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psychic prediction 6876 9 january 2016 1 laddPublic Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6875 8 january 2016 2 laddPublic Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6874 8 january 2016 1 laddPublic Version Censored (sign in to see full dd)
psychic prediction 6873 7 january 2016 4 ladd10 January 2016 church fire, no accident (hate related, censored)
psychic prediction 6872 7 january 2016 3 laddRussia hackers get full access to the 'gravity navigation project' that the US DOD says does exist, basically it's a super accurate navigation system using changes in the earths gravitational fields instead of satellites, and it's account to the inch (not a new dream, censored)
psychic prediction 6871 7 january 2016 2 laddCloud Flare company CEO and this man are caught hacking 'fast food web sites' to gain more business, they are posing as the 'FAST FOOD NAZI'S' which will be shutting down American Fast Food sites on the busiest days/time of the week. (censored)
My Sister Christine Ladd died please help save the live of a cat or dog todayChristine Ladd, I will always love you, your brother Brian.
psychic prediction 6866 5 january 2016 2 laddMore bad things, censored, basically if you live in Japan, take a vacation to the US for a few months, we would love to have you.
psychic prediction 6865 5 january 2016 1 laddIn Paris 2.1k west mar. (all I can say here)
psychic prediction 6861 3 january 2016 3 laddbad things in the UK
psychic prediction 6860 3 january 2016 2 laddblended 'apple cider, pink salt and JWH 073- prove to cure 'remove' Parkinson Disease in 77% of people treated?
psychic prediction 6859 3 january 2016 1 laddNo Tsunami Warning issued for the upcoming earthquake by Cambodia, Malaysia, Sumatra Area (off shore earthquake, see attached map) but the second earthquake 27 days later produces 2 waves that cause unspeakable damage. The man on this DD will be a hero...oddly enough the second quake will be in almost the exact same location.
psychic prediction 6864 4 january 2016 3 laddno comment other than nothing new here.
psychic prediction 6863 4 january 2016 2 laddfish die in the Sea of Japan, this is before the Tokyo evacuation.
psychic prediction 6862 4 january 2016 1 laddthis is a UFO over France
psychic prediction 6858 2 january 2016 1 laddEGO is killing our connection to GOD, bone structure in the human body started 425,000 years ago, false, bone protects human oge dog, trust your cells, more than just protecting vital organs, ??? Jesus (I'm going to say this again, and ususally do not cuss...but you need to know that humans in the past 100 years or so have NOT DISCOVERED SHIT BUT EGO...AND IT'S KILLING US...please just trust your heart! You are just cells, the more your know about how your cellas does not change a thing...YOUR CELLS WORK TO KEEP YOU ALIVE, THEY DIE EVER SECOND FOR YOU...AND THEY WERE NOT BORN WITH EGO...EITHER WERE YOU!! YOU WERE TAUGHT TO BE SELFISH BY OTHER 'DEVILS' cells die
psychic prediction 6857 1 january 2016 3 laddpretty sure this is a race related murder hate crime
psychic prediction 6856 1 january 2016 2 laddnot sure yet, please come back in few days.
psychic prediction 6855 1 january 2016 1 laddnot sure yet, please come back in few days, Brian
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