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29 jan 2023 4 Powerball and Mega Million USA Lottery numbers for next month only. watch and see how many times these numbers hit next month.... 29 jan 2023 5 Manchester Airport... 29 jan 2023 3 Christopher Wayne Kuhr, Fort Campbell, New Providence, they took him there, rainbow street, numbers...not sure about this one. 1373 04 April 2006 - Kabardino-balkharia Yury Kokov Cogp Murder Copg Murder Fake Terrorist Attack So Putin Could Contact... 29 jan 2023 2 Paul "Oak" Mochen, missing baby found safe, not where they thought, numbers, Grants, turned around 30 December 2022 1  Stocks to make you rich in 2023 (if you want to be) 1 jan 2023 1 55 21 2333-4817 usa man George Santos did not kill himself in cell 483? 29 jan 2023 1 Russian Spy ship off the coast of Florida near the The Mar-a-Lago Club, small craft from ship lands on the beach?  3 dead?  not sure... 31 December 2022 1 Genevieve, Camden, and Rosie Peterson missing children are safe and are located here right now. terra heights, Topeka Kanas, numbers... 16 jan 2023 1 Not a joke, school shooter kills 23? tictoc id, more numbers... 1 jan 2023 2 Pay close attention to these lottery numbers this month (jan 2023) 14 jan 2023 1  play now, lottery numbers for you... 15 jan 2023 1 explosion on jan 25m very large, phone number of the event, get out now, they know... 13 jan 2023 3 On the water, 15 more days, not sure what was going to happen, but I awoke in tears... 2 jan 2023 1 In the sky... 2 jan 2023 3 France lotto... 10 jan 2023 4 Powerball lottery in 23? days no nines... 11 -jan 2023 6  A sad leaf... 13 jan 2023 1 police have the box of secrets shooting a dead man in Hong Kong Cafe numbers, not sure if this is in hong kong China or not, numbers... 2 jan 2023 2 Bart Scott accident was not?  not sure what this is or who it's about... 2 jan 2023 4 US terrorist plot evacuates the US Congress; this is the person responsible... 11-29-22 Missing child Aspen Jeter may be located here as this dream from November 20th may be related, also note this dream was from before the child was reported missing...I think. 26 jan 2023 1 Something is wrong with the earth's core, it is not spinning the way it's supposed to and will cause major earthquakes and tsunamis during the next 198 days, in 2025 it will cause the end of life on this planet. .. 11-29-22 Missing child Aspen Jeter may be located here as this dream from November 20th may be related, also note this dream was from before the child was reported missing...I think. 10 jan 2023 5 TOI 700 e... 11 jan 2023 1  11 -jan 2023 2 an evil snake... 14 September 2022 1 California Earthquake was triggered by the moon... 29 December 2022 1 January 3rd accident and explosion, numbers... 11 -jan 2023 3 an evil cat... 

The death of Halyna Hutchins maybe related to this dream in May of 2020 and October of 2021  Play album slideshow


Alec Baldwin murder and arrest? no clue but this dream from October 20th 2021 is just crazy  Play album slideshow


October 20th 2021 The remains of missing and wanted man Brian Laundie are located near this lighthouse, the same lighthouse that has been in over 20 dreams related to this case. There is a much more important event to take place, these are the link...  Play album slideshow


Dream on October 9th 2021 says Million Day Lottery 44 36 49 51 3 - on October 11th 2021 this is that lotteries results 3 36 44 49 51  Play album slideshow


Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 strikes south of Hawaii Island Naalehu on October 10th 2021 USGS  Play album slideshow


La Palma Mega Ttsuanmi information and when it will happen - the entire east coast of The United States will be hit with a Mega Tsunami reaching over 1,000 feet high  Play album slideshow


This dream from October 4th, 2021 maybe related to a highschool shooting that happened on October 6th, 2021 and that's all I'm going to say on this,  Play album slideshow


October 7th 2021 - Leilana Graham was found safe!  Play album slideshow


Sadly Jill Casey maybe Jill Casey DeSantis and hopefully this date can be postponed, from wiki On October 4, 2021, her husband, Governor Ron DeSantis, announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer  Play album slideshow


Facebook.com shut down on October 4th 2021 this dream from the day earlier seems to be related.  Play album slideshow


News article from October 3rd 2021 The winner of Saturdays $635 million Powerball jackpot is... nobody - a dream from September 27th 2021 says this...  Play album slideshow


Miya Marcano and Jennifer Kesse missing woman located - it seems Armando Caballe killed himself today 9-27-21  Play album slideshow


15-year-old charged in Friday, September 3rd, 2021 shooting - a dream from August 31st, 2021 dream seems to be related - the numbers at the bottom turn out to be the phone number of a business right next to the shooting.  Play album slideshow


It happened again, this time all I'm going to say is check the EuroMillions lottery results for the week of September 22nd 2021 and then look at this dream!! almost perfect this time!  Play album slideshow


Remains Found in Wyoming Match Description of Missing Woman Gabrielle Petito - this was a news story on September 19th, 2021 - these dreams from a week earlier show the exact location where her body will be found - the other dreams are where Brian Laundri  Play album slideshow


This is truly amazing if you have ever played the EuroMillions Lottery!!! Look closely at this dream from September 6th, 2021...and thats all I'm going to say this time...believe it or not!  Play album slideshow


Missing Leila Bellamy opened 8-13-2021 possibly located in September 2021 - the case seems to be correct so I have been told by a person in the area  Play album slideshow



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