female. Black hair, brown eyes. Alonzo may use the last name Wallace or her middle name, Linda. Her ears are pierced.

Information on the case from local sources, may or may not be correct : Alonzo was last seen in Oakland, California on November 24, 2004. She lived in an apartment on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Oakland with her daughter, her granddaughter and her son.
Several days before her disappearance, on November 21, Alonzo's daughter, Terresa Jones, called her boyfriend, Eric Stewart Mora, and asked if he knew where Alonzo was. A photograph of Eric is posted with this case summary. He said she had gone to the store. He said they were arguing constantly and Terresa advised him to end the relationship, but he said he loved Alonzo and wanted to stay with her.
Later that day, Alonzo called Terresa, upset that she had told Mora to break up with her. She said Terresa shouldn't worry about her and she was going to "start taking care of her business right away." She promised she'd see the family at her mother's home for Thanksgiving, and bring Eric. This is the last time Alonzo had contact with any of her relatives.
Two of Alonzo's downstairs neighbors did see her on Thanksgiving Day. She stopped by their apartment at 2:00 p.m. and told them she going to get ready to go to her mother's house for the celebration and Eric would be taking her there. She later stopped by again to say goodbye. She was carrying a small backpack at the time.
Her neighbors saw her get into Eric's dark blue Mercedes with him. (Later, one of the neighbors stated several people had threatened her about her knowledge of Alonzo's disappearance and two men came to her home and said, "You best not say anything because if you do, you're going to end up like her.")
Eric and Alonzo's relationship had been troubled; they had fights that sometimes turned physical, and he was seeing another woman, the mother of his three children. Alonzo told one of her neighbors she was "tired" of him. She had never indicated that she was afraid of him, however.
Eric lived with his brother, Mark, and Mark's girlfriend in the 6200 block of Brookside Drive in Oakland. Alonzo sometimes stayed at that house, but Mark didn't like her, didn't want her over there and encourAge at the time of disappearance: d Eric to get a restraining order against her. Mark's girlfriend also didn't get along with Alonzo.
Alonzo and Eric didn't show up at Thanksgiving and her family couldn't reach her. Terresa stopped by Alonzo's house on Martin Luther King Boulevard and found it in disarray, with clothes scattered everywhere. The small backpack Alonzo normally carried, which contained her makeup and electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card, was missing, but her wallet was in its usual place with her identification, Social Security card and debit card inside it.
Terresa and her sister went to Eric's home and Eric said he hadn't seen Alonzo for weeks. He appeared very nervous and shaky at the time and initially wouldn't let the women into the house. Terresa reminded him of their previous conversation on November 21 when he said Alonzo had gone to the store, but Eric simply repeated he hadn't seen her mother in two weeks.
He then changed his story and said he'd dropped her off at a liquor store a week previously and this was the last time he'd seen her. He eventually let Terresa and her sister into the house and they went to his bedroom and noticed a large rug was missing and a table had been moved. Furniture was also Missing location (approx) : the living room.
Eric didn't appear to be concerned about Alonzo's whereabouts, didn't offer to help find her and advised Terresa not to call the police about her disappearance.
Later, Terresa and her brother Tyrone went back to Eric's residence and a conversation occurred between themselves and the Mora brothers. Mark later stated Tyrone threatened him with a gun. He told Alonzo's children to ask Eric where she was, because he knew. Eric then said, "Mark, don't tell them that."
Terresa subsequently returned to Eric's home about fifteen times looking for Alonzo, but never saw her. In early December, Eric told her someone had picked up Alonzo from the house.
Terresa reported her mother missing on December 6. Two police officers went to Eric's home to investigate and noted that Eric seemed "very nervous" and "agitated" and said Alonzo wasn't there and he hadn't seen her since two days before Thanksgiving, when he dropped her off at 24th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard.
The officers noticed he had a deep cut on the web one hand and scratches on the backs of both hands. He said he'd cut himself with some glass; construction work was going on at the home at the time.
On December 8, two other police officers went to Eric's house and her told them he'd dropped her off at Captain's Liquors on 24th Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard at 10:00 a.m., about four days before Thanksgiving. Two days later, Eric told one of the officers that he had lied and that he hadn't dropped Alonzo off at the liquor store, but rather in the Athens Street area, because she was going to buy drugs.
On December 9, after a news story about Alonzo's disappearance aired, an anonymous informant called Terresa and suggested she look at the children's playground at Lake Temescal, about a block from Eric's house. Terresa went there with several relatives and friends, and Alonzo's dog. The dog found a backpack which resembled Alonzo's lying in the mud. No forensic testing was conducted on it and it was never verified that it was Alonzo's.
Police tracked Alonzo's EBT card and determined that someone made balance inquiries on the card four times in early December 2004. To do that, the person would need to know both the EBT card number and the card's PIN number.
An employee at Captain's Liquors said an African-American male, who was about 5'10 with dreadlocked hair, used what he believed was Alonzo's EBT card in early December 2004. The employee couldn't remember the actual name on the card, but thought he recognized it as Alonzo's because it had a crack in it. Police tried to get security camera footAge at the time of disappearance: of the store from that time period, but were unable to.
In late December, the police searched Eric's house and his Mercedes. The car was missing floor mats and carpeting from both sides of the front seat, and missing carpeting from behind the seats and the trunk also. Inside the house, the main floors and the floor in Eric's bedroom had been sanded haphazardly and unevenly.
There were bloodstained clothes in the laundry room, later confirmed to be from both Alonzo and Eric, and small bloodstains on the wall in Eric's bedroom and bloodstains on the floor between his bedroom and laundry room. A sheet hanging over the bedroom window was moldy and bloodstained.
Mark was surprised and upset to learned the floors in the house had been sanded and said it had been done without his permission. He and his girlfriend couldn't explain the presence of blood in Eric's room, but said there'd been a home invasion in 2003 and two men had pistol-whipped them and a house guest, which might explain the blood in the main room.
Eric, who was previously convicted of cocaine possession and describes himself as a habitual shoplifter, was charged with Alonzo's murder in February 2007. Authorities believe he beat, shot or stabbed Alonzo to death, then used his Mercedes to transport the body and dispose of it in an unknown location. A judge dismissed the case on a technicality, but the charges were refiled.
An anonymous informant testified that Eric admitted the murder to him. Eric allegedly stated he'd beaten Alonzo to death with a hammer, dismembered her body and dumped it in a body of water in the Sonora, California area.
Patrice Fluker, one of Eric's cellmates, testified at the trial also. He said Eric offered to pay him $1,000 to falsely testify for the defense and claim he'd seen Alonzo on a particular date in November 2004. At first Fluker agreed to do this, but ultimately he changed his mind. He said he asked Eric whether he had killed Alonzo and Eric responded, "Yeah."
Fluker has a lengthy and serious criminal history for violent offenses, drug offenses and robberies, and is a longtime alcoholic and drug addict. He faced retaliation from his gang for his cooperation with the prosecution, was stabbed several times in prison and ultimately had to be placed in protective custody.
He did not receive any compensation or leniency for his testimony at Eric's trial, and did not ask for it, although the district attorney did offer him financial assistance after his release from prison in order to resettle elsewhere.
After rejecting a proposed deal where he would plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and led authorities to Alonzo's remains, Eric was convicted of second-degree murder in February 2012. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. In March 2016, however, his conviction was overturned by an appeals court because the trial judge hadn't allowed Eric to present evidence that someone else could have killed Alonzo.