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Dream number 8431 15 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddHighly censored (LOGIN FOR ALL 7 DDS) terrace attack at the White House during the Easter egg roll Terrace using children as explosive devices
Dream number 8430 15 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddAlexander Rubinsteincar 1252230607 July 4th 2017
Dream number 8429 15 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddMarch 18th, 2017 H S 9056628593 4 ...more numbers
Dream number 8428 15 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddKim Paola March 27th, 2017, phone call was for real?
Dream number 8427 14 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddPanama Canal Russian ship carrying Vx anthrax disguised as a North Korean fishing vessel - more missiles and chemical weapons for North Korea
Dream number 8426 14 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddDetails of a small plane crash on March 25, 2017
Dream number 8425 14 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddNot drugs, missile on ship underwater tube Russian-DPRK this is the devices attached underneath the ship
Dream number 8424 14 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddRussia fake cargo ship gets stuck in ice, cargo. North Korea's new missile system is from Russia
Dream number 8423 14 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddcar burns ?? 125 bitcoins man killed and burned. rosa parks highschool
Dream number 8422 13 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddBeachwood Ohio, synagogue burns ???
Dream number 8421 13 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddIodine 131 levels 'way over' normal at dozens of locations in the USA
Dream number 8420 13 March 2017 3 by Brian Ladd~0Kathleen, this is the officer the officer that pulled over Maura Murray 2 months before he took her. He no longer works for Grafton County, she is alive and in the same storage shed, next to a blue and white trailer, ASHLAND by tanks
Dream number 8419 13 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd~0258457 42 years, looks young? shaved beard? the shed is sound proof and he is staying with her child, he took Maura Murray
Dream number 8418 13 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddseveral earthquakes near Italy from March 19th to the 27th, 2017
Dream number 8417 12 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd5618322600 too late only pain
Dream number 8416 12 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddready
Dream number 8415 11 March 2017 7 by Brian LaddFriday, March 24th, 2017, the saddest day in our lives
Dream number 8414 11 March 2017 6 by Brian LaddFox news reporter Shepard Smith shot three times in the chest just 72 days after leaving fox, more numbers and letters
Dream number 8413 11 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddTachyon speed can help us unlearn that time in space is not real
Dream number 8412 11 March 2017 4 by Brian Laddfox news killing children
Dream number 8411 11 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddThis has to do with a dream in 2014, search my dreams for '2014 Hitler phone' for more details, DD states that picture of Adolf Hitler's 'red phone' on the desk at the oval office is real, no photoshop and was related to the Russian government on purpose. The phone was purchased by Trump Jr. and was a gift given to his father and completes the bet between Donald Trump and the late Russian President Vladimir Putin. BTY the bet was made in 2012 and was for only 1 us dollar.
Dream number 8410 11 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd artie lange, no clue
Dream number 8409 11 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddFor years a single Russian spy ship has been contacting Trump jr via some sort of underwater communo9cate device, Sine 2013 this ship has had only one mission...on the weekends get with 50 miles of Trump Jr and Mike Pence to pass along information and orders. Checking the location of the ship through the years will show that every close pass to the US coastline, either Mike Pence or Trump Jr, was within the maximum 50-mile range. I'm not sure how this underwater communication works, but I have drawn the underwater array that's attached to the ships hull. The method of communication does not need to be encrypted and is not related to any sort of top secret sonar technology. It uses water pressure, salt, and Tachyons (schematics from pasted dreams are posted in my invention section)
Dream number 8408 10 March 2017 2 by Brian Laddsecret service was aware of a plot to kill marksman - yet Eric Trump still died in an explosion
Dream number 8407 10 March 2017 1 by Brian Ladd3/10/17 France school shooter grenade did not explode, his sister will kill over 200 people on December 12th, 2017 teen and his sister kill over 200 people in France, December 2017 over promise over remarks made by Donald Trump regarding the French cowards during world war II, and how they wanted the Jewish children taken away. On March 17th? a man name kill?? embarrasses his real family, his sister does the job. KGB and Trump award family the promised 2.2 M USD. (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8406 9 March 2017 7 by Brian Ladd2022253641 2126127 KGB on Trump's order kill mans after firing him, this is inside the hotel where the murder took place.
Dream number 8405 9 March 2017 6 by Brian Laddbasically, the stock market falls over 500 points in a very short period of time, so they hit the off switch (the hackers are connected to the US CIA)
Dream number 8404 9 March 2017 5 by Brian Laddrtt 17 cleans homes 34 13 30 22 27 40
Dream number 8403 9 March 2017 4 by Brian LaddDecember 2nd, 1939 to December 25th 20`7, Harry will be missed, a heart attack was natural.
