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Dream number 8932 2 July 2017 1 by Brian Ladd

This is a reoccurring nightmare about visitors from another planet I look up in the sky and I see what looks like lightning following the same path I have drawn in the sketch I looked again and noticed it's the same giant spaceship back again to take humans for food the ship is huge it covers the entire sky but she can't you don't know it it has some type of scanning device it stands homes and everything else and select certain people especially children and then the creatures come down and take them away it's absolutely horrifying and I've had this dream many times before it might not sound bad but to me it's one of the worst nightmares I could ever have you feel so helpless and so small the ship itself is round and I'm guessing about a hundred miles wide very dark

june_26th_2017_dreams.youtube WWWIII_Psychic_Brian_Ladd_North_Korea_DPRK_predictions_for_2017_and_2018_k_chef_battlefield_north_korea_briansprediction_dot_com.jpg Dream_number_8932_2_July_2017_1_by_Brian_Ladd.jpg April_2017_Dreams_by_Psychic_Brian_Ladd~0.youtube North_Korea_Psychic_Brian_Ladd_2017_predictions_of_DPRK_events_001_hqdefault.jpg
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