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1 views todayWinning numbers for the Monday Australian Lottery (real lottery on November 3rd 2014)
1 views todaya crash next week on Monday the 3rd of November and a fire on Friday of the same week.
1 views todayWalmart bread breading poison bacteria 98 degrees
1 views today69172669 PODS explosives - the massive explosion to happen next month came from this PODS storage container
1 views todaymissing girl- she has a peanut allergy, 677 will go missing ? November 2014 (this will happen next month)
1 views todaycollapse Friday 31st of October
1 views todayOct 31st Fire
1 views todayanonymous, false information, at 930 am October 31st, fake, us army, national guard was told to be ready by? 8am Friday? Ferguson Saint Louis (hate related)
1 views todayDD for weight loss while you sleep....like the past DD's print this DD and keep close (usually under your pillow) during sleep. This one teaches the cells in your digestive system to block unnecessary fat from being absorbed by your body. There may be some side effects to this...as the fat has to go somewhere.
1 views todayHoover Dam inspector finds same faults that collapsed the Mratinje Dam in Montenegro, over 700 people died for no reason 66711176
24 views todayno fear, Mick Jagger gets sick, death was not what he expected
1 views today3 4 2 7 1
1 views todaywait
1 views today863 - 714
1 views today183 26 Eric Fler cross, door, beaver (this is about missing person Eric Frein and have added it to the September 21st 2014 case)
1 views todayDavid pa? Bryan 183 26 863 534 7415 Lisa Mitchell bar look at the phone toe R not real
1 views todaylottery x2's 18 20 22 24 29 + 1 = 40 GF ROCNOTO
1 views today1667 747 518 747-4124 747 747
1 views todayActor Evan Peters 'best friend' brutally attacked for speaking against him, fire, serious condition, 76329
1 views todayThe upcoming Costa Rica earthquake will be related to the major earthquake in Panama next month (November 2014)
1 views todaysubway evacuation was a hoax, 3rd time, 5713 same man
1 views todayThis is the shooter that kills many people next month, his name and address are on the dd
1 views today662 Kevin, age 47, not the KKK, not from Saint Louis, noose's (and a nazi flag)
1 views todayMonday, Breaking News, October 27th 2014 6697322
1 views today?665-21144 'Hell town California man, dried up stream full of gold' 661- 23 November 2014 Jason
1 views todayno idea
1 views todayroom 7 787-641-7582 calle masa street San Juan Puerto Rico 'us army soldiers(?) do not have Ebola' 1622 November 7th 2014 787-763-1946
1 views todayFlag is his room apartment 6
1 views todayhard to read but this is another Ebola related DD....this is an auto air fresher fitted with the new weaponized Ebola Virus, its from the same man who's infecting Tel Aviv (well pending in the real world)
1 views todaycs 663 - sunflower seeds 4194834045 66 111 the new car will not make you happy Craig, Craig Spencer trust does not mean God is Fake --
1 views today2216 East Wattice N same man New York City - he works there - Ebola
2 views todayleaving your shoes on until bedtime increases weight loss diets by 20%
1 views todaySomething about American Airlines
2 views todayLarry Flynt dies of smoke inhalation in 'hidden safe room' Was not an accident, was an ex-con from Folsom State 7-415 613-22
1 views todayThis is an explosion to take place on Monday October 27th 2014, the bombs serial # is 197632247A
5 views todayHealth related - Your death, first...If you do not want to know what you're going to die from, please skip this DD. To make this work first print this page...next keep the printed page and something to write with close to you during sleep. You will have a dream that's related to a body part on this page...as soon as you do...try and wake up and mark the area you saw in the dream. It's important you do it right away when the memory i fresh...the are you marked is what's going to cause your death. Now the good part...in a few days I should have a follow-up to this dd on how to fix the problem area before it actually happens...so hypothetically, you could live forever.
1 views todayFLIR , stock gains 1200 points to 1,215,31 (stock) after new government contact
1 views todayAnother Alien Nightmare Dream - On October 23rd 2014 (in 6 days) a space craft crashes into the sun causing a solar flare...them I woke up.
2 views todayWilliam Shatner dies from infection after surgery, the cause was fake antibiotics - death causes JNJ (stock) to fall to 4.37 a share
7 views todaySoren Kam killed by Nazi Hunter, eyes, nose, 2015 phone number +45-51-540033 Filter GUF Western Union 6137611323
5 views todaySASCO Pacific Rim 1 day 9179385, SASCO Pacific Rim 1 day 9179385
1 views todayMegaMillion's and Powerball lottery numbers for December of 2014
1 views todayThe clue to finding a terrorist is in the lawn...it's the only house on the block where the lawn is always cut but edging is never done...well that narrows it down to on a few million homes.
