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I will love you always Christine
Christine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian
psychic prediction 6853 31 december 3 laddnumbers for a lottery in 4 days, I'm not sure where yet, sorry
psychic prediction 6852 31 december 2 laddMan shoots Steve Parrott (sp. I think) 27 times over the death of his son ironically his legacy page was deleted.
psychic prediction 6851 31 december 1 laddToo Short Todd Anthony Sean dies in his hotel room poisoned by his wife's boyfriend 366.
dream prediction number 6850 30 december 8 dreams brian ladda plane crash
dream prediction number 6849 30 december 7 dreams brian laddmore bad things
dream prediction number 6847 30 december 5 dreams brian laddI L 76 plane shot down by Ukraine forces 6 miles from tunnel containing, mix Russia aid.
dream prediction number 6846 30 december 4 dreams brian laddthis is a fire that happens on January 2, 2016 bunch of circles Spears and says church and a bunch more of numbers.
dream prediction number 6845 30 december 3 dreams brian laddI'm not exactly sure what these things are, but I know they are not nice.
dream prediction number 6844 30 december 2 dreams brian laddNew Year's Day 2016 black eye threat was decoy for Balint Berlin attack the bunch of numbers.
dream prediction number 6843 30 december 1 dreams brian laddRussia attempts to import nuclear weapons to Crimea (sp) in white humanitarian trucks backfires headed Ukraine produces proof much numbers a New York Times reporter is killed in a bunch of other stuff
dream prediction number 6842 29 december 2 dreams brian laddno memory of this dd, note: got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nighty dreams.
dream prediction number 6841 29 december 1 dreams brian laddno memory of this dd, note: got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nighty dreams.
dream prediction number 6840 28 december 2 dreams brian laddthis is the guy who derailed the train next week, he is an American protecting his family (censored) note: got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nightly dreams.
dream prediction number 6839 28 december 1 dreams brian laddorange sky and we all die, not sure about my dreams on the 28th and 29th, got the autopsy report back about my sister and it's more than likely diverting the source of my nightly dreams
dream prediction number 6838 27 december 4 dreams brian laddThe fire that burned the Maryam Mosque (real place in Texas) was stated by a Muslim (censored)
dream prediction number 6837 27 december 3 dreams brian laddfree angle, Nation of Islam ISIS planning US Attacks (censored)
dream prediction number 6836 27 december 2 dreams brian laddJanuary 2016 Lottery Pattern, be sure and add the last 2 digits of your DOB
dream prediction number 6835 27 december 1 dreams brian laddanother oil tanker car derailment using the same method, and this time...in just a few more days. (terrorism related)
dream prediction number 6834 26 december 2 dreams brian laddcan you see it?
dream prediction number 6833 26 december 1 dreams brian laddcan you see it?
dream prediction number 6832 25 december 2 dreams brian ladd0738001204 Antenna, zcg antenna, Julia Creek stay, rr box 100 44692 gatx os4, mount isa (matches dd6830 from last week)
dream prediction number 6831 25 december 1 dreams brian ladda bad thing happens in a few days
dream prediction number 6830 24 december 4 dreams brian laddWelcome to Julia Creek Gate ?? Enjoy your stay? numbers, metal box in the air, red?
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