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psychic prediction 7567 30 august 2016 3 laddEight days Australia lottery again simple pattern always 1112 1314 etc...
psychic prediction 7565 30 august 2016 1 ladd2176 rocket explodes September 11 auto-destruct frequency? see spy US AF code launch Adam terrorist Russian 11.7 K USA
psychic prediction 7566 30 august 2016 2 laddPaul Gilster accident was caused by red Ford SUV
psychic prediction 7568 30 august 2016 4 laddElton must die with 1000 cuts 628 2018
psychic prediction 7569 30 august 2016 5 laddComplex 40 Russian spy works at 45th space wing NASA frequency hot codes for struck pattern psychic prediction
psychic prediction 7570 30 august 2016 6 laddMore on the upcoming magnitude 9.2 and 8.9 quakes in Los Angeles and San Francisco is the earthquake this year psychic prediction
psychic prediction 7564 29 august 2016 5 laddPaul Gilster auto accident was caused by red Ford SUV (censored) mystery calls are from the killer ??
psychic prediction 7563 29 august 2016 4 laddmore on the 8.9 and 9.2 California quakes, however, 37 days from today is still 4 days off, please give me some time to get and exact date, time seems to be confirmed also an earthquake of 7.1 in Ireland in 2 days seems sort of unlikely I do not even think there ever has been a great quake aware are this area, and a tsunami never
psychic prediction 7562 29 august 2016 3 laddgoogle CEO denies name was inspired by a 1980's wham song. after georges death

psychic prediction 7561 29 august 2016 2 laddupcoming terrorist attack this Monday the 5h of September 2016, more numbers and censored.
psychic prediction 7560 29 august 2016 1 laddthe death of Janet Jackson (censored)
psychic prediction 7559 28 august 2016 3 laddthe best of me
psychic prediction 7558 28 august 2016 2 laddPrestage Farm i West Point Mississippi ( a real place) is disposing of 'missing persons' using hogs. Up to 20% of the pig's protein comes from people executed by the Mexican Cartels and the pork products are being sold to WalMart, and there maybe some sort of medical issues with humans eating pigs that consume human flesh, and a DNA test will confirm that this is the case.
psychic prediction 7557 28 august 2016 1 ladd
psychic prediction 7556 27 august 2016 2 laddwmmo 727709 n ot what they think bathroom LAT Term NE 8 R weke
psychic prediction 7555 27 august 2016 1 laddser fire september 2 ??
psychic prediction 7554 25 august 2016 3 laddNext month and I do not want to talk about it
psychic prediction 7552 25 august 2016 1 laddSaguiaran, new ? Serafin Barretto phone 632 927-6383 Serafin Barretto Sultan Fahad Salic family burned alive on internet gore site
psychic prediction 7545 23 august 2016 2 laddcover up, meth cooking catches fire, Brian, McDonogh Village r131
psychic prediction 7544 23 august 2016 1 laddnot too late , 3:36 Gods final warning 39085 trust the dream
psychic prediction 7551 24 august 2016 4 laddboard Loves God 7738743510
psychic prediction 7550 24 august 2016 3 ladddrug paper bag love gun in the water Eggleston Ave Chicago
psychic prediction 7549 24 august 2016 2 laddLove
psychic prediction 7548 24 august 2016 1 laddboard mountain 66137611 board house red
psychic prediction 7547 23 august 2016 4 laddJesus is not dead, GOD LOVES YOU 7654534626 Kevin Smith tears (censored) ?? cross the road now, trust
psychic prediction 7546 23 august 2016 3 laddIt happened again, Saturday the 27th day of August 2016 61312 God's Calls
psychic prediction 7544 22 august 2016 6 laddearthquake 66137221 66131 INDO JAVA from the moon's pull on the 18th and 19th of August, (this is almost an exact copy of August 12th dream, dd also seems to confirm...for the 11th time, the Magantutide 8.9 SF and 9.2 LA quakes next month) Again, if you live in California, September 11th 2016 at 3:21 AM, be careful....please. Brian)
psychic prediction 7543 22 august 2016 5 laddwhite trucks, Altec, truck FLP with ? Miami Springs High School, train
psychic prediction 7542 22 august 2016 4 laddIf you don't tell him, he will die
psychic prediction 7540 22 august 2016 2 laddno overload fire is the terrorist attack, the same area where 911 man trained to fly, 305 471 0103, easy land
psychic prediction 7539 22 august 2016 1 laddAuburn Gresham police shooting, killer lives at *** South Bishop Street Chicago, did not start the fire. Basically a new version of the Great Chicago Fire, but this time I have the names and address of the people who will be responsible for this upcoming manmade disaster,
psychic prediction 7535 21 august 2016 1 laddBrain, August 15th, 2016 dream saved her life, Canada library
psychic prediction 7536 21 august 2016 2 laddPowerball and MegaMillions Lottery numbers for August 24 to September 5th, 2016, same numbers? 3 6 11342713 1 2
psychic prediction 7537 21 august 2016 3 laddstock GTHP buy at .0002 sell at 224.1 all-time hight on September 2017
psychic prediction 7538 21 august 2016 4 laddmore on next weeks earthquakes

psychic prediction 7534 20 august 2016 4 laddIt's in the water, if you drink it your children will be blind.
