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Kevin Gary Graves

Missing person located July 2020
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Psychic Brian Ladd
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Graves, approximate photo date 2018

Missing since: 07/01/2018

Missing location: Rothbury, Michigan

Type of missing case: Endangered Missing

Gender: Male

Ethnic group: White

Age at time of disappearance: 28 years old

Height / Weight: 6'3, 165 pounds

Description, clothing, tattoos, other identifying markings: A colorful shirt and khaki pants.
Medical Conditions Graves has a history of drug and alcohol abuse, and he has been treated for bipolar disorder. He was prescribed medication for the bipolar disorder, but stopped taking it about two months before his disappearance, as it made him feel lethargic.

Other characteristics: Caucasian male. Blond hair, blue eyes. Graves had a mustache and a full beard at the time of his disappearance. He has a "USMC" tattoo on his left shoulder, a tattoo of an Aquarius sign on his right forearm, and a tattoo of red lips on his right hip.

Details at time of disappearance: Graves was last seen on July 1, 2018. He and his girlfriend had traveled to Rothbury, Michigan to attend the Electric Forest Music Festival. July 1 was the last full day of the festival. He texted his sister at 1:55 p.m. saying, "Everything is good. I love you the most."
According to Graves's girlfriend, he had been acting "odd" and paranoid all week, accusing her of infidelity and of reporting him to the FBI she thinks he may have suffered a relapse of his bipolar disorder symptoms.
Witnesses reported Kevin got in an argument with his girlfriend and walked away from her, saying he was going back to their tent to rest. He left his phone and personal belongings behind and has never been heard from again.
Several attendees at the festival said they noticed buses there that were from an alleged cult. After Graves's disappearance, his loved ones got tips that he may have joined the Twelve Tribes, a fundamentalist Christian group that operates communes across multiple continents, including one near Battle Creek, Michigan.
However, the Twelve Tribes reached out to Graves's family and said none of their buses and no one from their organization had been present at the festival. Graves's loved ones did further investigation into the organization, and contacted multiple communes, but no one recognized Graves's name. His sister stated he is an atheist and one of his friends said he didn't think Graves would have joined a group like the Twelve Tribes, since they don't allow the use of drugs or alcohol.
Some of Graves's friends and acquaintances believe he disappeared intentionally. His girlfriend's father said Graves implied he wouldn't return home after the music festival. However, it's uncharacteristic of him to be out of touch with his family, and they're concerned for his welfare.
Graves is a trained mechanic who worked as a machine operator at the time of his disappearance. His case remains unsolved.

Other case information

Agency in charge: Oakland County Sheriff's Office
Michigan State Police
Other information: NamUs
K 102.5
Kevin Graves's Facebook Page
Missing in Michigan
Facebook Page for Kevin Graves
Psychic detective links: https://briansprediction.com/missing/

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