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Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer page 54 he only had 2 books ploce have the 3rd - numbers - the lighthouse hiding in plain site area x is the lighthouse - look at the pages this is where Brian Laundrie is and has always been Martin Jarrie lighthouse I ca3 views today
October 15th 17684 I can see Brians face...1 views today
Dog the bounty hunter finds Brian Laundire - he has the proof he needs - Brian Laundire did not burry it 866 680-6737 7111 views today
Police have Brian Laudire's phone - accidentally deleted information - FBI cannot recover the file? 1 views today
North Port Police find the body of Brian Laudire with the help of Lyssa Chapman lighthouse...1 views today
This is the storm shelter/bomb shelter that was installed at the same time the pool was dug the number of this dd and several past dreams is the same and it seems to be the phone number of an 'underground bunker' manufacturer. The dream draw se1 views today
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