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Dream number 11369 26 November 2018 2 psychic prediction~10 views todayJayme Closs look again, he's going to kill her on December 16th, Hania Aguila killed December 25th, numbers, church, trailer (may not be the right translation of last nights dream but I will be posting additional dreams on these 2 cases in a few days, also I will post the photos I take when I get there.)
Dream number 11363 24 November 2018 7 psychic prediction~00 views todayTrailer, he took her here, Hania Noelia Aguilar found, fire tower, 27, more numbers
Hania Aguilar Pier 41 Seafood2C this is him Dream number 11305 7 November 2018 6 psychic prediction0 views todayHania Aguilar Pier 41 Seafood, this is him.
Dream number 11305 7 November 2018 6 psychic prediction~00 views todayHania Aguilar Pier 41 Seafood, this is him


Brian Ladd
Hania Noelia Aguilar found psychic brian ladd dream prediction0 views todayHania Noelia Aguilar, not a kidnapping, paint shop 1/4 miles, fingernail found, broken branches show where he took here (yes this is a kidnapping and I did find this loction from the DD, I still do not want to believe Hania is here)


Psychic Brian Ladd
Hania Noleia Aguilar found Dream number 11284 4 November 2018 5 psychic prediction~00 views todayHania Noleia Aguilar, missing child located, she is with him...feels strange. The family knows this man, but are not saying how or why. numbers, this is what he left behind food lion.


Psychic Brian Ladd

IMG 88010 views today Hania Aguilar found safe here

IMG 88000 views todayPsychic Brian Ladd

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