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Lisa A. Farmer

Missing person located July 2020

Farmer, approximate photo date 1983

Missing since: 08/02/1983

Missing location: Lawton, Oklahoma

Type of missing case: Endangered Missing

Gender: Female

Ethnic group: Biracial, Native American, White

Age at time of disappearance: 18 years old

Height / Weight: 5'6, 115 pounds

Description, clothing, tattoos, other identifying markings: A gold chain, a floating heart necklace, and a gold wedding band with a diamond solitaire. Possibly a flower-print nightgown.

Other characteristics: Biracial (Caucasian/Native American) female. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Farmer's maiden name is Watkins. She may wears eyeglasses. She has scars on her hip, tongue, right ankle/instep, and under the toes of her left foot.

Details at time of disappearance: Farmer was last seen by a neighbor in her kitchen at 8:30 p.m. on August 2, 1983. She, her husband of three months, and their fourteen-month-old baby had moved into the house only three days earlier and her husband was away on a military training exercise this was the first night Farmer spent in the house without him.
The next morning, the neighbors came over to investigate the baby's continuous crying and found him alone, hungry, with his diaper soiled. The back door was unlocked and there was no sign of Farmer.
All her belongings, including her jewelry, money, clothing, identification and keys, were left behind only a flower-print nightgown, which she may have been wearing, was missing. There were on indications of a struggle. She has never been heard from again.
Farmer grew up in Union, South Carolina and had moved to Lawton with her husband in 1983. Her case remains unsolved.

Other case information

Agency in charge: Lawton Police Department
Other information: NamUs
The Del Rio News Herald
Psychic detective links: https://briansprediction.com/missing/

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