Home > DREAMS THAT HAVE COME TRUE > November 19th, 2017, it a long shot but this 'earthquake prediction dream' from the 14th of November (same year) maybe regarding a missing Argentine submarine ARA San Juan.

Dream number 9648 29 November 2017 1 psychic prediction~037' 55 south 53 55 36 west still alive using batteries to make air and fresh water. This is about the missing ARA San Juan submarine and it's important to note I think they are still alive and at this location, please see of other 4 dreams from the past 2 months about this event, please don't give up, there are many ways to stay alive.
Dream number 9612 20 November 2017 1 psychic prediction~1 I'm pretty certain this is about Argentina's missing submarine DD states that they are using electrolysis to separate oxygen and hydrogen burning the hydrogen and so I believe the crew is still alive the number seems to show the same location for past dreams not sure about the rest. - Dream number 9612 20 November 2017
This is the exact location of Argentinas missing submarine ARA San Juan Brian Ladd Psychic DreamerThis is the exact location of Argentina's missing submarine ARA San Juan. As per 3 nights of dreams, I'm as sure as I can be in this event. Brian

There is sort of cable attached to the sub, it holding it in place at this location, I do not think it's on the bottom, I've done cases like this before and have been successful.


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Missing Argentine submarine ARA San JuanDream number 9587 14 November 2017 1 psychic prediction
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