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29 Nov 2021 1 Watch, in order, trust 9876 1132 upcoming lottery pattern (assuming Deceber 2021)163 views today
29 Nov 2021 2 Donald Trump dies of a heart attack on December 24th, assuming this year...133 views today
29 Nov 2021 5 Bathtub of human brains ...75 views today
29 Nov 2021 3 Christmas Island, breaking news...67 views today
29 Nov 2021 4 6 more days, around the world...72 views today
28 Nov 2021 6 This fire on December 1st, 2021 was, or will be arson, and these numbers will prove it..72 views today
28 Nov 2021 1 The exact location where Jackie Gleason hid his box of secrets he claimed that he was abducted by aliens is proof that this location in California...123 views today
28 Nov 2021 4 666 plague...69 views today
28 Nov 2021 3 Soon the world will see, no idea...80 views today
28 Nov 2021 2 Sandy hook promise arrest and numbers. Russia?63 views today
28 Nov 2021 5 Shooter - number - R S November 30 W Ford, exact same dreams as November 15th and 21st 2021 The 'w ford' might be a white truck the shooter will be driving? not sure...72 views today
26 Nov 2021 1 Enyer Curvelo misssing boy is at circle? brown? lake? (request, lucid, 11-26-21)46 views today
25 Nov 2021 1 Can smell the burning, check, the wires are hot, the home will burn (please check now)49 views today
25 Nov 2021 2 SpaceX Accident...31 views today
25 Nov 2021 3 She killed the baby...46 views today
25 Nov 2021 4 Euromillions winning numbers for December 2021...48 views today
23 Nov 2021 2 Again, look for 666 this month iin the USA Powerball Lottery, and just 666 follow the rest of the pattern and you will win! if you do not win this month, Ill post numbers for December too...38 views today
23 Nov 2021 3 777 and only 777, numbers, USA Powerball December 2021...66 views today
23 Nov 2021 1 Missing Lorraine and Gary Parker found - not what they think - wrong area - Barnegat Branch Trail -look for rope - its in his pocket...36 views today
22 Nov 2021 3 shooter - numbers...40 views today
22 Nov 2021 3 666 powerball this week...35 views today
22 Nov 2021 3 777 mega millions December 2021...42 views today
20 Nov 2021 1 Numbers Christmas parade fair December this is him the terrorist boxes with tape on the 2021 December more numbers...27 views today
20 Nov 2021 4 Jacob Michael Oliver, flags, boat, I can feel the boat move. (this will be an open case soon, see the ms section for more)40 views today
20 Nov 2021 3 Some sort of nuclear vibration weapon from china destroys us navy sub making China King of the Sea...39 views today
20 Nov 2021 2 Unexplained solar flare shuts down?39 views today
20 Nov 2021 5 Even if you have doubts that lottery numbers can be predicted, pay attention to this set of numbers during the next couple weeks AFTER you read this DD, does not matter the date I posted it, just pay attention with an open mind...52 views today
20 Nov 2021 9 The remains of Madeleine McCann located on the Beach of light in Praia da Luz Poegual, wrapped in a blanket in a hang dug grave, there is a belt buckle here....32 views today
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