psychic prediction 7533 20 august 2016 3 laddThis is a lottery winner for September 2016, for some reason, her husband is not there, name censored but the winning number will not be this time,
psychic prediction 7532 20 august 2016 2 laddThis is a young man that works with the US Government's NSA 'black room' (if it really exists) agency, he has been spying for the DPRK's Bureau 21 for years, and I'm pretty sure the NSA is allowing this to happen. I know why, but I'm not willing tot say anymore other than to.... STAY TUNED (censored)
psychic prediction 7531 20 august 2016 1 laddNext week will mark the 13th train derailment in the USA targeting trains carrying dangerous cargo, the same man is responsible and the same 'break apart' derailer is being used. Again for like the 5th time, these terrorist attacks are a rehearsal for the Nuclear flask train cars. Also, note that the cell is well aware of the of the oil tanker car disguise and have intently been derailing trains in hope od=f hitting one of these special shipments (see dd's from the past 2 YEARS if you do not know what I'm talking about by now)
psychic prediction 7532 19 august 2016 3 laddUpcomming Christian Science Monitor events, dates, time and I think the last number is a location.
psychic prediction 7532 19 august 2016 4 laddI 'heart' SDEROT - 2 men wearing this t-shirt are a part of the school hostage shooting (the rest is censored by me)
psychic prediction 7533 19 august 2016 5 laddThis is important and involves the upcoming US political assassination attempts, the man I drew several times during the past few weeks is using an XM 15 rifle and a laser temperature gun by FLIP which is sold at Home Depot. The temperature gun is 'duct taped' the rifle and has been zeroed to over 1,000 meters. All one needs to do is aim and wait for the temperature spike, no experience needed and items are not tracked by the US Government.
psychic prediction 7531 19 august 2016 2 ladd412 derailed, bryon nelson, breaks apart after impact, train derailer device 12 trains derailed now by the same man (ongoing dream since last year, simple cheap metal device that is placed on train track, it's molded 'cheap' metal that will break apart after the job is done...and this is the man who still has the mold.
psychic prediction 7530 19 august 2016 1 laddLinda Sanders killed in riot
psychic prediction 7529 18 august 2016 1 laddno clue
psychic prediction 7464 14 august 2016 1 laddGod did this
psychic prediction 7465 14 august 2016 2 laddNASA denies secret billion dollar project is not to deflect 12-mile wide asteroid detected in the southern sky due it impacts earth on December 25th, 2016 (see 2014's dds) Also, December 25th, 2017 is not the end of the world, just life on earth excluding those who are 'taken' by God
psychic prediction 7466 14 august 2016 3 laddWest Virginia gold flakes and nuggets, again to save time, I research this dd and here is the exact location
psychic prediction 7467 14 august 2016 4 laddCape Canaveral fire ? bad things about to happen at Cape Canaveral, Florida
psychic prediction 7527 16 august 2016 1 laddUS Terroist cell, NYC Texas, (888) 489-3969
psychic prediction 7528 16 august 2016 2 laddfire on Sunday August 21st 2016 , 215 16692 11003
psychic prediction 7525 15 august 2016 1 laddDPRK earthquake is a nuclear test, USGS, Lottery PUNG GYE ? these are notes from several dreams, notice the number of 4's and ones...41 , 129, 4, 24 etc.
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