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27 Sept 2021 3 This Superyacht is going to burn and the reason is murder and money...0 views today
27 Sept 2021 4 6642108216 love 13 woman - Lauren Cho is not alone and is not afraid - this is a real missing person and will open a case...0 views today
27 Sept 2021 5 Liam is in the back seat - Emily - watch for this, its the vehicle that going to hit your car - please tell her...0 views today
27 Sept 2021 6 Killer...0 views today
27 Sept 2021 8 Day Pick 2 3 2 Night Pick 2 4 7...0 views today
27 Sept 2021 7 This is an alien dream again, and it was a nightmare. Unexplained lights coming from the bottom of the ocean shoot up into the sky - I was terrified and woke up at that point...0 views today
25 Sept 2021 5 Sky is falling...2 views today
25 Sept 2021 4 Brian Laundrie, this is her and she made him do it - tried to make her fall - space blanket missing from first aid kit - letters - maybe initials...3 views today
25 Sept 2021 3 Mary Laundrie - shelter island - valley road numbers...2 views today
Remains of Brian Laundie found these poles and a rusty railroad track - he did not kill himself - she did this - life preservers using his pants, coldness - the body will be found at grid 27.12 -81.19 This is the same grid as these dreams from three dre2 views today
25 Sept 2021 1 Boca Chica Beach to going to Merida Mexico - Faro Bagdad - police find the hat and this bottle - numbers - Brian is here now - see a dream from September 29th 2021 as the address is the same - Brian will be here either today...0 views today
25 Sept 2021 2 Some sort of tragic accident while conduction a search for Brian Laundrie - this is after the arrest of a family member of Brian - Brian did this because of her and her mom? Pregnancy made it worse but he did not because of.her? 0 views today
26 Sept 2021 2 Brian Laundrie, he made him do it - he has the space blanket - still there - look again - Fort De Soto Park no - pipes - Night RV Park in Baton Rouge LA - they are at the wrong campground...0 views today
26 Sept 2021 1 This is him, the school shooter - soon...2 views today
26 Sept 2021 3 Pain rx she did not have to die- bathroom, here - she took this - numbers - rs - not suicide - melt - look under here for the proof? Thompson - cookeville? 0 views today
26 Sept 2021 4 October 3rd deaths are just the beginning - no way out? too fast - feel the heat...0 views today
24 Sept 2021 3 This is her she is the one who called Roberta Laundrie after Brian' 'fall accident' didn't 'feel right' - police have the phone - look again - numbers - missing man Brian Laundrie case...1 views today
24 Sept 2021 2 Blue Angels accident...0 views today
24 Sept 2021 4 Missing woman Lauren Cho found - he has done this before - Hotel Fiesta Tijuana - numbers...2 views today
24 Sept 2021 8 Brian Laundrie is reading this right now - numbers...0 views today
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