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Most viewed dreams this hour - 2015 DREAM JOURNAL
dream prediction number 6742 25 july 2015 5 dreams brian ladd23 viewsOk, I will try and explain this..try not to overanalyze it.

We are not suppose to think in human-taught language...

We were suppose to think like all other animal species on earth...in visions, smells and emotions...never words that were created by other humans.

Words are for commutation only, not self-talk, which in reality is always repetitive, useless and insane.

Imagine growing up without human taught language...how would you think?

There should never be any voice in your head...especially one that speaks English.

If we can truly understand this, the secrets to everything will be realized.

Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd21 viewsThis was a public request from...well I'm really not sure who. It took me most of today to translate the most important part of some 16 plus dream drawings. I'm sad to say I do not think Maura Murray is still alive, but these is always hope and my dream are wrong more then they are right.

Most of the DD's describe what happened...I will not be posting these, I'm only posting an answer to the question I was asked, Maura's location. Something really bothered my here, and I think several members of the local police department have some thing they might want to get off their chest.
brian ladds dream diary 201519 views
dream prediction number 6914 24 september 2 dreams brian ladd17 viewsHumpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, Brad Johnson killed Kim (Brad Johnson did not write this, so I have no ide
dream prediction number 6263 19 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd16 viewsThis is a health and happiness dream cure and it's based on the iron in your blood and the earths magnetic field. Since we are using magnetic north (and this changes) you need a compass. The DD is simple, sleep with you head pointed toward the degrees in this DD, it's based on sex and age.
dream prediction number 6948 12 october 1 dreams brian ladd16 viewsUS lottery numbers for the Mega Millions and Powerball from October 14th to October 31st of 2015 also note the pattern this time is in reverse.

440979 1077 star on rope 771 help them - no clue
dream prediction number 6523 22 april 2015 5 dreams brian ladd15 viewsA fire on April 26th 2015
dreams from 4 to 6 July 201515 views413662-11 static, James Hardin arrested after 3rd Space X disaster (from what I know, there has only been one so far)

716 301661 explosion in oil pipeline just as oil prices fall below 27 dollars a barrel

Monday the 13th of July 2015, black smoke from building 7, south wind from south spreads to garage

Power ball Lottery, USA roof, cayce, order odd by 3, 1 3 2 3 3 3 1 3 5 3 8 (not sure of pattern this time)

July 6 2015

South Korea CIA fakes Russian ips toi hack own countries vital networks, anti virus company false CIA flag July 8th 2015 - CIA owned anti virus copNY AHN 189

Hero hero ?? CIA bomb, al-qahirah bulaq garden city, 789 113 417 27943194

1162 Brick structure surrounded by chain link fence, July 13th 2015, flames sore to over 100 feet high, this has nothing to do with terrorism, US train derailment or fire on the 13th

6111 fire burns south Korea secret CIA operation 6114371 in Seoul James, JD 189 Akamam

