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2 views todaybreaking news September 5th 2014, Friday 3 miles se of lake 6321176, 491??
1 views todaySyria secret arms bunker - Israel hit with m14 rockets filled with sarin gas, 971391 - chemical attacks on Israel from Syria
1 views today3 - 7 - 1 9 1 - 4 - 6 2
1 views todaystock APPZ buy @ .00007 sell @ 62.61
1 views todayJonathan Cahn did not commit suicide, HA 666 AD
1 views today45 01 19 20 30 35 40 46 UK Lottery 3 1 Days
1 views todaya man
1 views todayGrace - God Loves Isbel August 4y27? 9th 2014 sand castle contest love, warmth wonderful joy
1 views today2 3 1 0 3 12 e 12 fri 2 5 2 lottery 16 days U
1 views todaydetails of 3 terrorist attacks to come in the UK and USA
1 views todaycircles in the sky
1 views todaySamuel Simon left a journal he wanted the world to see -2-1-16 2015 welch stables HGL
1 views todayCern Wenry XX 84Po death
1 views todayIn the air, bus, 2014 09-10 09-11 09-12 6392871 Muhammad ????? Details of a terrorist attack in London UK
1 views todaystock IVAN buy @ 0.12 sell @ 122.40
1 views today4471631172 check level of potassium in food, NaOH Phone (778) 447-7110 14 Joan Rivers dies food poison? Abraham Foxman skin doctor he knew she took, potassium skin poison (basically same as August 5th dream #5765)
22 views todaywest ? kelsey mirkovic m
1 views todaystock DAL buy at 1.3 sell at 179.4
1 views todayships in the sky, I think they were going to fight tge aliens, they are the aliens - they are turning back to kill me.

This might sound funny but dreams like this scare me the most
1 views today66392117 Tom Delonge killed in auto accident, reports say he wanted to drive, he was not in the car
1 views todayriver 332-1117 hir 1.1 miles school bus crash Friday august 29th 2014 134?
1 views today163211 44 fire August 28th peak? Kim S N E W

