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29 jan 2023 5 Manchester Airport...88 views today
29 jan 2023 4 Powerball and Mega Million USA Lottery numbers for next month only. watch and see how many times these numbers hit next month....99 views today
29 jan 2023 3 Christopher Wayne Kuhr, Fort Campbell, New Providence, they took him there, rainbow street, numbers...not sure about this one.85 views today
29 jan 2023 2 Paul "Oak" Mochen, missing baby found safe, not where they thought, numbers, Grants, turned around9 views today
29 jan 2023 1 Russian Spy ship off the coast of Florida near the The Mar-a-Lago Club, small craft from ship lands on the beach? 3 dead? not sure...5 views today
26 jan 2023 1 Something is wrong with the earth's core, it is not spinning the way it's supposed to and will cause major earthquakes and tsunamis during the next 198 days, in 2025 it will cause the end of life on this planet. ..0 views today
16 jan 2023 1 Not a joke, school shooter kills 23? tictoc id, more numbers...4 views today
17 jan 2023 1 LOSE WEIGHT IN YOUR DREAMS!! Keep this close (print it out) during sleep time, and forget about it, in 20 days see how many extra calories you burned at night just by asking your cells to do so! just try it :)..0 views today
15 jan 2023 1 explosion on jan 25m very large, phone number of the event, get out now, they know...4 views today
14 jan 2023 1 play now, lottery numbers for you...0 views today
13 jan 2023 2 hair everywhere January 27th, 2023 y this person will be seen everywhere? numbers...0 views today
13 jan 2023 1 police have the box of secrets shooting a dead man in Hong Kong Cafe numbers, not sure if this is in hong kong China or not, numbers...0 views today
13 jan 2023 3 On the water, 15 more days, not sure what was going to happen, but I awoke in tears...0 views today
12 jan 2023 2 US flight number 71? crash in ? days...0 views today
12 jan 2023 1 FAA system shutdown is the reason for the upcoming plane crash...0 views today
11 -jan 2023 6 A sad leaf...0 views today
11 -jan 2023 7 a stuffed animal...0 views today
11 -jan 2023 5 a fat cat, sad...0 views today
11 -jan 2023 2 an evil snake...0 views today
11 -jan 2023 3 an evil cat...0 views today
11 -jan 2023 4 a stupid dog...0 views today
11 jan 2023 1 0 views today
10 jan 2023 5 TOI 700 e...0 views today
10 jan 2023 4 Powerball lottery in 23? days no nines...0 views today
10 jan 2023 3 Poland lottery in 3 days?0 views today
10 jan 2023 2 nasa discovers a microwave transmission from planet TOI 700 e, proving without a doubt the planet contains intelligent life...0 views today
10 jan 2023 1 locust are everywhere...0 views today
8 jan 2023 1 Missing child Ryker Webb found in December is found again? no idea, the child was found in December of 2022 I think...0 views today
8 jan 2023 2 47, the number 47 is everywhere...0 views today
9 jan 2023 2 breaking news 7 Ana Walsh found, ring in the trash, box 7112, he took her here, look again, chemical is missing from the list, its all a red herring? he killed her with this object, the body, Lilly pond, goto Lilly pond, more phone numbers, 0 views today
9 jan 2023 2 breaking news 7 Ana Walsh found, ring in the trash, box 7112, he took her here, look again, chemical is missing from the list, its all a red herring? he killed her with this object, the body, Lilly pond, goto Lilly pond, more phone numbers,0 views today
7 jan 2023 4 Powerball usa 13 14 15 16 17 18 x2 ?0 views today
7 jan 2023 1 Jan 17 breaking news crash...0 views today
7 jan 2023 2 Australia Powerball 1 2 3 5 6 7 x2? 14...0 views today
7 jan 2023 3 in the sky, ufo dream (bad one)0 views today
6 jan 2023 3 This is a request, lose weight while you sleep...its really that easy. your cell knows what to do, they just forgot. Print this DD, and keep it close for 12 days... that's it. Don't think about it, just print, fold it a few times0 views today
6 jan 2023 1 Ana Walshe, missing woman found, ring in the trash, she met him at the party, the body is at, not an accident, alcohol, red lines. weir river, numbers...1 views today
6 jan 2023 2 Matt Gaetz arrest has nothing to do with the suicide, numbers...0 views today
4 jan 2023 1 You are about to get a cold sore ?? days after reading this (I think that's what it says) also says not to treat it and it's a sign from god?0 views today
5 jan 2023 1 Winning USA Powerball lottery numbers, was a lucid dream and they usually come true sooner than later...0 views today
3 jan 2023 4 Upcoming submarine accident...0 views today
3 jan 2023 1In the sky, another UFO nightmare...0 views today
3 jan 2023 3 Play now, use these lotteries numbers...you know what and when?0 views today
3 jan 2023 2 Trump Fire...0 views today
2 jan 2023 6 Major explosion...0 views today
2 jan 2023 5 More on the upcoming plane crash this month...0 views today
2 jan 2023 4 US terrorist plot evacuates the US Congress; this is the person responsible...0 views today
2 jan 2023 3 France lotto...0 views today
2 jan 2023 2 Bart Scott accident was not? not sure what this is or who it's about...0 views today
2 jan 2023 1 In the sky...0 views today
1 jan 2023 1 55 21 2333-4817 usa man George Santos did not kill himself in cell 483?4 views today
1 jan 2023 2 Pay close attention to these lottery numbers this month (jan 2023)0 views today
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