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Dorien Deon Thomas

Missing Person Case September 2021

Missing Person Case September 2021

Missing Person Case September 2021

Missing Person Case September 2021

Missing Person Case September 2021

Dorien, approximately 1998; Age at the time of disappearance: -progression to Age at the time of disappearance: 24 (approximately 2014); Sketch of possible assailant

Date reported missing : 10/26/1998

Missing location (approx) :
Amarillo, Texas
Missing classification : Endangered Missing
Gender : Male
Ethnicity :
Biracial, Black, White

DOB : 05/06/1989 (32)
Age at the time of disappearance: 9 years old
Height / Weight : 4'0, 60 pounds
Description, clothing, jewerly and more : A red shirt and jeans.
Distinguishing characteristics, birthmarks, tattoos : Biracial (African-American/Caucasian) male. Black hair, brown eyes. Dorien is of mixed racial ancestry; his grandmother was Caucasian and the rest of his relatives are African-American.

Information on the case from local sources, may or may not be correct : Dorien resided in an apartment complex in the 1300 block of northwest Ninth Avenue in Amarillo, Texas. He was last seen on October 26, 1998. He reportedly filled his bicycle tires with air and began riding around the neighborhood, possibly intending to get a snack. Dorien has never been heard from again.
His aqua bicycle was similar in fashion to a girls' bike. It was outfitted with very small white tires and rims, white handlebars, a black seat, a chrome-colored connection pole extending from the seat to the frame, and a rusty chain. The words "Free Style" were imprinted on one side of the bicycle. It disappeared with Dorien and has never been recovered.
The circumstances surrounding Dorien's disappearance are unclear. He was reported as a missing child after more than 24 hours had elapsed since his disappearance. Authorities have been unable to determine if he was abducted or if other factors were involved in his case.
Dorien was one of the children who discovered the body of Gloria Ann Covington in August of 1997, more than one year prior to his disappearance. Dorien was playing in Hilltop Park in Amarillo with friends when they came across Covington's remains behind the YMCA building. She had been stabbed to death.
Covington's friend witnessed her murder and was assaulted herself during the crime. She said that Covington was attacked inside a light-colored pickup truck before her murder. Linda Gayle Jackson was killed one month after Covington's death. Witnesses reported that she entered a vehicle similar to the truck involved in Covington's case. Both women's homicides remain unsolved.
A friend of the victims was beaten by an unidentified Caucasian man in September 1998. She said her attacker had red hair pulled in a ponytail, blue eyes and a mustache. The victim stopped at Dorien's mother's residence for assistance after the incident. She said that Dorien was home at the time and was seen by the suspect.
The victim claimed that the assailant threatened to harm her again in the future. She believes that the individual may have been involved in Dorien's case. A sketch of the man is posted with this case summary.
Authorities have been unable to determine if Dorien's disappearance is related to the unsolved murders. Several of Dorien's relatives initially believed a family friend took him to Dallas, Texas after he disappeared. The individual called authorities shortly thereafter and was not involved in Dorien's case. Extensive searches of the Amarillo area produced no clues as to his whereabouts.
Dorien is described as a streetwise boy who knew his way around the neighborhood. Foul play is suspected in his case. Some Age at the time of disappearance: ncies state that he disappeared near his grandmother's residence.

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