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still think you're right!!


Hi, I have seen the undercover video...it looks like I was wrong to me.

But, right or wrong, there is still the possibility that she may still be alive and was taken by drug smugglers...it happens all the time.

I also could not find confirmation that Natalie visited a drug rehab center before she visited Aruba, despite what the story says.

Everyone just wants closure, but would not jump to conclusions over a kid caught bragging on video just yet.

Was this the only confession they taped, if not, did his other confessions match this one? Did he ever mention drug use?

Did he really assume the case was closed, or did he suspect a trap.

He said his friends disposed of the body...why would they volunteer to do this in the first place?


July 2007 Amigoe article

On July 3, 2007, the Dutch Antilliean newspaper Amigoe reported on a documentary video being produced by Renée Gielen, previously best known for exposé documentaries about Curacao's Bon Futuro prison. The video is based in part on interviews with Dompig and with Renfro.

According to interviews done in preparation for the film, Aruban authorities had been systematically obstructed in their investigation by the FBI and other American authorities.[89] They also indicate that within a day of Holloway being declared missing, a medjet, unauthorized by Aruban authorities, had arrived on Aruba and remained for several days. They further indicate that, while the purpose of the medjet was not even known to its crew and medical personnel, it was in fact to spirit Holloway off the island if she were freed from a drug house in Oranjestad, and that Holloway's departure was to be covert and without notice to local authorities.

The article states that the interviews indicate that Renfro and Beth Twitty received a phone call from an unknown woman on June 2, 2005, offering information about Holloway's location and the information that Holloway was still alive but was unwilling to return to her mother for the sum of $4,000. Twitty was unwilling to pay more than $1,000 for the information, and in fact did not pay anything. Believing there was a good chance of finding Holloway, Renfro and another American went to the drug house where Holloway supposedly was, bringing money. However, they found that Jug Twitty had already been to the area, spreading "a lot of uproar and panic in the direct vicinity," and nothing could be accomplished. They blamed Jug Twitty for the failure. The same story, in less detail, appears in the Vanity Fair article.

Further, according to Amigoe's report on the interviews, Aruban authorities were obstructed at the highest level in their attempts to investigate Jug Twitty, and they received very limited cooperation in their attempts to question Holloway's fellow graduates.

Documentary maker Gielen has also raised questions about Holloway's "clean image." According to Gielen, one of Jug Twitty's Aruban chauffeurs reported hearing Twitty and a friend discuss time Holloway spent in a rehab center in the United States shortly before the Aruba trip.


Hi Brian,

I have a question about the Natalee Holloway case and Joran van der Sloot.

Im from the netherlands , one thing that always gets to me is the fact that he makes statements and then later says he lied! This happens everytime, so if you are right about her still being alive, is he trying to protect her by lying? Even the so-called confession op tape he said was also lied. Have you seen anything about him in your dream , specifically about his all-the-time lying?

On a sidenote , been following your site for quite some time now , keep up the great work you do!

love Karin


Hi Karen, thank you and will do.

Let's say that Joran was involved in the drug trade, and he was being protected by the police and legal system in Aruba. This would be something that he would never confess, as others involved would not be too happy. I do not think he knew he was being recorded, but this does not mean he was telling the whole truth either.

I have not had any dreams lately that I know of about this case, but I also have no reason to believe she is dead.

Working on the Madeleine McCann case I have learned that the media does not always act in the best interests of the victim.

Lets say Joran and friends are arrested and tried for hiding a body, there is a good chance that they could spend no time behind bars even if they are found guilty...especially if Joran has friends in the legal system. The case would now be officially closed, and tourists would feel safer about visiting the island...all of this without finding a body and without know the real story.



Regarding Joarn Van der Sloot's "confession" in the Natalee Holloway case.
Two parts of it have already been debunked.

1. The phone Joran claims to have called Daury on
can't be used for local calls.

2. Daury was in Europe at the time.



you can post this

Joran had a debt that needed to be paid so he took her. Police had GHB bottle from day one and before. Nats mother had the option to buy her back. She was in the house, but she was too cheap. This is how it work here. She is in Barranquilla and does not want to come home.


