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6 feb 2023 1  Day and night winning lottery numbers. play when you first see this, do not look at it again...really, it's worked before . 6 feb 2023 3 California earthquake alert, now less than 2 weeks from a major quake? 6 feb 2023 2 Sarah Sanders arrested... 2 feb 2023 5 March 8th, 2023 a day we will never forget... 5 feb 2023 2 This persons face will be everywhere, look at his eyes, very strange... 1 feb 2023 1 This woman is going to murder her child and put the body in this, this is not a normal missing child case, there is an exact address of the child on this dd (censored) it will happen soon, maybe in a few months. 2 feb 2023 4  Lottery winner, September 9th birthday, this year will be wonderful for you, happy birthday! 4 feb 2023 1 7 13 22 23 27 3 1  1 4 feb 2023 3 Nikki Haley dies in an auto accident, was not an accident, Donald Trump and Mike Lendel paid a Mexican cartel?  numbers... 2 feb 2023 1 Chat GPT banned as all us citizens social security numbers made public? 2 feb 2023 2 Jimmy Carter dies in room 3... 3 feb 2023 2 An awful event to happen soon...in the sky... 4 feb 2023 2  37 North 37 East NOW  Amos 1:1 5 feb 2023 1 Eat once every 3 days for 4 weeks, this will cure your pain and reverse upcoming cancer?  numbers... 1 feb 2023 2 26 more days until US citizens start getting sick, china flu again? 1 May 2022 7   Kurst Russian radioactive fire, same terrorist man, call +78002009002? 2 feb 2023 3  Mega Tsunami hits San Francisco... 2 feb 2023 6  Cancer kills over 20,000 people in the area during the next 13 months? near Pittsburg? VCM kills... Train derailment, Evacuation order issued near train derailment site in Ohio on 2/6/23, look at this dream from February 2nd, 2023, specifically the numbers on this dream.   26 jan 2023 1 Something is wrong with the earth's core, it is not spinning the way it's supposed to and will cause major earthquakes and tsunamis during the next 198 days, in 2025 it will cause the end of life on this planet. .. 3 feb 2023 1 Missing woman Alexis Ware found safe in Parksville, numbers, she did not have it on her, goes to the church... Anthonette Cayedito Located Safe She Just Had Her Second Baby Girl Love Washoe Tribe Numbers Cctv This Is Her Trailer - ... 9983 12 February 2018 4 - Travis Reinking, the Man Who  wait  james Shaw, the Hero That Prevented Travis From Killing Ev... Emantic Bradford Jr Shooting 11343 18 November 2018 4 - Ok, We Waited  An Guess What??  The Numbers On This Dream Sketch... Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting February 14Th  2018 Prediction By Schizophrenic Psychic Dreamer Brian Ladd... Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting February 14Th  2018 Prediction By Schizophrenic Psychic Dreamer Brian Ladd... Megamillion Lottery Psychic Brian Ladd 11343 18 November 2018 4 - Ok, We Waited  An Guess What??  The Numbers On This Dr... 

Another EuroMillions Lottery winner - well I was off by one number - here are the winning numbers for December and January of 2021  Play album slideshow


Trump murders Mohsen Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi - this event happened on November 27th the dream was on the 24th of the same year  Play album slideshow


OK so I was wrong these were not train sign placards they were winning PowerBall Lottery numbers worth millions  Play album slideshow


Mysterious shiny monolith found in otherworldly Utah desert dream form November 21st 2020 says JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg sued in court over monolith stunt - Evan Rachel Wood did not know about the plan for West World season 4  Play album slideshow


Here is another lottery dream coming true - well almost but you gotta see this even if you don't believe in psychics  Play album slideshow


A church stabbing on November 22nd 2020 may be related to this dream from earlier in the week  Play album slideshow


Mayfair Mall shooting - this dream from November 18th 2020 is about a shooting that happened on November 20th 2020  Play album slideshow


Israel Lotto - this dream from the 11th of November 2020 was almost perfect - check out the winning numbers from the 14th - just 3 days later  Play album slideshow


Israel Lotto winner right on time according to this dream from the 11th of November 2020 - this time it was only 3 days later  Play album slideshow


This unrelated dream about us elections turns out to be another confirmed lottery dream - this time it was the USA Mega Millions Lottery  Play album slideshow


Vienna terrorist attack on November 2nd 2020 - several dead after shooting near a synagogue in Austria "Austrian police say at least one civilian and one suspect are dead after shootings across six locations in the center of Vienna - this is who did it  Play album slideshow


Dream from October 28th 2020 says 5 days France lottery - nine - 1322283550 5 22 - guess what - 5 days later these numbers hit the French Loto  Play album slideshow


Man in medieval clothing stabs two to death in Canada's Quebec City on Halloween night 2020 - this dream from October 27th 2020 is related  Play album slideshow


Lyon UK - man arrested after priest shot at church -Greek Orthodox priest was left with life-threatening injuries - this dream from October 27th 2020 is without a doubt related and here is what's next  Play album slideshow


Turns out these numbers were for Canada 6 - 49 lottery - all but one number was correct - dream from October 26th draw was on October 29th 2020  Play album slideshow


Three people have died in a knife attack at a church in Nice France in what French President Emmanuel Macron said was an Islamist terrorist attack on October 28th 2020 this dream from October 26th 2020 maybe related  Play album slideshow


October 28 2020 hundreds stranded in the cold waiting for buses in chaotic post-Trump rally scene - dram from 3 days earlier says - Donald Trump did not want to pay for busses to transport his followers at the rally so he let them freeze to death?  Play album slideshow



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