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Jovanny Hector Puga

Missing person located July 2020
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Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020

Puga, approximate photo date 2017 Tattoos on Puga's wrists Emma Brud Brandan Guyton-Denn Shawn Leitner Jaleel Schultz

Missing since: 02/25/2017

Missing location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Type of missing case: Endangered Missing

Gender: Male

Ethnic group: Hispanic

Date of Birth: 06/04/1998 (21)

Age at time of disappearance: 18 years old

Height / Weight: 5'7 - 5'9, 120 - 145 pounds

Other characteristics: Hispanic male. Black hair, brown eyes. Puga has a four-inch scar on the inside of his right forearm, a tattoo of a bull's head in black ink with the letters "OTF" in red ink on the inside of his right wrist, and a tattoo of the word "illmotion" in black ink on his left wrist. A photo of the tattoos is posted with this case summary. His nickname is Vonny and some agencies refer to him as Jovanny Lugo-Puga.

Details at time of disappearance: Puga was last seen in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on February 25, 2017. He has never been heard from again. His family reported him missing in March.
In October 2018, three people were charged in Puga's presumed death: Emma B. Brud, Brandan L. Guyton-Denn, Shawn M. Leitner and Jaleel A. Schultz. Brud was charged with harboring or aiding a felon by hiding physical evidence, and the others were charged with first-degree reckless homicide. Photos of all of them are posted with this case summary.
According to police, Guyton-Denn was upset at something Puga had done and decided to beat him up in retaliation. Guyton-Denn asked his girlfriend, Brud, to take Puga from Green Bay, Wisconsin to a residence in the 4500 block of north 84th Street in Milwaukee, where Guyton-Denn and Leitner lived. The men later used Brud's car to take Puga to Lincoln Park in Glendale, Wisconsin.
In the park in Glendale, the three men beat Puga and stomped on his face, then forced him to undress and told him to go into the river or they would continue to beat him. Schultz and one of the others threw him into the river, and they stopped him from getting out of the water until he finally stopped trying. They left him in the river then, went back to Milwaukee and divided Puga's belongings among them, and Brud disposed of Puga's bloodstained clothes.
In December 2018, Brud pleaded no contest to one count of harboring/aiding a felony, falsify information, as party to a crime. She was given a suspended prison sentence and placed on probation for three years.
In March 2019, Leitner pleaded guilty to first degree reckless homicide, as party to a crime. In April, Guyton-Denn pleaded guilty to the same charge. Both men were sentenced to eight years in prison, with seven years' extended supervision after release.
In September 2019, Schultz pleaded guilty to one count of second degree reckless homicide as a party to a crime his sentencing is scheduled for November.
Puga's body has never been found, but he is presumed dead. Foul play is suspected in his case due to the circumstances involved.

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Agency in charge: Green Bay Police Department
Other information: Green Bay Police Department
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Green Bay Crime Reports
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Psychic detective links: https://briansprediction.com/missing/

Revised: October 12, 2004. Last updated September 30, 2019 details of disappearance updated.