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Dream number 13426 7 August 2020 5 psychic predictionMinsk attack, get out now, explosions, missiles bombs, Belarus, chemical weapons, get out of Minsk now, children will die, Gorky Park.
Dream number 13423 7 August 2020 2 psychic predictionJessica Easterly was murdered by this man, he works at G's? numbers already arrested, her friend was there? his blood was found, police will not tell the family? out now, trailer number 4, blue roof? Not sure how the name Robert E Lee is related.

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Dream number 13425 7 August 2020 4 psychic predictionKamala Harris, tears, why? numbers, august 12? Sunday church ?
Dream number 13424 7 August 2020 3 psychic predictionKamala Harris, tears, why? numbers, august 12? Sunday church ?
Dream number 13422 7 August 2020 1 psychic predictionAlice, Texas Gold map 2 by Psychic Dreamer Brian Ladd

The exact location is Jim Wells County in Texas grid 27.760843, -98.016173

New Gold Location's for 2020 - 2021 Public list of 365 worldwide cities

Go to these locations and you will find something! Over the next 365 days, I will be publicly posting exact map dousing locations for gold and other things of value buried underground. I will try my best to narrow the search area down to the meter and select dousing locations that are accessible and able to be located with a cheap metal detector. One city per day, for the nest 365 days on my site at


Gold map 2 for the town of Alice, Texas
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Dream number 13419 6 August 2020 1 psychic predictionCrow Agency fire, a man confessed to 'fight' and 37 fires (this is the man, he is always going to kill a dog?)
Dream number 13421 6 August 2020 3 psychic predictionPeter Thiel arrested, Secret Camber in New Zealand set on fire my ex-worker? 1995 hidden tax killed 2 people? not sure, this is before Peter's accident at the hotel?
Dream number 13420 6 August 2020 2 psychic predictionAugust 12th event.
Dream number 13418 5 August 2020 5 psychic predictionKamill Jones missing child located at this near Jesus church? numbers fan district, enter here

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case info

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police are searching for a mom who they say abducted her 2-year-old child. According to authorities, 26-year-old Erica Jones picked up her daughter Kamill Jones from family members in the 1100 block of Cypress Street. Jones was supposed to return on July 18. Police said she never did.
Now, Jones is wanted for parental abduction since she does not have legal custody of Kamill Jones. Police believe the two might still be in the area. If you have information on Erica Jones or Kamill Jones you are asked to call Detective J. Hewitt at (804) 646-6870 or contact Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.
Dream number 13417 5 August 2020 4 psychic predictionUse these no eights (if you're reading this in 2020 and play the lottery, use these numbers and remember not to use the number 8)
Dream number 13416 5 August 2020 3 psychic predictionNew Gold Location's for 2020 - 2021 Public list of 365 worldwide cities
Go to these locations and you will find something!

Over the next 365 days, I will be publicly posting exact map dousing locations for gold and other things of value buried underground.

I will try my best to narrow the search area down to the meter and select dousing locations that are assessable and able to be located with a cheap metal detector.