July 4 to 6 2015 video archive link


dream prediction number 6915 24 september 3 dreams brian ladd15 viewsA very sad and deadly vehicle crash, plate number on dd and other info, happened on 9/29/15, I do not know the time yet...
dream prediction number 6738 25 july 2015 1 dreams brian ladd14 viewsex apple employee releases first Trojan virus for ios devises HT??
dream prediction number 6912 23 september 3 dreams brian ladd14 viewsgu66298 Kim dies in hands of killers 1713 do not go (405)680-3400
dream prediction number 6916 24 september 4 dreams brian ladd14 viewsMore about ex Korean Leader Kim Jon-un and Vladimir Putin's death - very little detail here, sorry
dream prediction number 6785 7 december 2 dreams brian ladd14 viewsCannot see fire burns are seven breaking news Willis here Friday, December 11 she's on fire 663374813 fire on December 11, 2015
dream prediction number 6793 8 december 8 dreams brian ladd14 viewsOklahoma earthquake
dream prediction number 6794 8 december 9 dreams brian ladd14 viewsRNSH 7111 balloons he boxes mail 4 eyes man drives into hospital dies one year later in the same hospital
dream prediction number 6809 14 december 2 dreams brian ladd14 viewsDaniel Kasper's death will not stop the documents from reaching T NYT - more stuff about bad people and a 'fake' book in a library has all the details.
I will love you always Christine13 views
Christine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian
dream prediction number 6309 7 february 2015 1 dreams brian ladd12 viewsWinning Powerball Lottery numbers for February 2015 (in the box) and additional details on the winners)
dream prediction number 6577 6 may 2015 2 dreams brian ladd12 viewsa house with bodies in the basement, many bodies
dream prediction number 6262 18 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 viewsSince I'm no longer posting terrorist related DD's (see news section) I have blacked out any details of specific dates / times of events. This DD concerns upcoming train derailments in the USA, these 2 men are one the ones responsible and they are using fabricated metal parts at this machine shop. The plans are from actual devises that are intended to derail trains (yes they actually sell such devises) The rest of the DD is about the upcoming American Airlines crash.
dream prediction number 6266 20 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 viewsThis will be a famous photo taken by this man, it's shows something amazing that happened near ground zero of the upcoming Indonesia Earthquake (see past dd's for more details)
dream prediction number 6268 21 january 2015 2 dreams brian ladd11 viewsDupla 2 20 21 9 16 35 sena building school?
dream prediction number 6479 6 april 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 views
dream prediction number 6485 7 april 2015 2 dreams brian ladd11 viewsimportant
dream prediction number 6486 7 april 2015 3 dreams brian ladd11 viewsimportant
dream prediction number 6556 1 may 2015 2 dreams brian ladd11 viewsStock TSN buy with it reaches $6.20 sell on March 15th of 2017
dream prediction number 6579 7 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 viewsAdditional details on what is hidden at the beach in Praia da Luz, Portugal. I have added the search maps from previous dd's, there are three separate locations located about 10-20 meters from each other.

The items includes a T-shirt, pants, socks, and a metal belt buckle which should easily be found with a metal detector. Other items that may now be on the surface are several plastic bottle cap, a water bottle (maybe) and something called nivea oleo solar.
dream prediction number 6583 8 may 2015 2 dreams brian ladd11 viewsOK...amazing eventis nuku aboua Hiva hadrth...????
dream prediction number 6584 9 may 2015 1 dreams brian ladd11 viewsMay 9th, 2015

new south wales i oz 16 1 7 8 36 4 lottery 28 4 days he was in victoria 73632600

Saturday may 16th 2015 603119 largest meth lab in history? outside Evansville Indiana

us flag left window he has a ? road rage ??aperson 3 days ken cornell 1/2 mile crystal lake flordia

porto man found on May 11 2015 river cabril C5-HMH Portugual

A very large fire to take place on May 18th at a Lisbon Cathloic Church

Minke 17:26 hours 11911 773 litoral alentejano 3 times 111

Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro INEM fevereiro 5 2015 fevereiro 9th 2016

112 112 13

1212 37 05 12 North 8 43 22 West bottle

ferradura plane great quake Saturday 35 33 north 10 33 west mag 8.7 march 12th 2016 11:10 local

free krdr, secrets stolen by Russian ?, new secret anti-ballistic missile system, 3 days HC@

an upcoming earthquake in Texas
dream prediction number 6586 10 may 2015 2 dreams brian ladd11 viewsthumbnail was pulled off using this devise...no pain though.
dream prediction number 6680 17 june 2015 3 dreams brian ladd11 viewsThis is the man authorities are looking for, his name, location and other details are the the DD, I'm not sure what he did, or is going to do, but its suppose to happen next week, June 27th I think.
dream prediction number 6766 7 august 2015 3 dreams brian ladd11 viewsA video of the meteorite flashing across the sky becomes very popular on YouTube, should happen next week