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1 views todayA shooting in New Orleans on July 4th of this year, it's more than one and it concerns a very serious matter
1 views todayteens deface The Cave of the Patriarchs, Yosef Garfinkel killed....
1 views todayThis is going to be a very large event and should happen soon. A huge circular patch of ocean suddenly changes temperature...and it has nothing to do with global warming or any other thing on this earth
1 views todayThis is an invention dream about saving lives on auto accidents, this new system basically takes most of the energy of a crash and directs it up, sort of life a ejection seat on a fighter jet...except it does not shoot anyone up in the air :) All 6 dd's will be posted in my invention section
1 views todaydetails of yet another plane crash on July 2nd of this year, details on DD
1 views todaymore details of the fire on June 30th, 2015 (see dd just before this one)
1 views todayfire, June 30th 2015 AM...lots of details here, basically this fire will take place in the morning of June 30th 2015, local time I think, this man is very important when it comes to how the fire started.
1 views todayThe mechanical records of the plane will be destroyed 1 hour after the crash, the planes model number, flight number and name of passenger that will be responsible are on the dd. This crash is suppose to happen on June 30th of 2015, I'm not sure what time as I cant read that part,
1 views todayJoel Hynek the stars are fallingm they know are are tryintg to kill you, stars falling? ip
1 views todayThis was a terrible dream that can be prevented...in 19 days this will happen. There is a scented candle on a wooden table with something under it, a fan from across the room relights the candle and spark the fire that kills many people.

I looked twice, the dream is not for me...enough said
1 views todaya major fire on July 1st...I'm assuming this year
1 views todayA TV writer is killed in real life
1 views todayThis is a sketch of the killer, the event has not happened yet, but when it does, this face will be know by millions (see dd for more info)
1 views today38251 German friend calls January 29th 3:17 am - December 29th 2015 3:18 am 2738255
1 views todayMagdalane's secret makes Tony kill. 4131172 he lives in bath gate? 1501734404 yule terrance, speedway 'dreams kill'
1 views todaydetails of a major fire on June 27th, this year.
1 views todaypower outage in on purpose? terrorist plant drugs in vehicles of Abdul Aziz children and family of Majid Al Futtaim, 4 die in prison, subside.
1 views todayA shipping container explodes with 3 people (terrorist's) inside, full details on DD.
1 views todayRichard Matt and David Sweat case, exact location (they are underground in the shelter drawn in the dd)
1 views todayWanted Richard Matt and David Sweat case, this is a sketch of the police officer who gave David the disposable phone from Walmart, note the phone number. Per the dd this is where they are now, and again...the false information police are giving the local media is NOT A good idea.
1 views todayKAPLAN 12786 4 4677886 US Government denies its using DFX audio enhancer to activate camera and microphone covertly yet experts say source code is 100% CIA and company founder Paul Titchener is ??? A real person
1 views todaydetails of the 4th terrorist-related train derailment next week
1 views today37661 92 376 keeps ???? Molly Norris did not hang herself
1 views todaynothing to worry about
1 views todaynot sure
1 views today117 112 Ronen Shilo k??? outside building ???? Dumkani hitman 17,000
1 views todayThis is several requests that I combined on 2 dream sheets, Lottery numbers (surprise, surprise) for the MegaMillions (US) Powerball (US) EuroMillions, Australia OZ and the Ukraine Lottery - this is for the time period of June 22nd to July 31st of 2015)
1 views todayThis is several requests that I combined on 2 dream sheets, Lottery numbers (surprise, surprise) for the MegaMillions (US) Powerball (US) EuroMillions, Australia OZ and the Ukraine Lottery - this is for the time period of June 22nd to July 31st of 2015)
1 views todayThis is the man authorities are looking for, his name, location and other details are the the DD, I'm not sure what he did, or is going to do, but its suppose to happen next week, June 27th I think.
1 views todayfire (yes I know, whole lot of details here)
1 views todayDMSP19 Lekhtusi Radar Station destroyed? by new EMP Weapon - in space?? 662398 1137 137 dmps15 not a weather sa? super cooled
1 views todaymore details of an upcoming plane crash to include tail number, suppose to happen on Monday June 22nd, this year
1 views todayfire by this hotel on June 27th, I think it's this year.
1 views today4 lottery 2 Friday 8th 5 35 36 KW t shop west
1 views todayGlass death June 21st 2015 Church 10:47 AM
1 views today10428 - love June 25th 2015 (313) 596-2900 June ?
1 views today2 DD's about a fight and more to take place at a Walmart (store number in DD) it's suppose to happen on June 27th of 2015
1 views today2 DD's about a fight and more to take place at a Walmart (store number in DD) it's suppose to happen on June 27th of 2015
1 views todayRichard Matt and David Sweat case, current location of Richard Matt
1 views todayAn explosion on June 18th 2015 and it IS terrorist related
1 views todayfire 77954 zip Sunday 14th of July 2015
1 views todayKuro cures mad cow 100%
1 views todaynot sure, something evil
1 views todayonob otol lottery 3 days 3 13 37 38 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 3 ?? 1 3 4 9 1 3 49 5x Spain 113
1 views todayRichard Matt and David Sweat case, states that David has left Moffirr Island and is currently in Dore Canada at the Dorea Institute, which is a real place (see map, it's also known to be haunted, if you believe in ghosts) Also states that they split up days ago and I will have Richards location hopefully by tomorrow morning...
