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USA Powerball lottery numbers for April 2018. 8 days left, the world shakes. Missing Person Maura Murray dream number 6913 24 september 1 by psychic brian ladd March 2018 her fault rx, not sure see last month.  This is the man who kills Donald Trump, he is a part of the traveling human props the attend prearranged rally in The United States, very much similar to the group of people the entertain guests that visit North Korea.  He has glasses and is always taking An eyeball. April 2018. The world shakes...soon. Toys R US tears, tears, died of poison not the heart (this is about the closing of the toy store chain Toys R US and does not come from the UC, Universal Conscious, as I saw a news report of the stores closing right before going to bed...not sure about. zRCT3Rw Schlitterbahn Kansas City Psychic prediction by Brian Ladd 5206201220 why, fire and death. Not a UFO, I know exactly why this object is flying (login now for the answer)  631-234-4100 Donald Trumps son arrested? number, Russian fake company, steel fraud. John Dowd dies of hate, not heart attack, vet drug, Trump...see another related DD about John Dowd earlier this month or and the end of last month. An unexpected event in Antarctica. Trump is a liar. Coffeyville, Kansas fire 7 days later, 11th buckeye crash. March and April 2018 (important long-lasting event) North Korea mails another bomb via Mexico FedEx, the same unit mailed anthrax, they also mail bombs to Los Angeles and New York city just like they said they would do  (nothing new here, search site for more, related dd's are from 2014 and 2015) brian ladds dream diary 2015 Lots of circles. Love hate makes trillion for Russia 741 gazprom R47  724 42. US Stock market goes up over 500 points on Friday, March 23rd, 2018, but then something bad happens. SCAD free fall accident was planned, they knew where the tear was. 12748 Blair Road Lusby. Confirmed Lottery and Stock Dream number 8244 10 February 2017 6 by Brian Ladd Bridge fails. Austin Texas serial bombings 2018 psychic prediction  Stock UMC buy @ 2.32 sell @ 97.4. Florida Bridge Collapse on March 15th, 2018 dream from March 5th of the same year. 

2 wounded, man held after Las Vegas airport lot shooting  Play album slideshow


5 Dead In Shooting At Burlington Washington Psychic Prediction on 9 24 2016 by Brian Ladd, dream from September 21st 2016  Play album slideshow


France Lotto on 9-19-2016 all numbers and persons name match for 136,000.00 EUROS  Play album slideshow


Ahmad Rahami Manhattan's Chelsea bombing is just the beginning  Play album slideshow


Hillary Clinton cancer issues and how to cure them  Play album slideshow


A dream from August 2016 almost matched all 7 numbers for draw number 1059, September 2016 Australia's Powerball Lottery  Play album slideshow


5.6 earthquake near Pawnee, Oklahoma on September 3rd 2016 was predicted 2 years ago and is related to the 2016 M9.2 and M8.9 California quakes this month (pending)  Play album slideshow


SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch on September 1st 2016 these 10 dreams from the past year prove terrorists have hacked NASA JPL and SpaceX servers  Play album slideshow


Dream from August 27th, 2016 says LAX Aiport bathroom, it's not what they think, 3 days later this dd was confirmed and numbers on the DD are related. note the word Zorro too (censored)  Play album slideshow


Archive.org / Date and Time Verifications  Play album slideshow


Wordpress / Date and Time Verifications  Play album slideshow

FaceBook / Date and Time Verifications  Play album slideshow

Twitter Posts / Date and Time Verifications  Play album slideshow


An electrical substation in Florida’s Miami-Dade County caught on fire and exploded Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 leaving 10,000 people without power.  Play album slideshow


August 24th 2016 6.8 Myanmar earthquake dream prediction  Play album slideshow


August 24th 2016 Central Italy Earthquakes, 2 dreams match exactly  Play album slideshow


Canada 647 Lottery draw on August 20th 2016 matched all 7 numbers from an August 15th dream  Play album slideshow


July 2016 - Confirmed dreams awaiting citations  Play album slideshow


MUFON Murders - August 2016  Play album slideshow


August Power ball Lottery another winner  Play album slideshow


Lees Summit UFO Important - August 2016  Play album slideshow


EuroMillions dream all numbers correct in just 4 days draw Tuesday August 19 2016 psychic prediction  Play album slideshow


Ryan Lochte Olympics robbery and upcoming murders in Rio and the US  Play album slideshow


Upcoming Wharton University Terrorist Attack  Play album slideshow


Schlitterbahn water slide accident, Caleb Schwab, August 2016 - phone number and details of the next accident?  Play album slideshow


August 3rd 2016 France Mega Lotto - All numbers correct...again!  Play album slideshow


Another EuroMillions DD! The winning numbers were 1, 21, 26, 40 and 50 and the lucky stars were 2 and 4 (all correct and more)  Play album slideshow


A shooting in Spalding UK, July 2016 (several dd's from early July 16 are also related)  Play album slideshow


Flatbush Brooklyn police shooting on 19 July 16 was another paid hit by The New Black Panther Party, this is what's next  Play album slideshow


Dallas sniper attack was yet another operation that has been backed by The New Black Panther Party on July 7 2016 Micah Xavier Johnson was not alone  Play album slideshow


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