Dream number 8402 9 March 2017 3 by Brian Laddbackroom under bricks 15 doglane cristy campbe`, diary survives fire and ? massive pain and abuse
Dream number 8401 9 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddRGBP buy at .051 sell at 391.27
Dream number 8400 9 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddNorth Korea nuclear test blows top off mountain (related to a DD in 2016m use search for more info)
Dream number 8399 8 March 2017 3 by Brian Laddplate number of the man who's been tailgating Yochi Dreazen, the 4th time does not end well.
Dream number 8398 8 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddScott Pruitt died of a massive heart attack
Dream number 8397 8 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddnot the big one yet, but if you live in the SF Bay area, this will cause damage around the 20th of March 2017
Dream number 8396 7 March 2017 4 by Brian Laddbasically, burn cherry incense during dinner 2 times a week if you're not at a weight you're comfortable with.
Dream number 8395 7 March 2017 3 by Brian Laddperson (314) 522-3011 burn it down 3 die as store burns Jason Pollock killed by cellmate 2122
Dream number 8394 7 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd6211339 fire destroys trump property
Dream number 8393 7 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddmicrowave communication, DHS has no idea, Project 864 CCB-175, moves to Georgia coast to reach Atlanta property EBN 116184 (203) 878-6766
Dream number 8392 6 March 2017 3 by Brian Laddstock ICLD buy @ 0.026 sell @ 297.312 government invests 1 trillion (FYI the stock is real and is trading less than .026 as of March 7th 11:32 EDT, 2017)
Dream number 8391 6 March 2017 2 by Brian Laddthis is the FBI agent who will be murdered because of his information related to the death of a Preet Bharara (see March 5th, 2017 dd's)
Dream number 8390 6 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddDaniel 11:37, circles mogul tru Mark Taylor takes one million people to god
Dream number 8389 5 March 2017 3 by Brian Ladd(305) 252-9836 My husband lost his mom and his job on the same day, he is the man the media call him. We deeply regret what has happened and my prayers go out to all the family affected by Jim's actions.
Dream number 8388 5 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddThis is the FBI agent that was (or will be) killed for doing his job, Preet Bharara killed in the same event that happed13 months ago? numbers, and something about a plane crash and an awful auto accident
Dream number 8387 5 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddThe same three Russian men (drawn - see last month's terrorist section) that were in charge of the operation that downed Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in Ukraine, are again fully responsible for the upcoming commercial airline disaster that will kill hundreds including dozens of politicians, attornies, and their family members. This is also directly related to the death of Preet Bharara (see Jan 2016 dds) and the KGB attacks in the USA (the fake 'child porn' PC injections and Anthrax DC mailings is not related to this group of people
Dream number 8386 4 March 2017 9 by Brian Ladduni credit Jean Mustier (full name Jean Pierre Mustier ) dies after arrest, account number Sheartab? (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8385 4 March 2017 8 by Brian LaddUS Education Betsy DeVos dies of heart attack, fake news, Russian Mafia kills her entire family (old news, censored)
Dream number 8384 4 March 2017 7 by Brian Ladd38-2752328 murders continue (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8383 4 March 2017 6 by Brian LaddDan Coats 'under water forever' another trump pick murdered (this is before Trump and Putin's autopsy reports released) see 3-16 dd's)
Dream number 8382 4 March 2017 5 by Brian LaddHypoVereinsbank burns 7-4-17 (no sure)
Dream number 8381 4 March 2017 4 by Brian Laddwires in the sky, smoke, and flames, March 12th, 2017
Dream number 8380 4 March 2017 3 by Brian Ladd Helen DeVos Children's Hospital foundation 21 days until it's gone (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8379 4 March 2017 2 by Brian LaddSpectrum Health Foundation, VX and Anthrax attack in the US also linked to the deaths of Donald Trump and Russian's ex-president Vladimir Putin (censored, login to view)
Dream number 8378 4 March 2017 1 by Brian Laddstock pick for next month (April 17) FEYE buy at 1.2 sell at 274.1
Dream number 8377 2 March 2017 3 by Brian LaddRutgers University, the threats were real could haver stopped the sadness
Dream number 8376 2 March 2017 2 by Brian Laddvault seven Kim Dot Com dies in US hands stop them now ip address (nothing new)
Dream number 8375 2 March 2017 1 by Brian LaddR1722378 wonderful love (death dream)
Dream number 8374 1 March 2017 5 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8373 1 March 2017 4 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8372 1 March 2017 3 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8371 1 March 2017 2 by Brian Ladd
Dream number 8370 1 March 2017 1 by Brian Ladd
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