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Berlin Christmas market attack on December 19th, 2016, without a doubt all these predictions are related and will come true.  Play album slideshow


On 19 December 2016 Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, was shot and killed, exact names and numbers approximately four days before the event happened!  Play album slideshow


Florida boy, 2, killed by train while walking with babysitter on December 12th, 2016, DD is from the day before, December 11th 2016.  Play album slideshow


My house caught on fire on December 12th, 2016, not sure but this dream from last week seems to match, the dream was from the 8th of December 16...I think. Brian  Play album slideshow


Not sure about the rest but this is another Lottery Confirmation, this time its UK Lotto HotPicks for Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 and it was for 350,000 Euros! DD was from the Dec. 12 same year and has been verified!  Play album slideshow


Spark Causes Fire at NY Hospital Building Under Construction on December 14th, 2016, this dream from the 13th says it will be arson. The numbers on the DD turned out to be phone numbers of businesses withing 1000 feet of the fire!  Play album slideshow


A magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck 4 miles west-northwest of Geysers, California at 8:41 on December 14th, 2016 apparently 36 hours after this dream...date and time have been verified, and what's really scary what's next. Anyways, the location a  Play album slideshow


France Lottery for December 14th, 2016, dreams from 2 days earlier hit all numbers, including email and twitter posts from 2 days before the draw.  Play album slideshow


MV-22 helicopter crash on 13 December 2016, phone numbers and other details match almost 100%  Play album slideshow


Nigeria church collapse kills over 160 in the City of Uyo on December 11th 2016, dreams include exact names, locations and more, and without a doubt this was no accident, but the work of Jesus himself.  Play album slideshow


The numbers on this dream sketch is the phone number of a Jacksonville Heights Baptist Church and other details seem to fit a murder that happened on November 30th 2016 at a Westside Jacksonville home  Play album slideshow


A chlorine leak / explosion from a Dow Chemical Plant in Louisiana on December 2nd 2916 could have been much worse and those involved have not been captured and they will do it again on a much larger scale  Play album slideshow


December 2nd 2016 Oakland Fruitvale warehouse fire psychic prediction names numbers and several dream sketches match exactly and despite official reports this was a premeditated mass murder by this angry old man who is going to do it again in 2 more days.  Play album slideshow


Brazil - Quina Lottery, all numbers correct for the draw on the 28th of November 2016, dream from the 26th (same month)  Play album slideshow


ISIS Ohio State University rampage on November 28, 2016, and some very disturbing details as to what Abdul Razak Ali Artan had planned. Details in this dream include exact names, locations, and phone numbers.  Play album slideshow


Colombia LaMia Airlines Flight 2933 (LMI 2933) crashed on 28 November 2016, dreams from the past 30 days include exact names, location, times, players names and numbers and Chapecoense written backward.  Play album slideshow


Was not Korean, it was Japanese and the numbers were from the Japan Lotto 6 Lottery a week later, the exact numbers and they made one person very happy!  Play album slideshow


Cameroon train crash On 21 October 2016, the name of the train company and location with phone numbers seem to all match  Play album slideshow


Magnitude 6.9 Japan earthquake on Nov 21st 2016 dream from a week before show the exact location down to 100 meters!  Play album slideshow


2016 Chattanooga school bus crash  Play album slideshow


Tuesday, 8 Nov 2016, Draw 1186 Oz Lottery Confirmed!  Play album slideshow


EuroMillions draw on 8 November 2016 matches all but 1 number from a dream a week earlier.  Play album slideshow


Super Moon Earthquakes on November 13th 2016  Play album slideshow


HM Prison Bedford in the UK, seems pretty likely that's what this dream was about although not sure about any of the other details  Play album slideshow


Magnitude 5 earthquake hit Cushing Oklahoma on November 5th , 2016 and the rest of the dream is from God himself  Play album slideshow


Donald Trump was rushed off a stage here Saturday by Secret Service agents during a campaign speech after an incident in the crowd near the front of the stage. 10/5/2016  Play album slideshow


How is a dream of mine marked confirmed and how long does it usually take it to come true? other examples  Play album slideshow


These are most of my confirmed lottery dream predictions from September to October 2016, these do not include private requests.  Play album slideshow


How is a dream of mine marked confirmed and how long does it usually take it to come true?  Play album slideshow

