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Last additions - Gabrielle Petito opened 9-10-21
Brian Laundrie found on October 29th, she killed him and 3 women?? can see lighthouse - very confused by this dream drawing https://briansprediction.com/Brian-Laundrie-found8 viewsOct 19, 2021
Brian Laundie's father was arrested for the planned murder of 3 women - numbers will open a new case for him https://briansprediction.com/Brian-Laundrie-found6 viewsOct 19, 2021
November 6th 2021 Brian Launder killer arrested, numbers, she has done this 2 times before https://briansprediction.com/Brian-Laundrie-found6 viewsOct 19, 2021
She made him do it? Brian - numbers - three murders maybe Brian Launder and as far as I know, she has not been arrested https://briansprediction.com/Brian-Laundrie-found5 viewsOct 18, 2021
Brian Launder found, can see the lighthouse in the distance, he did not kill himself, look at nails, look again, numbers, she is still going to kill again, no additional details, see past drams at https://briansprediction.com/Brian-Laundrie-found6 viewsOct 17, 2021
This is the storm shelter/bomb shelter that was installed at the same time the pool was dug the number of this dd and several past dreams is the same and it seems to be the phone number of an 'underground bunker' manufacturer. 3 viewsOct 08, 2021
Cecily Chapman was falsely arrested by her father's ex-girlfriend - numbers - the FBI found Brian - this is more than likely about missing man Brian Laundrie and the rest is drama.3 viewsOct 03, 2021
Gabby Petito still had this in her pocket - Brian is here - look again? not what they think - Brian Laundrie located - breaking bad tv show? did go to burning man 2021 - Kylen Schulte and Ellenorah Ethe remains located outside dougway - WeatherBug camera 4 viewsSep 29, 2021
27 Sept 2021 2 Trash cans St Christopher Key - look again - the phone is there - Bran L case - this is that location and they did not fin the phone, it's hidden under these trash cans... Trash cans St Christopher Key - look again - the phone is the7 viewsSep 29, 2021
Remains of Brian Laundie found these poles and a rusty railroad track - he did not kill himself - she did this - life preservers using his pants, coldness - the body will be found at grid 27.12 -81.19 This is the same grid as these dreams from three dre8 viewsSep 26, 2021
Brian Laundrie - she made him do this - he tried to move the body - he will be at this location on September 22nd at 7:07 AM - again using this dream, lucid dreaming, and map dosing on September 20th, 2021 at 4:21 PM EST - tried to move last night - look5 viewsSep 20, 2021
American flag Numbers CCTV - 7 more days - Christopher Laundrie - love - he was drugging her - Christopher arrested on October 12th...0 viewsSep 19, 2021
Gabrielle Petito remains located near poles? Brian Laundrie did not hang himself in cell 317 or 3 \ 7 - look again - poles will add this to the case file...7 viewsSep 19, 2021
Brian Laundrie is spotted on WeatherBug camera - he got off with her at exit 17b going south on US Interstate 10 - not her another victim of the cartel - going to Boca Chica Beach to take a rowboat to Playa Bagdad - numbers (almost the same info and la3 viewsSep 19, 2021
Brian Laundrie dies in cell number? he did not kill himself, look at the fingernails - it would be impossible for him to do this - CCTV was turned off...1 viewsSep 19, 2021
Gabrielle Petito case, cell phone? are a mistake - Brian exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it...1 viewsSep 18, 2021
Gabrielle Petito case, cell phone? are a mistake - Brian exact location is here - he is hiding in plain sight - brian is bleeding and broke - did not murder her - she made him do it...2 viewsSep 18, 2021
Brian L arrested tries to flee - internet stunt - Brian does not know - she knew him - Gabrielle Petito is alive in burning numbers - very unlikely but it would be the best outcome...2 viewsSep 16, 2021
Gabrielle Petito found - converted van - there is still blood - bl - she is with him on video at the Virtual Burn - numbers - arrest made- buried at this exact location - not what police think..2 viewsSep 16, 2021
Trego Hot Springs - body found in Trego Hot Springs is related to another murder - numbers...8 viewsSep 16, 2021
These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.10 viewsSep 14, 2021
These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.7 viewsSep 14, 2021
These 3 dd's from last night (9-14-21) seem to be related to the Gabrielle ‘Gabby’ Petito case and will post them asap.5 viewsSep 14, 2021
7755572200 29232 killer worked here - 29232 - Shane Billingham did not die of gas - Gabrielle Petito was not poised by the killer - Brian L (me) hands are scratched - cold - hid the body here - poison - no...7 viewsSep 14, 2021
Gabrielle Petito located- Fly Geyser - arrest made in fl - numbers - he still has her other phone...3 viewsSep 10, 2021
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