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Joseph Kevin Astuccio

Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020

Astuccio, approximate photo date 1992 Astuccio's Cadillac Roadster

Missing since: 04/01/1992

Missing location: Ipswich, Massachusetts

Type of missing case: Endangered Missing

Gender: Male

Ethnic group: White

Age at time of disappearance: 59 years old

Height / Weight: 5'10, 190 pounds

Description, clothing, tattoos, other identifying markings: A brown coat, black shoes and a wool hat.

Other characteristics: Caucasian male. Brown hair. Astuccio is balding. He wears wire-rimmed eyeglasses, and he had a mustache at the time of his disappearance. He may use the alias names Gioseppi Astuccio, Joseph M. Astuccio, Kevin Astuccio and/or Kevin J. Astuccio.

Details at time of disappearance: Astuccio was last seen at Brown Square in Ipswich, Massachusetts at 9:30 a.m. on April 1, 1992. He owned business and residential properties there and planned to collect rent from two tenants that day. His 1987 Cadillac Roadster, which was blue with a white roof and license plates numbered 993-KVZ, disappeared with him. A photo of the car is posted with this case summary. It was found abandoned near a landfill in Middleton, Massachusetts on April 20. The windows were broken, the ignition had been damaged, the tires were covered with mud, and the only items in the car were Astuccio's appointment book and his coat and hat.
In February 1992, Astuccio went to the police to report someone had fired a .22 caliber bullet into the front doorframe of his home. He was at home at 11:00 p.m. when the shot was fired. He went to bed afterwards and reported it the next day. The shooter has never been identified and it's unclear whether the incident was related to Astuccio's disappearance months later.
There was a possible sighting of Astuccio a week after he disappeared someone who knew him thought they'd seen him at Logan Airport, boarding a plane bound for Orlando, Florida. The airport had no record of him flying out that day, however. Astuccio may have worked at a bakery in Peabody, Massachusetts in the mid-1990s, and he may also have lived in Holiday, Florida for a time. None of this information has been confirmed. Astuccio did own rental property in Florida at the time of his disappearance.
Astuccio resided with his wife in the 20 block of Rubbly Road in Wenham, Massachusetts at the time of his disappearance, and Wenham police are investigating. He was a self-made property manager and apparently quite wealthy. He had no major debts and nobody was in significant debt to him. His case remains unsolved.

Other case information

Agency in charge: Wenham Police Department
Other information: The Ipswich Chronicle
The Boston Herald
MyFox Boston
The Salem News
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