1 views todayRancho Santa Fe fire kills children, 92 091 19613 19137-2214 homes burn down over no water for fire? help, off Linea del Cielo King Samir Shabazz gives orders from 'jail house' - burn them down
1 views todayphone 289 891 100 4 days UK man dies 4 weeks after accident same man ?? helped?? Madeleine McCann 35195 351918 674079 674073
1 views todayRichard Matt and David Sweat - they know about police media disinformation plan, this is the officer involved (this is about the escaped inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY and matches the other 3 dd's. Basically the fake information about the case that's being given to local media is already know by the 2 men that escaped because the police officer on this DD is involved)
1 views todaytornado dream....again...I'm in a house looking out the front door, and dozens of 'rope tornado' go by, the path they makes is about a foot wide...I get this dream allot
1 views todayhundreds of tiny parachutes carrying bio weapons floating in the sky...very scary dream...everyone thought these things were filled without candy, except for me...how did I know this? I'm not sure, but I think I was the one who did it.
1 views todayRichard Matt and David Sweat - they know about police media disinformation plan, this is the officer involved (this is about the escaped inmates from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, NY and matches the other 3 dd's. Basically the fake information about the case that's being given to local media is already know by the 2 men that escaped because the police officer on this DD is involved)
1 views todayThe name of the person that started the fire on Saturday June 13th 2015 is named Henry s??, breaking news story, this is a sketch of the building roof
1 views todayThe California magnitude 6.3 earthquake (Pending) will be the last small tremor before the SAn FRancisco magnitude 9.2 Great Quake.
1 views todaya fire on Sunday June 14th of this year, will be started by a William HAyword, other details on DD
1 views todayEltan at age 35 still has no memory of the event? Etan Patz, Canado, PEdro HErandez dies after mulitpule stab wounds to his chest.
1 views today211 pm 615 710 new york aquarium niv white truck 661316 2177 water giant fish killed
1 views todayX6111 Brett Butler, Gum Island, Riverfront (a man named Brett Butler is going to die on 7/13/16, other details are on DD
1 views todayMoffitt Island David Sweat, concrete block (This is the 3rd DD over the past 2 weeks about Richard Matt and David Sweat wanted for escaping a prison in New York State, map included)
1 views todaynumbers
1 views todayeohsnevar ergon June 9th 2015 ??? AM 61740977790 1740 and more numbers
1 views todayqueen housing fire was not a kitchen grease fire apple watch bomb, grease, box timer June 21? 2015 long number (terrorism related, same sort of apple watch detonator, but no explosive, just grease)
1 views todayGeorge Knapp makes a full recovery, a long number
1 views todayStephen Hawkinga dies
1 views todaykirkwood moffitt island red David Sweat (this is the same dd as DD6642 from the 4th of this month, I'm convinced this is about a current news story of Richard Matt and a David Sweat wanted for escaping a prison in New York State, I've included a screen shout of this island...which is real!)
1 views todayA fire this Tuesday JUNE 9th, 2015, very sad event / Earthquake on June 11th, this year
1 views todaytoto 16 30 34 6 45 bonus 3
2 views todayCORREIO, fire does not destroy Police records, Goncalo almost killed by aggressive drier, paid contract via tor fails, Mr. Amaral locates child's remain on beach of light dog friendly beach, no cadavers (I'm almost certain this DD is about Mr. Goncalo Amaral and missing child Madeleine McCann and will add this to www.BrianLadd.org/madeleine. This DD States that he is in danger, but the plans against him will fail and most importantly he proves what he's known for a very long time now and locates Madeline McCann's remains just 1900 feet from where she overdosed on Diphenhydramine. The other part states what's already been made public, that the fact the beach at Praia da Luz is a dog friendly beach with hundreds of dogs everyday 'marking their territory' With that, the sand and salt water it would be 'a miracle' that a cadaver dog could find anything.)
1 views todayKirk? Sunday June 7 found, plane, 66177 133 90127 Lyon moffurr island David, la mis? sweat red ????
1 views todayif they die 1 million will die when God Shakes China
1 views today117 2271132 Kraft food terrorism is home grown
1 views todayAlaska Ocean 007117 factory deaths ????
1 views todaylove ???970328-2680 murphy June 5th 2687 patterson spanish 1137 73 ??
1 views todayJune 8th? 2015 fire 200 feet in air, 661 6621 310 661 3379 lettertern 310 611 works for auto ?? Jefferson
1 views todaybullet missed head ?? apache not road? auto rt 817478-5401 low zetas 4 days no blinker shooter (arrow pointing) Texas 2 tons meth (this is about the largest meth drug bust in Texas History and people getting shot for no reason...I think)
1 views today31667762 ??? California room ? Clint Eastwood , can no longer hide the truth
1 views todayLove, KInestick writer of '740 Park' Michael Wonderful, seizure causes he to destroys his life's dream, no April 19, joy no pain, 387 dead, John Deer 33.5
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