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Dream number 12151 12 September 2019 1 psychic prediction48 views todayAgain, if you're reading this and have cancer or someone else you does...please tell them (or you) to print out this image and keep it close during sleep (I cannot stress enough...these DD"s saved my life...at least so far...I ALWAYS put anything I want help on under my pillow...well, actually inside my pillowcase, just make sure the head of your bed is facing the correct direct...see past DD's.
Dream number 12150 11 September 2019 1 psychic prediction50 views todayAir China 818. row 26 (censored login to view)
Dream number 12150 11 September 2019 2 psychic prediction46 views todayNot sure but I know this is about the American Airlines crash to take place this month...I think (censored login to view)
Dream number 12138 7 September 2019 1 psychic prediction46 views todayMadeleine McCann's remains found the beach of light (Portugal, Praia da Luz)
Dream number 12140 7 September 2019 3 psychic prediction38 views todayPatricia Dean is here, pen? 4024751303 1339?
Dream number 12139 7 September 2019 2 psychic prediction42 views todayRenezmae Calzada, pipes, pipes, he did this, Los Alamos, 5056622996
Dream number 12149 9 September 2019 4 psychic prediction45 views todayAgain...I've been saying this for over 10 years...the human body has a specific type of iron in the body that needs to aligned to magnetic north plus or minus these numbers. If you have not done this yet, PLEASE try this out for a week or so and see the AMAZING changes in your life.. you will need a compass that points to magnetic North (not true or grid) Using the numbers here, point the head of the bed you sleep in to this magnetic direction.

Men - 21 degrees
Woman - 7 degrees
Children - 40 degrees
Dream number 12150 9 September 2019 5 psychic prediction45 views todayThis will be on the bottom of your gravestone if you do not quit now...STOP THINKING SO FAST
Dream number 12148 9 September 2019 3 psychic prediction46 views today29 32 35 40 51 not enough numbers to be any lottery I know of, maybe a phone number or address (sorry about the paper, all I had in the middle of the night)
Dream number 12147 9 September 2019 2 psychic prediction43 views todayAndrew Cuomo finally admits he has cancer, just 13 days after his sons 'accident' 'this is a NEW America and he needs to go' (sorry about the paper, all I had in the middle of the night)
Dream number 12146 9 September 2019 1 psychic prediction36 views todayWhen you truly learn how to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, heaven awaits.
Dream number 12137 6 September 2019 1 psychic prediction42 views todayNot sure who this is.
Dream number 12145 8 September 2019 2 psychic prediction43 views today17 more days before the crash.
Dream number 12144 8 September 2019 1 psychic prediction39 views todayNo ipo call 966 13 862 4902 Ibrahim A. Al-Assaf murdered.
Dream number 12142 7 September 2019 5 psychic prediction45 views todayWinning Mega Millions Lottery numbers for September and October 2019, same pattern for both months this time.
Dream number 12143 7 September 2019 6 psychic prediction35 views todayJames Monsees's suicide as murder, numbers SEC arrests Trump family arrested member over Altria short if you too want to get arrested, buy MO stock when it hits, sell when it reaches 246.05
Dream number 12137 6 September 2019 2 psychic prediction48 views todaycan't read.
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 4 psychic prediction~149 views todayDetails on the upcoming train derailment (I'm not going to mention these horrible details in that dream again! I've drawn this 'break apart' train derailer device too many times since 2016) ZIP 62246, call (618) 601-1505, and as always this ISIS member ONLY targets oil tanker cars.r
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 3 psychic prediction49 views today(618) 601-1505 DUPO, TRUMP MURDER
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 2 psychic prediction45 views todayThe same man who kills Donald Trump (dream only SS!!!) will do this chemical terrorist attack...that will not work, but it will happen very soon.
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 1 psychic prediction47 views todayDPRK hacks Amazon's iPhone apps, the hacked app sends all data on the phone including pictures to North Korea hackers, this data will be used in an upcoming ransomware attack, see 2018 dream for more on this. There will be a major coverup by Amazon on this, I also think many Amazon executives will be compromised and extorted...including the CEO.
Dream number 12135 4 September 2019 6 psychic prediction45 views todayAlex Trebek will die if he does not change the method, don't hide the truth, change it.
Dream number 12134 4 September 2019 5 psychic prediction42 views todayPlane crash on Friday, September 13th.
Dream number 12133 4 September 2019 4 psychic prediction40 views todayKarlie Gusevis is alive, I spoke with her in my dream, not sure what this is.
Dream number 12132 4 September 2019 3 psychic prediction41 views todayTheresa Caputo prediction comes true, why did over 500 people have to die...
Dream number 12131 4 September 2019 2 psychic prediction40 views todaySoon.
Dream number 12130 4 September 2019 1 psychic prediction31 views todayFire.
Dream number 12128 3 September 2019 2 psychic prediction41 views todayTrump atomic.
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