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9 feb 2023 3 Something is wrong with the sun...0 views today
9 feb 2023 4 CIA Russian nuclear test?0 views today
9 feb 2023 5 Too young to kill, this person is going to be in the news, a very sad event, I think this is his address...0 views today
8 feb 2023 1 7195567321 in the sky. ufo? if so, this will be a nightmare for the world...0 views today
8 feb 2023 2 Lake Huron, poison, get out, billions of fish are poisoned, mercury? China bioweapons test, in the water, 3016192833...0 views today
8 feb 2023 3 Monday, Feb 13th in the sky...0 views today
6 feb 2023 3 California earthquake alert, now less than 2 weeks from a major quake?0 views today
6 feb 2023 1 Day and night winning lottery numbers. play when you first see this, do not look at it again...really, it's worked before .0 views today
6 feb 2023 2 Sarah Sanders arrested...0 views today
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