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The death of Larry King - 3 dreams from the past 4 years confirms what really happened and how this will affect Anderson Cooper from CNN  Play album slideshow


The death of Henry Louis Aaron was predicted from a dream on the night of January 8th 2021  Play album slideshow


This earthquake prediction was 100 percent correct and the next major quake will be a magnitude 9 2 in San Francisco California on November 7th or 8th 2021  Play album slideshow


A dream from January 6th 2021 says Eurojackpot again no fives - 323646 10 4 5X 6 maybe nine - just 2 weeks later and YES there was a winning - more on this later  Play album slideshow


This is a dream from February 14th, 2018 about an upcoming pandemic - the dream says A new virus from Wuhan China kills 623,733 people in the USA by July 4th, 2021 the same day Donald Trump dies of a natural heart attack CO 19 RNA  Play album slideshow


January 9th 2021 - Sriwijaya Air plane carrying 62 people goes missing after takeoff from Jakarta - this dream from December 5th of 2020 is related and the next crash will be in 216 days  Play album slideshow


Explosion In Downtown Nashville, Believed To Be Intentional Injures At Least 3 - this happened on December 25th 2020 these are past dreams from 2020 that may be related to this event and the upcoming attacks  Play album slideshow


2 Killed In Small Plane Crash Along State Highway 360 Service Road In Grand Prairie on December 21st, 2020 this dream from the 19th of the same month maybe related, I still need to verify the details  Play album slideshow


Another winning lottery dream!! yes I do realize I'm posting too many of these dreams publicly but I still do offer private picks for anything! Euromillions numbers dream from the 15th of December 2020 hit the December 18th draw  Play album slideshow


On December 15th 2020 a helicopter crashed north of KaikA ura New Zealand killing 2 people  Play album slideshow


There was a shooting at a The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine today - December 13th 2020 - it was in the USA not Amsterdam but this dream from the 7th of December still might be related  Play album slideshow


November 29th 2020 - These dreams are related to past and upcoming monolith spotting's across the world - December 21st 2020 is the day the final one and the map will be complete - expect alien UFO contact on that date  Play album slideshow


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