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Dream from October 28th 2020 says 5 days France lottery - nine - 1322283550 5 22 - guess what - 5 days later these numbers hit the French Loto  Play album slideshow


Man in medieval clothing stabs two to death in Canada's Quebec City on Halloween night 2020 - this dream from October 27th 2020 is related  Play album slideshow


Lyon UK - man arrested after priest shot at church -Greek Orthodox priest was left with life-threatening injuries - this dream from October 27th 2020 is without a doubt related and here is what's next  Play album slideshow


Turns out these numbers were for Canada 6 - 49 lottery - all but one number was correct - dream from October 26th draw was on October 29th 2020  Play album slideshow


Three people have died in a knife attack at a church in Nice France in what French President Emmanuel Macron said was an Islamist terrorist attack on October 28th 2020 this dream from October 26th 2020 maybe related  Play album slideshow


October 28 2020 hundreds stranded in the cold waiting for buses in chaotic post-Trump rally scene - dram from 3 days earlier says - Donald Trump did not want to pay for busses to transport his followers at the rally so he let them freeze to death?  Play album slideshow


The death of Michael Ojo on August 7 2020 dream from February 3rd 2020  Play album slideshow


October 25th 2020 another Canada 6/49 winner - I think not sure who played this one yet  Play album slideshow


This dream from October 22nd 2020 says military plane crash during Donald trump Florida rally - see last weeks dream as the numbers are the same - this is not related to the Air Force One accident - stay out of River de Lin Alabama  Play album slideshow


Melania Trump has a body double and this is the proof - a dream from October 22nd 2020 seems to confirm that she has a fake  Play album slideshow


OK this is just getting more and more amazing every time it happens - I did not even think these were lottery numbers - well they were - check this out - a dream from October 20th says  Play album slideshow


A dream from October 17th 2020 says a wave reaches Canada and Washington in 37 hours - maybe a tsunami - not sure - 9 2 SF quake on December 25th 2020 at 233 am - 2 days later and this happened - all that's next is a magnitude 9 point 2 San Francisco quak  Play album slideshow


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