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Lelia Marie Faulkner

Missing person located July 2020
Missing person located July 2020
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Faulkner, approximate photo date 2016

Missing since: 07/04/2016

Missing location: Troy, Alabama

Type of missing case: Endangered Missing

Gender: Female

Ethnic group: White

Date of Birth: 09/26/1986 (33)

Age at time of disappearance: 29 years old

Height / Weight: 5'6, 125 - 135 pounds

Description, clothing, tattoos, other identifying markings: A white tank top, white flip-flops and blue denim shorts.
Medical Conditions Faulkner is an alcoholic, and her family stated she was abusing drugs at the time of her disappearance.

Other characteristics: Caucasian female. Blonde hair, blue/gray eyes. Faulkner has the following tattoos: Chinese characters meaning "Success" on her foot, the name "Madison" on the inside of her right wrist, and cherries on her lower back. She previously fractured her collarbone on the right side and it healed crookedly. Her ears are pierced. She pronounces her name "Layla."

Details at time of disappearance: Faulkner was last seen in Troy, Alabama on July 4, 2016. She had just moved in with her parents after breaking up with her live-in boyfriend. On the day of Faulkner's disappearance, her family went to an Independence Day barbeque and Faulkner stayed home.
She was still home when her parents arrived home that evening they last spoke to her at 5:30 p.m., and she made a post to her Facebook account from her parents' IP address around at the same time. She has never been heard from again.
Faulkner didn't take a vehicle with her, but her purse, cellular phone and tablet device disappeared with her. Her family isn't sure if someone picked her up at the house or if she went for a walk and someone picked her up while she was away. She had dropped out of sight before for days at a time, but she's never been gone for this long.
Although Faulkner had regularly posted on her social media accounts, all of them have been inactive since that last Facebook post at 5:30 p.m. on the day of her disappearance. She hasn't accessed her bank accounts either, or used her credit cards or cellular phone.
Two days prior to her disappearance, Faulkner and her live-in boyfriend, Blane Gralheer Jr., broke up and she moved back in with her parents. She had told her parents she was afraid of Gralheer and that "if something happens to me it's him."
Gralheer and Faulkner were fighting with each other on Facebook on the day of her disappearance. She posted to her page accusing him of stealing money from her, and wrote that he had left her for another man. Gralheer said their breakup was mutual and largely caused by Faulkner's substance abuse issues, and that he is not gay and was did not leave Faulkner for a man.
He took a polygraph about her disappearance, and the results were inconclusive. Police asked him to take a second polygraph, and he refused. He does remain in regular contact with Faulkner's parents.
Faulkner's mother believes she's no longer alive, as she doesn't think she would have abandoned her child. Gralheer is considered a person of interest in her case, and her parents believe he knows what happened to her even if he wasn't necessarily involved. Her disappearance remains unsolved.

Other case information

Agency in charge: Pike County Sheriff's Department
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