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Last comments - January
1 Jan 2020 3 Usa Lottery Numbers.7 views today10/27/20 at 00:11brian2030: sorry I will try and make it better to understand.
31 Jan 2020 4 This Is A Tea To Prevent And Cure The Current Coronavirus In The World Today...This What I Think 5 views today04/01/20 at 19:01gd: my vote is really 5 stars. I see Brian channel Ed...
25 Jan 2020 2 Taiwanese Frogs Not Bats, China, Jesus Is Real Brain? Cayce, Numbers, (pretty Sure This Is About 2 views today02/12/20 at 02:23stroker@iinet.net.au: Exodus 8:2 talks of a plague of frogs upon Pharoah...
30 Jan 2020 4 3161131661 Dan Caesarea Golf Hotel 131, Get Out, They Know You Are Hiding?3 views today01/31/20 at 16:47brian2030: (...) Dan Caesarea Resort The iconic Dan Caesare...
24 Jan 2020 2 2751861019 Exodus 8:22 views today01/26/20 at 18:22brian2030: Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory - Chinese Acad...
9 Jan 2020 1 Psychosis2 views today01/19/20 at 00:29brian2030: Psychosis may occur as a result of a psychiatric i...
7 Jan 2020 2 You Did This. 6 views today01/14/20 at 23:07Hrich726: I think that’s Bill Cokervwho is a suspect in hi...
10 Jan 2020 2 Harley Dilly 1.11.20 This Is Getting Serious And I'M Going To Do Some More Work On Th1 views today01/12/20 at 22:32Sonic7273: What is under the white boxes? Is this important i...
10 Jan 2020 4 Harley Dilly, Reddit Steamr4l43, The Joke Went Too Far, Please Help Me, 8238, Cctv, 1.11.20 6 views today01/11/20 at 18:43Hrich726: I am trying to piece it together and pass it on
9 Jan 2020 2 Benjamin Rapoza Missing Child Is Here (request)6 views today01/11/20 at 16:02Hrich726: Your ability is a nightmare to you but to others i...
7 Jan 2020 4 Stay Home On Monday, January 13th, 2020 Important.1 views today01/09/20 at 11:29Ztroche: Earthquakes?
1 Jan 2020 3 Usa Lottery Numbers.7 views today01/09/20 at 11:09Ztroche: Never understand patterns
6 Jan 2020 5 Usa Target Iran Airplane, 737 This Is The Woman Who Did It, Jammer Emp, Numbers And Names Seem T1 views today01/07/20 at 23:24brian2030: maybe (...) A Boeing 737 plane carrying 180 pa...
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