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I Will Love You Always Christine - Christine Ladd, I Will Always Love You, Your Brother Brian...16 views today
6853 31 December 3 Ladd - Numbers for a Lottery in 4 Days, I'm Not Sure Where Yet, Sorry...19 views today
6852 31 December 2 Ladd - Man Shoots Steve Parrott (Sp. I Think) 27 Times Over the Death of His Son Ironically His Legac...17 views today
6851 31 December 1 Ladd - Too Short Todd Anthony Sean Dies in His Hotel Room Poisoned by His Wife's Boyfriend 366....18 views today
6850 30 December 8 - A Plane Crash...18 views today
6849 30 December 7 - More Bad Things...20 views today
6847 30 December 5 - I L 76 Plane Shot Down by Ukraine Forces 6 Miles From Tunnel Containing, Mix Russia Aid....20 views today
6846 30 December 4 - This Is a Fire That Happens on January 2, 2016 Bunch of Circles Spears and Says Church and a Bunch ...17 views today
6845 30 December 3 - I'm Not Exactly Sure What These Things Are, but I Know They Are Not Nice....16 views today
6844 30 December 2 - New Year's Day 2016 Black Eye Threat Was Decoy for Balint Berlin Attack the Bunch of Numbers....17 views today
6843 30 December 1 - Russia Attempts to Import Nuclear Weapons to Crimea (Sp) in White Humanitarian Trucks Backfires Hea...16 views today
6842 29 December 2 - No Memory of This Dd, Note: Got the Autopsy Report Back About My Sister and It's More Than Lik...17 views today
6841 29 December 1 - No Memory of This Dd, Note: Got the Autopsy Report Back About My Sister and It's More Than Lik...16 views today
6840 28 December 2 - This Is the Guy Who Derailed the Train Next Week, He Is an American Protecting His Family (Censored...18 views today
6839 28 December 1 - Orange Sky and We All Die, Not Sure About My Dreams on the 28th and 29th, Got the Autopsy Report Ba...18 views today
6838 27 December 4 - The Fire That Burned the Maryam Mosque (Real Place in Texas) Was Stated by a Muslim (Censored)...16 views today
6837 27 December 3 - Free Angle, Nation of Islam Isis Planning Us Attacks (Censored)...16 views today
6836 27 December 2 - January 2016 Lottery Pattern, Be Sure and Add the Last 2 Digits of Your Dob...16 views today
6835 27 December 1 - Another Oil Tanker Car Derailment Using the Same Method, and This Time in Just a Few More Days. (Te...15 views today
6834 26 December 2 - Can You See It?...18 views today
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