Hi, this is not what her family says happened, they seem to believe what he said on video...they are calling is a confession.

When I was stationed at camp Stanley in South Korea, just outside the gate was a village with dozens of bars. Each bar had around 10 girls that were working off debts that their family owed...their families basically sold them into prostitution. This is a very common and accepted practice all over the world...but from what everyone tells me, Natalie's body was dumped into the ocean, which is a very strange thing for Joran to do. Anyway, they are already calling this case closed.

Take Care,



Every psychic in the world says Natalee's body is in the water you do not agree?




I'm not a psychic, and I I guess I do not agree with the experts...I have had nothing to date that would indicate her body is in the water...or even that's she is not alive.

Hate to go against the flow, but I have to trust myself first.



Hi Brian,
Interesting comments from Sandra Belanger. Might help piece together
this case. Her technique, used successfully by a few people, is to tape
record messages from those who have passed over.



Will post this and the link Chris...I'm afraid that police and everyone else are assuming that she is dead and in the ocean.

This might be what Joran and others involved wanted people to believe in the first place.



I don't have special powers or anything like that, but I am similar to you in a way in terms that sometimes I see things in my dreams.
I've mostly seen people die in my dreams and within days this happens. But it usually has to do wiht people that I know.
I too however, can feel what is really happening in a situation, like the truth behind a murder, who did it why and so on.
With the Holloway case I have never been sure. And that's a little strange for me because I can usually sense what happened.
I have had confusing dreams about her, sometimes she is dead, after drowning and other times she has another identity, like a split personality. I hadn't dreamt with her for a while until a few days ago, and she was dying because she could no longer live because her husband had drowned.
I have no idea what this means, all I know is that in my dream I told her to hold on and that she could make it without him, but seh just cried and said that she was going to die.
So again, I don't know if she was ever killed, or died, or is a case of human traficking, but this dream led me to water and drowing and it was her with shorter hair in dispair.


I thanks, to me the feeling of death in my dreams is very specific, and usually I remember it. It's actually a very warm, enjoyable feeling...I'm usually absorbed in a very warm light...then I wake up. In this case, I do not remember this feeling.



At 13:32 - 13:48 you can clearly see that Joran is being shown the camera, I believe it was #4. You can also see the bag of drugs.

They failed to broadcast that part of the record and they are still calling it a confession.


Hi, thanks please send me a copy of the video again.



Dear Brian,

I just found your site and was reading your page about Natalee Holloway when suddenly I felt brave enough to share with you a dream I had just the other day after watching a program about Natalee Holloway which featured a couple of psychics. I feel I am psychic through dreams similar to how Allison Dubois dreams. They always have clear but strange details. I have only shared my dreams with my husband, you would be the first "outsider" that I have told that I have these vivid dreams. Sometimes I dream in color, I'm considering starting a journal. I am 37 years old.

It was afternoon time when I watched the recorded show about Natalee with the psychic investigators. My thoughts about the show was that the psychics seemed to depict details that were already assumed, or could easily be assumed. I felt dissatisfied that there was no great reveal by watching the show. There was no mention in the show that Natalee was still alive or they did not elaborate on a sex slave situation. Afterwards I took a short nap, and I believe this dream that I had as soon as I fell asleep, was giving me details about Natalee and her disappearance. I dreamed in color. Prior to this dream it had been a long time since I had learned about Natalee and her missing status, I would say last I watched anything related was about 2 years ago.