Chelsea Handler survives plane crash, flight 7 66-11 weather 66

10 Volcano 122 2731 4 days 3 days 81

Middleton CA runway 18 right crack extends 620 feet, new fault warns of the great SF quake 9111 6.121 4611377, 4 days
1 views today362
1 views todaycar falls here 67139 2667A
1 views todayMonday 25 August 2014
1 views today4 days 3 2 6 1 0 1 3 diamonds
1 views today3 days HV Aucklamd Powerball papers A4 LOTT 2 1 0 2 9 2 4 2 6 1 3 28
1 views todayThis is a house fire on Broadstreet in Detroit in 4 days, Sunday August 24. other details are listed but hard to read...sorry.
1 views todayAugust 777 RATA Zamped USA Pope Francis gets sick on unaccounted visit, end of August 2014, Sede Vacante, Migrate Libya blue boat, dies 97 days later, 192 people, boat, boat 3 days
1 views todayTuesday August 26th 2014, when going home count to 43 before leaving, you know who this is for, important. (I know this sound silly, but there is something to this and it does not really require much effort...so please share this if you think this maybe specifically for you or someone you know)
2 views todayMegaMillions september 2014 4 3 2 2 5 9 6 3 1 4
1 views todayit was true love, Matthew Dalge Damon, Robin Williams, Bakersfield. river road, diary, box of treasures, go dig it up, his diary tells why he left him, 14117
1 views today14117 Ebola ?? ???????! New York City 14117 (more Ebola...getting sort of annoying now)
1 views today71 44 Ebola British, age 25 R Wright CDC, salad, buffets ?, This is one of the several British Islamic Terrorists that are planning attacks in the US, UK and Israel...details are listed including full names and locations. This man actually infects himself with the Ebola virus before boarding a plane to the us. There are multiple attacks listed in 3 DD's from last night, I will put these DD's into the Ebola current events album on my site.
1 views todayEbola 661736, British citizen Michael Patterson age 29. This is one of the several British Islamic Terrorists that are planning attacks in the US, UK and Israel...details are listed including full names and locations. This man actually infects himself with the Ebola virus before boarding a plane to the us. There are multiple attacks listed in 3 DD's from last night, I will put these DD's into the Ebola current events album on my site.
1 views todayElon Musk accident 863
1 views todayAseel Muthana God is the greatest
1 views todayman dies from home made caffeine patch
24 views todaystock - PLUS BUY @ .31 SELL @ 39.4 henderson
1 views todayman dies stage 7 - heart stops - ABortion X 3 days, C1 Albert Reynolds Alz Pepper
1 views todayflash grenade burns child, parent puts child in room on purpose? child abuse not police abuse 8617 782? 8617
1 views todaystock ELON buy @ .83 sell @ 79.4
1 views todayWinning EuroMillions numbers for September 2014
1 views today662-11-3 Dorian Johnson was not killed by gang violence in jail, he was murdered by 'undercover inmate' J. J.
2 views todayRussia ATBIP bombs explodes over West Point, Russia says CIA was involved. (this may not be coming from universal consciousness, as I was thinking about a friend in the Army who went there)
2 views todayGovernor Jay Nixon resigns just 3 days after Wikileaks confirms? they are going to release copy of his private cell phone conversations. He used the 'N' word 12 times during one call. Mr. Nixon says his leaving was family related IP, not placeraider.
2 views todayHoover Road, wexten cross timben? Texas
3 views today01994 484 544, Xavier Butler's death will not change who we are.
2 views todayAseel Muthana, missing man in Syria found working in 'drug den' with 4 other missing men. James Foley is allowed to keep journal for book, fake v. se 611 Kurd-Dash 9/11. September 11, 911
1 views todaynew study released March 6th 2017 confirms men age 30-60 that shave their head once a year lower their change of getting cancer by 70%, experts still not sure vitamin D has anything to do with it.
1 views todayBrandon Richardson - alias E - Stone Mountain, New Black Panthers gets man killed over fake website,EZ 92
Melek TAUS, a miracle is about to happen - look to the ground, hear water ?? dog St. Louis Sylvester Caldwell was murdered by the same family he worked for, race was not an issue7/11/15
4Be 68Er Ebola is airborne, tests do not work, Jmart
1 views todayAugust 20th 2014 fire 336 206 dol? hie
1 views todayElectrical load, rum, the new occidenal hotel, fire 63911 91 hero dies 'wonderful warmth, no words can explain the feeling, true love
1 views today7 days
1 views todayPeter Herschend resigns after KKK membership leaked o the media, stone mountain 'I have a dream' 'let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia' Martin Luther King
1 views todayAlyssa Milano abducted by close friend, the joke goes to far when it causes an accident, 2 killed
1 views todaydiaw 25 33 36 42 1 3 UK Boter 38 hours, rust
1 views todayLoudoun UK?? by Palestine child
1 views todayiberville street, 500 yards ?? shooting Friday August 23 2014
5 days, fire destroys over 100 years of history
ebola drugs are fake, company did not exit 33711
in the box is a diary - please read it McLaur 37 degrees 53.32.9 north 122 degrees 28.20.9 west - love
1 views today8882766760 August 21st
1 views todaystock iweb buy at .00009 sell at 3.76
1 views todayheroin arrest - man set free, Walt Embser 879 fore August 16th 2014
3 views today 4 days 02294
2 views todayR 779146 fire August 15th 2105
2 views todaylove warmth, he really did bury his 'box of treasures' location 37 degrees 53.32.9 North 122 degrees 28.20.9 West, bruise and mark, gold circle files, 463-1 463-2, the box is private
2 views todaypick 3 5 days 3,5,2 2,6,7 August 13th

Frank Ancona was killed by Steve Jenson - not gang related August 26th 2014 43 set up KKK

Terry Stuart Love
2 views todayLottery August 10th 2014 Fantasy 5 CA 3,4,9,14,16 August 12th? 3,7,8, 1 day

To all of our youth, you are killing one another, you have put the KKK and the, some of the currupt police out of?, business. You don't own any blod??, Terretory hoods STOP

murder KICrr. 1 93 (888) 276-6760 12 days west

supermoon earthquake does not happen until 37 hours later 17th Aug?
2 views todayLisa Marie Presley dies, Michael arrested at Centinola Vally High School
1 views todaynot sure
1 views today?? 741 cruise ship was not first source of Ebola in US, onlt 76 people died
1 views todaystock DPSM buy @ .039 sell @ 29.76 new chemical
1 views todaymurder 217 deaths cepren ahatosloe topon worse than Jim Johns suicide 47
1 views todayThis is a cure and vaccine for the Ebola virus. boil 25 grams in distilled water, use as tea. Ebola prevention and cure, heat resin from same tree, same as 'God's Blood' used by Buddhist monks - must be from Pakistan (don't try without doctor's advise)
1 views today3 5 2 3 1 2 3 4 2 1 4 lottery, order, August 20th to August 31st 2014 (this was a public request for winning lottery numbers in the US from 8/20 to 8/31 2014)
1 views todaylook for his sign August 18th 2014, look into my eyes, this is the true face of Jesus and he's crying
1 views todayNovember 2015 zmapp vaccine for Ebola not effected on 'airborne' version of the virus, not until its grown in 'dove eggs' is the pandemic is halted. Ebola was cured by unit 731 and US Government has documents
1 views todayJoan Rivers dies of food poison 4771631172 daughter arrested
1 views today7299? bleach, acetone and contained located in car trunk David John Farnell arrested over death of child 66a ??
1 views todaylargest oil spill in history Gazprom - name changed Russia alc, oil slick reaches omh point hope in Alaska 31
1 views todaygazprom oil leak 'cannot be shut off' pira zlom oil field
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