2 views today663-11762 7 days W.C. This is the man who is putting poison in kids Halloween masks, tube, ba? drug kit, 6132 7121 R.G. age 59 1 day boxes, crash truck driver, 6 AM Robert, Linda going to tunnel, WIND LOW, (800) 687-8600, ST C., X2 1 DAY 14 6 21 23 22 37 Japan IT
1 views todayActor Daniel Radcliffe dies in a fire that was started by a friend of his, he dies trying to put out the fire...I think he did and it saved lives...unfortunately not his own.
1 views todayAH MOT 637 (272) 656 - 2501 Anin Mahp family knows Ebola (I realize this DD has the word Ebola on it, but I think its part of the other 2 dd's from last night, I think this DD is about riding a horse...oddly enough)
13 views todayThis might sound funny, but it's the scariest dream I have had this year. Basically aliens have taken our world and put it in a giant box made to look like space...but the stars just look wrong.
1 views todayMore Ebola stuff, this dream pertains to the United Sates...the man here is responsible from both the Ebola outbreaks in the food buffets and in the us mail service...his details are listed.
1 views todayIn this dream singer Kesha Sebert is involved in a tragic accident cause by a stalker (I had no idea who this person was until just now)
1 views todayThis dream was about a plane crash to take place this Friday.
1 views todayhelp
1 views todayLas Vegas flight # 3294 Nov 2014 southwest retired after 2nd disaster (flight canceled to Ebola, then next year it crashes)
22 views todaypeople of Fort Bliss Texas and Ciudad Juarez are being made to leave, but its too late, they are already sick
22 views todayKardashian accident 'she will walk again' 66
1 views todayThis DD is for protection from whatever worries you, to make it work just print the DD and keep close during sleep.
1 views todayAbderraouf Jdey 19 days mitspe Ramor airfield 717077 679-3
1 views todayEugene Kaspersky arrested 3711176
1 views todayMalik Shabazz autopsy clearly shows he was poisoned 77 - 49 over his "secret records"
1 views todaynot sure
1 views todayThis is a bad dream
1 views todayscrapping tongue 1 time a day increases daily calorie burn 713227 (don't have a clue as to why it would...but you would have better breath :)
1 views todaymega millions, mega millions twos and fours, pattern not luck 2 4 2 2 4 2 1 3 2 4
1 views today02 1 day lottery pattern three's and two's 3 20 28 3 6 23 1 9 2 31 (almost the same as a dd from last month)
1 views todayTingle Street meth lab burns 4711 neon hidden in walls 12
1 views todayhere, road rage man attacks, kids in car, 14 years
1 views todayNational Hero?? Armed Forces of Liberia and IS join forces. Ebola samples taken from august 16th raid have been weaponized taken from US Aid school in West Point Liberia. George William killed by the same people he took money from, 39 days, window, USAID, blue barrel, weaponized Ebola ready, centrifuge, bioprepart, white house mail, 15, west point bomb, Russia
1 views todayA6546970 light love
1 views today4 blocks church of ??? 47 breaking news, s Kindos, R 7 bus involved in accident Friday October 2014
1 views today111 Colin Needham falsely arrested - lawsuit fails 6147727
1 views today1171 skull crossbones by east hart?? 1 day, orange county, Huntington beach, he has a package in lake park
1 views todayL. R. Lewis Quanell Evans was murdered by a friend, was not race related
1 views todayThe Secret of Life
1 views today687632 84 fire was started by this man in 2 days, 46
1 views todayDilma Rousseff dies in hotel fire 1215 Paraiba 66136211 4 7 9
1 views todayIIV3 flu shots are helping Ebola to mutate - the virus will never die if humans continue to treat it as an enemy - cells can be taught overnight. (see cure section of this site for the cell reprogramming overnight audio program)
1 views today7147 USA FDA issues statement informing any person who took weight loss drug Alli to report to several testing points setup at over 300 locations, poison from china was not report!
1 views todayDoctor Peter Piot murdered by CIA ??? he had knowledge of Ebola cure in 1979 - was not traffic accident, no ?? plum island
1 views todaythey are killing our children, ebola, star
1 views todaylottery this week, October 5 - 12, twos and threes, look for pattern
1 views todayK San 66 - 61 2 47 54 1022 2nd attempt will kill
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