The Dream:

I was Natalee but I could not see my face as she, only my arms and lower body, I was walking around and I knew I was her. I (Natalee) was taken to what I believed to be after party (after the bar closed) to a home that was very square, with a pool that was inside the house in an odd location, the pool was very square. When I say square, I mean square no rounded edges of any kind. The room was well lit. The house was single floor only. I was in a bathing suit (Bikini, light in color maybe white, with a striped horizontal pattern), no shorts no shoes. I'm holding a drink. I like the loud music and dancing and watching the people around me, but I'm not sure if I like them, I don't feel like they are my "friends." There were many people around jumping in the pool, drinking, dancing, loud music, there were cups everywhere, I was having on o.k. time just hanging out there. I appear to feel like I was a loner mostly. The floor surrounding the pool was of different shades of Terracotta, i
n a brick style pattern. The pool seemed to be in an odd location, like right in the center of what appeared to be a large kitchen. I see kitchen counter tops Terracotta colors as well, as I am in the pool, a boom box on the counter, and large different colored plastic see through cups, like picnic cups. Some are half full with booze others are completely empty. I am taken to the next phase of the dream where I awake in a back bedroom, The bed is against the wall to the left. It's a very homely room nothing special about it. I feel like I am wearing a silk black tiny flowered robe and nothing underneath. I remove myself from a bed and walk outside the doorway to the bedroom. I see a short hall but I don't go down it. I note the house now seems quiet now (it's the next day maybe) and I am curious about the bedroom across the hall. I go to it and push the door open gently, lightly like I'm peeking in to see who is in there. I am disappointed and sad that I have seen a man that I admi
re and somewhat respect and/or trust sleeping (not having sex, really sleeping) with another woman, but I'm upset because he is supposed to be with me, like he's my boyfriend. (Don't laugh) but he was Ben Affleck! I say nothing and slip away unnoticed, I'm tearing up and want to wash my face, I feel like I'm not supposed to be seen crying. I then continue down the short hall which leads to that kitchen I was telling you about, but I stop at a door to the left, I peek in and I know it's the bathroom, but I don't just walk inside. The mirror is one that covers the wall to the right of me, it has a line of bulbs on the right and left going vertically they are on, I look in the mirror and notice a female bathing and the water is gray dirty like dirty soapy water only I cannot see her face. I also see a sex toy, it is dark blue navy colored and resembles a rabbit with ears, I recognize it on the edge of the tub where the woman is bathing. I leave that doorway unnoticed, and I walk throu
gh the kitchen/pool area. I see a man fully clothed and maybe a bit intoxicated wanting to jump into the square pool which is now only half full, like someone drained it half way. I'm concerned that if he jumps in he will hurt himself, but I brush it off as silly drunk. I notice the kitchen is still riddled with half full or empty see through colored cups, I feel like it is a mess, and I don't want to look at it. I feel like I need some fresh air so I decide to go outside on the steps, which are to my left and I have now joined a couple of other women standing on the short gray concrete steps which is on the side of the square house which is right on a canal way? (like when you live near a large body of water and people park their boats next to there house) It is daytime as I socialize with the other women standing near me. To my left is a yacht, two or three decks, it's white and has a elongated triangle shaped flag at the top and there are tanned or dark skinned men (foreign men)
standing in different areas of the yacht, about 5 or 6 each carrying one gun some long some short but all like automatics. Strangely when I look at the yacht it's night time, although when I see myself on the steps oddly its daytime. I am making small talk with the women, but I can't help but notice the yacht with the men. They are looking over at me and they make me uncomfortable so I wish to go back inside. I go back in and I'm just hanging around with everyone, I'm not scared, and I do not feel like my life is in danger, I would say I feel numb, no real feelings. I am hanging out with these faceless people, but I see Ben Affleck, the man I admire and want to be with solely, and although I am mad at him I cannot voice to him how I feel because I know I'm not supposed to say anything about it. We are standing around, another young man is present and he is playing a small electric piano and I am singing (a song I do not remember) but I like doing that. I feel like I've lived here
a while, and that these people live with me. (end dream)

Please tell me what you think,... I have never reached out or discussed the fact that I dream things that I know are psychic in nature.




Hi, not sure let, let me look this over.



You could be right!!! he may have sold her!! still think she's alive?



Hi, yes I do...it makes sense, and anther missing woman could still be with her.



