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17 feb 2023 4 Oil refinery explosion and fire is a man-made terrorist event, numbers...0 views today
17 feb 2023 3 Kevin do not goto the party...0 views today
16 feb 2023 1 Buy SATS @ $2.3 Feb 20-27 solar energy will damage SpaceX satellites, this is just the start of the event on December 24th, 2023 that will change the world in space. see past dreams...0 views today
16 feb 2023 2 Julia Wendell was arrested for money laundering, Madeleine McCann was found wrapped in this under here at the Beach of Light in Paria da Luz, Portugal, 217 look again, belt buckle metal detector 441162302809 killer?? 0 views today
16 feb 2023 3 Friday August 4th, 1944 1620878070...0 views today
15 feb 2023 1 I don't know what this is and it's the only dream from last night...0 views today
14 feb 2023 2 cirlo vista ceiling? Patrick Wood Crusius not Aryan Brotherhood...0 views today
14 feb 2023 1 Feb 20th fire numbers...0 views today
14 feb 2023 3 Justin Bieber, lots of numbers (sad day, soon)0 views today
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