One city per day, for the nest 365 days on my site at

Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer


Ackerman Alice Alliance Amarillo Americus Anderson Annandale Aparecida de Goiania Apex Aransas Pass Ardmore Arlington Arlington Heights Atlantic Augusta Aurora Bad Krozingen Ballenger Creek Baltimore Bangor Barnstable Baton Rouge Bay City Bay Shore Bayonne Baytown Bedford Bee Ridge Belle Fourche Bend Berea Bergen Municipality Bernardsville Bessemer City Bethlehem Billings Binghamton Boca Raton Bolingbrook Bon Air Boone Bothell Botkyrka Brambleton Bremerton Bridgeport Bristol Broken Arrow Brookfield Brookhaven Brookings Buena Vista Buffalo Burton Cadiz Callaway Campton Hills Canfield Cape Coral Carmel Carrollton Carthage Cedar Rapids Centennial Centerville Chadron Chantilly Chapel Hill Chatham-Kent Chattanooga Chester Chesterfield Christiansburg Clarksville Clayton Clearwater Clermont College Station Collinsville Colorado Springs Columbia Connersville Corpus Christi Creedmoor Crofton Crow Agency Cynthiana Cypress Dahlonega Davenport Dayton Dearborn Decatur Defiance Del Rio Deltona Douglas Dover Dover Dublin Duluth East Greenwich Eau Claire Eden Edmond Egg Harbor Township Elgin Elizabethtown Elmhurst Enfield Erie Erie Everett Fairfax Festus Flint Folsom Fort Campbell Fort Collins Fort Lauderdale Fox Lake Franklin Frederick Fredericksburg Gallup Galveston Garden City Gardner Garner Gatlinburg Germiston Gillespie Glen Cove Glenwood Goldendale Goldsboro Grand Forks Grandville Greenbelt Greenville Greenville Greenville Greenwood Hackensack Haiku-Pauwela Hampstead Hancock Harper Woods Hauppauge Hazleton Helena Hermitage Hillsboro Hiram Ho Chi Minh City Holland Hollywood Holtsville Hudson Hutto Ilion Indianola Inkster Iowa City Ironton Issaquah Jackson Jackson Township Jacksonville Beach Jamestown Jeffersonville Johannesburg Kalispell Killeen Kings Mountain Lafayette Hill Lagrangeville Lake Ariel Lake Zurich Lakeside Marblehead Lambton Shores Lancaster Latham Lawton Leander Lebanon Leesburg Lehigh Acres Levittown Lincolnton Lynnwood Madison Mahomet Mahopac Mandeville Mansfield Manteno Marathon Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Marion Marysville Maryville Matthews Maywood Meeker Menomonee Falls Mequon Meridian Merrifield Mesquite Metairie Middle Island Middleborough Middleburg Middletown Milan Mishawaka Moline Montclair Morrow Mount Laurel Township Muncie Mundelein Myrtle Beach Nampa Natick Navi Mumbai Neenah New Orleans Newbern Newport News Nicholasville Nidderau Norman North Kingstown Norwich Oak Lawn Oak Ridge Oakland Ocoee Odenton Oneida Orange City Oriental Ottawa Owasso Owensboro Painesville Parker Paterson Pembroke Pembroke Pines Pennsauken Township Pennsville Perry Hall Pine Ridge Pinellas Park Pittsburg Pittsburgh Pittsfield Plano Port Jefferson Portsmouth Prairieville Puchong Quincy Redford Charter Township Rhinelander Richland Richmond Richwood Ridgewood Rigby Roanoke Rockford Rockport Rockville Centre Rome Roswell Roy Rutland Saco Saint Johns San Augustine Sandton Sandusky Sandy Sanger Santa Cruz Saratoga Springs Schertz Scottsbluff Sedalia Seneca Shawnee Shelbyville Sheridan Sherwood Silver Spring Silverdale Sioux Falls Slidell Somerville Somerville South Gate South Jordan South San Francisco Spanish Fork Sparta Spokane Spring Spring Branch Springfield St. Augustine St. Cloud St. Petersburg Stafford Steeleville Sterling Heights Steubenville Sugar Land Sumter Tarpon Springs Temecula Terre Haute Texas City Three Rivers Toledo Tooele Torrance Torrington Tulsa Tupper Lake Unicoi Urbana Utica Vicksburg Victorville Vinkovci Waconia Wahoo Walden Wapakoneta Warwick Washington Wells Wenatchee West Bloomfield Township West Covina West Haven West Hollywood Westlake Westminster Weymouth Wichita Wildwood Williamsburg Williamsport Willits Willows Wilson Winchester Winter Garden Woburn Yakima York
Dream number 13415 5 August 2020 2 psychic predictionFriday, August 7th, starts in the center
Dream number 13414 5 August 2020 1 psychic predictionEarthquake in 4 days, was forecasted?
Dream number 13412 4 August 2020 2 psychic predictionSean Hannity arrested 3 days after 'quitting fox news' sec investigation, numbers, stock sale, dinner, numbers.
Dream number 13411 4 August 2020 1 psychic predictionIn the sky, August 13th.
Dream number 13413 4 August 2020 3 psychic prediction~0Richard - Mike Devine dies of heart attack, Russian drug, veterinarian, no test, covid 19, numbers, august 30th, lies, church (see March 2020 for more on this, 10 people he knows die of covid19? Enon hospital room 302 Jesus is real and God punishes him for his adulty affair? names of people he kills?
Dream number 13410 3 August 2020 2 psychic predictionHailey Dunn, Shawn Adkins left it there and he tried to move it, Shawn arrested for murder, 4322634411, this is the item he is going back for, but police have already found it but for some reason, LE thinks they should keep it a secret from her family, Shawn is going to kill again on December 23rd of 2020 (not sure how will work more of this case)

this is the exact location of 'other remains' per the dream drawing
Howard County, Texas
32.231346, -101.377509

case at https://briansprediction.com/hailey


Thirteen-year-old Hailey Darlene Dunn vanished on December 27th, 2010 from her Colorado City, Texas home. She left to go to her dad's close by, but the 13-year-old never arrived. Her scent was tracked halfway to her dad's house and also to a hotel. It was also found that she may only be wearing flip flops if any shoes at all. Her mother's boyfriend had taken a polygraph test. Police have also searched the home and a back shed. Police are not saying what if anything was found. Police are also not saying whether the boyfriend passed the polygraph or not. Colorado City police have said they believe Hailey was last seen December 27 at 3:15 p.m. in her house in the 1800 block of Chestnut. Colorado City is 75 miles north of San Angelo. Her Remains Were Found In 2013 And Were Identified A Month Later.

Hailey is about 5'0 tall, weighs 120 pounds, and has brown hair. She was last seen wearing navy blue sweatpants, a light-colored short-sleeve t-shirt and pink and white tennis shoes.
Dream number 13409 3 August 2020 1 psychic predictionUK #1 numbers, maybe a phone number since usually #1 begins an international call.
Dream number 13408 2 August 2020 6 psychic predictionAnother gold location, this time in Indiana exact grid and map
39.902064, -85.987501 the dream said to use a metal detector.

(this is the map only, copy of dream drawing was not necessary)
Dream number 13407 2 August 2020 5 psychic predictionMissing baby Joshua Quinteron located next to this home? near Wimberly, numbers, trash in the backyard?

case at https://briansprediction.com/joshua
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