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck just 3 miles south of Visso Italy, a dream on October 24th, 2016 predicted this exactly to include the name and the phone number of the destroyed church.  Play album slideshow


In just 12 hours a Chicago O'Hare American 767 catches fire a FedEx plane catches fire in Fort Lauderdale and during this time the Philadelphia Police Department run a simulated terrorist attack involving a plane on fire  Play album slideshow


Donald Trump and Russian hackers posing as North Korea's Bureau 121 agents. Psychic Prediction by dreamer Brian Ladd  Play album slideshow


Hilary Clinton emails, arrest and connection with child molesters, Psychic Prediction by dreamer Brian Ladd  Play album slideshow


Dream drawing (DD) from October 24th, 2016 is without a doubt about an earthquake that hit Visso Italy on October 26th, 2016 and more important the quake that's going kill more than 1/4 million people!  Play album slideshow


Turkey Super Lotto or Turkey Süper Loto 6/54 winner on the 20th of October 2016 dream prediction from the 17th of the same month.  Play album slideshow


EuroMillions, eight nine ten matrix hits on October 21st, 2016! not sure if anyone played (dream #7790 from October 18th, 2016)  Play album slideshow


Australia OZ Lottery....AGAIN!! Matrix from January 2016 hits ALL numbers, and the jackpot was 2M AUD!!  Play album slideshow


October 21st 2016 Dyn cyberattack this may be very important  Play album slideshow


Australia Saturday Lotto Winning Numbers for October 15th, 2016, the winner received over 500K Australian Dollars  Play album slideshow


El Gordo Sunday Lottery, draw October 9th 2016, another lottery not for the USA that matched all numbers for October 2016. This is absolutely amazing and the 'three' and 'four' matrixes are working perfectly  Play album slideshow


SuperEnalotto, another lottery I never knew about hit! not all the numbers, but very close. 10.2016  Play album slideshow


Australia OZ Lottery, again ALL numbers matched and this dream was just a week before the draw. The 'three matrix' worked perfectly and I know feel confident I can do this again, again and again! 10/2016  Play album slideshow


Dream from October 3rd, 2016 matched all numbers in a lottery from Greece on the 6th of October the same year, the word tzokep also matched. The best part of this DD is I never even heard of such a lottery, totally amazing!  Play album slideshow


October 2016 Confirmed Lottery Predictons  Play album slideshow


UK lottery ticket sold at Tesco Sat 17 Sep 2016 match dream from the dream from 9/15/2016 EXACTALLY and I did not even know what a Tesco was until today! Jackpot was £3,777,516 !  Play album slideshow


NYC small time terrorist acts are just a red herring for the real one to come  Play album slideshow


The death of Nahed Hattar and what's next, there is no doubt what this dream was about.  Play album slideshow


Jesus and The Hoboken train crash on September 29th 2016  Play album slideshow


Krush Night Club massaue dream was realted to the Orlando Pule Shootings 9/22/2016  Play album slideshow


El Cajon California Mayor Bill Wells replaced Mayor Mark Lewis due to his San Diego KKK membership but Mayor Bill is also still an active KKK member and is secretly supported by California Governor Jerry Brown  Play album slideshow


The Shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on September 20 2016 in Charlotte North Carolina.  Play album slideshow


2 wounded, man held after Las Vegas airport lot shooting  Play album slideshow


5 Dead In Shooting At Burlington Washington Psychic Prediction on 9 24 2016 by Brian Ladd, dream from September 21st 2016  Play album slideshow


France Lotto on 9-19-2016 all numbers and persons name match for 136,000.00 EUROS  Play album slideshow


Ahmad Rahami Manhattan's Chelsea bombing is just the beginning  Play album slideshow


Hillary Clinton cancer issues and how to cure them  Play album slideshow


A dream from August 2016 almost matched all 7 numbers for draw number 1059, September 2016 Australia's Powerball Lottery  Play album slideshow


5.6 earthquake near Pawnee, Oklahoma on September 3rd 2016 was predicted 2 years ago and is related to the 2016 M9.2 and M8.9 California quakes this month (pending)  Play album slideshow


SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch on September 1st 2016 these 10 dreams from the past year prove terrorists have hacked NASA JPL and SpaceX servers  Play album slideshow


Dream from August 27th, 2016 says LAX Aiport bathroom, it's not what they think, 3 days later this dd was confirmed and numbers on the DD are related. note the word Zorro too (censored)  Play album slideshow


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