Report: Natalee Holloway Suspect Involved in Thai Sex Trafficking
Monday, November 10, 2008


Joran Van der Sloot

A suspect in the 2005 disappearance of an Alabama teen in Aruba is involved in selling Thai women into prostitution, a Dutch TV reporter claims.

Reporter Peter De Vries has made a second hidden-camera expose on Dutch student Joran Van der Sloot, who was believed to be with Natalee Holloway when she vanished while on a senior trip to Aruba. De Vries won an Emmy this year for another report on Van Der Sloot, 21, in which the student admits to dumping Holloway’s body after she suddenly began shaking and died as they were kissing.

De Vries’ latest report, which was shown Sunday night on Dutch television, shows Van der Sloot telling someone posing as a sex-industry boss that he can get passports for Thai women and girls who think they are going to the Netherlands to work as dancers, DutchNews.nl reported.

Van der Sloot makes about $13,000 for every woman sold into prostitution in the Netherlands, De Vries claims.

“The pictures show how little respect this 21-year-old has for the lives of others,” De Vries told a Dutch newspaper. “The fact that he goes into the trafficking of women after the disappearance of Natalee is typical of him.”

In February, judges rejected an attempt to arrest Van der Sloot for a third time in her disappearance. He was released due to insufficient evidence the first two times he was arrested.

Aruban prosecutors had sought to detain him based on hidden-camera recordings captured by a Dutch TV crime show. In the video, Van der Sloot said Holloway collapsed on the beach after they left the bar and he called a friend to dump her body at sea.

Joseph Tacopina, a lawyer for student Van der Sloot, said in February that his client was not responsible for the Alabama teen's death and that the tapes did not amount to a confession.

"There was no confession, no admission of a crime by Joran on any of these tapes, which is very telling," Tacopina said on ABC's "Good Morning America."


I'm watching Greta Van Susterern and little Joran VanDerSloot is admitting on national TV that he sold Natalee Holloway to some "Venezuelans" to work in the sex trades. Can you say Barranquilla and Frogs? Dude, you were right on target.



Hi Jim, yes I did....we had someone check out that bar, but came up with nothing.

Pretty sure this case is also connected with several others...and I still think her and the baby are just fine.



I did a video yesterday about my work on this case thus far.


2.17.2009 - Show #15

Adji Desir, Dominick Arceneaux, Haleigh Cummings, Amy Bradley, Theresa Davidson-Murphy

Brandy Hanna and Steven Lankester Cox

RELATED DREAMS/RV's...please visit this links for the additional case information:

DD2720 DD4115 DD4716 MP001 MP194 DD5191 DD5639

2.18.2009 - Show #16

Human trafficking Show - Jessica Edith Louise


Source: Body of Natalee Holloway Found in Aruba
By Thomas Francis in Breaking News, Crime

Friday, Mar. 20 2009 @ 10:56AM

Details remain vague, but The Juice has just learned that authorities believe they have found the body of Natalee Holloway, the 18-year-old from Clinton, Miss., who vanished in the Caribbean island in May 2005.

A Miami-based flight attendant for American Airlines tells The Juice that a cadaver dog was aboard a Miami-to-Aruba flight. The officer with the dog was going to search for the remains of Holloway.

"They think they've found where Natalee Holloway's remains are, and they're taking the dog down to confirm that," said the flight attendant, who lives in Fort Lauderdale. "They're not telling anybody because Aruba is trying to keep this quiet."

A tabloid media sensation, Holloway's case had lately gone cold. Aruba investigators have been criticized for failing to find a body or a suspect in the teenager's disappearance.

More details to come as they become available.


Very sad hearing this, seems all the work I've put into this case was wrong and I apologize about that...still going by my dreams, I think she is alive, however the facts seem clear enough.



Show #39 on this case is located here.

Natalee Holloway FOUND, Nancy Moyer, Molly Datillo, Mary Nunes, G. Kelley, S. Kelley, Adji Desir



This is not a hoax. And as everyone knows, there have been a number of false leads in the case. When we know one way or the other, we'll let you know.

...Thomas Francis

Another fruitle

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