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Popular dreams - June 2017 dreams
Don't know not English maybe Korean.23 views
Internet hoax over at actor's Death Becomes real 31 days later. 23 views
June 1, 2017, bunch of carrots circles and stars in a triangle.21 views
Singing karaoke increases your IQ.21 views
3 Mosques burn to the ground in the United States the three men responsible or all from Ohio numbers on the DD.21 views
Oscar Perez site ip home is white us sanctions by Donald Trump, Maikel Moreno has no choice but to kill his own family over oil, over 100 children of Supreme Tribunal of Justice killed on flag day August 3rd21 views
Earthquake, the clock is local time and I believe the date is June 7th of 2017, not sure why this reality small earthquake is important - many numbers.20 views
Same long dream about falling into a very deep pool of water, it was very warm and I could breathe, used this to my advantage and copied what I saw on the bottom, mainly numbers relating to Japan and upcoming events. 20 views
José Maria murdered over arson, not sparks?20 views
Tobin bridge numbers June 18, 2017, assuming.20 views
Numbers, June 28th, 2017 fire, an awful fire.20 views
Keep your friends closer mayor of London quits due to the up terrorist-related act again the mayor of London is related to Isis but I'm not sure how.19 views
Whatever this is supposed to happen on June 23rd, 2017 421-2126 score wires in the sky June 23rd, 2017.18 views
Whatever this is, its supposed to happen on June 27th, 2017, it says wonderful Joy.18 views
7 days, phone 21266 216 New Zealand Power ball 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 3 3 3 7 woman coffee shop. 18 views
UK and us new York City water supply terrorist attack I love New York this is the guy responsible for the terrorist attack in New York City involving the water supply he's wearing a t-shirt uark he's also work for the water company for 7 years.18 views
This is the guy responsible for the New York City water supply poisoning in the pumping station turns out to be a real place.18 views
Something to do with a terrorist attack at a mosque in Texas , welcome, bible, Bryan Holcomb, revenge, Frank Pomeroy, numbers.18 views
Starting July 4th it will be swarms of earthquakes Yellowstone National Park animals are going crazy I'm not exactly sure what's happening.18 views
Upcoming winning lottery numbers 41 49 1 21 17 12 France loto for August 2017, in about 20 days, these numbers WILL HIT! AGAIN17 views
Friday, June 9, 2017, more numbers. And I don't know what they are.17 views
UK terrorist attack at Lego land.17 views
Stock CLSN buy @ $1.03 sell @ $1,721.0117 views
US Dow falls more than 500 points before coming back to this point. 17 views
+61 3 9662 2233 17 views
2 die near where God touched the ground (781) 762-3357.16 views
Ongoing dream about us train derailments, power grid hacks, and un-exploded packs found at US train and subway stations, the same 'clean up team' is always deployed, taking hours to removed items from the area. 16 views
Same long dream about falling into a very deep pool of water, it was very warm and I could breathe, used this to my advantage and copied what I saw on the bottom, mainly numbers relating to Japan and upcoming events.16 views
Never again means never again to child save the people of the dprk now Mr Trump.16 views
Upcoming crash, next week.16 views
North Korea releases prisoners from Canada the United States and other countries to the Chinese on June 23rd and 24th of 2017, however, there's something weird about this and I'm not sure what.16 views
Massive gold and silver discovery in Greenland the name of the river is on the dream drawing as here is a map, the amount of gold found is in the trillions of US dollars and will affect global gold prices dramatically lowering the price of gold for ounce.15 views
Home fire, not the stove ?? detroit fire July 5th, 2017 3132376394.15 views
This is from 2016, United States terrorists are using hydration backpacks, using a regular water and this powder. when combined with the powder, it explodes, the backpack is a black and red and made by Ozark trails.14 views
Fire to happen in few days, details on dd - USA I think.14 views
June 5th 2017 dreams , text only.14 views
+223 20 79 45 90. 14 views
Church burns while people cheer.13 views
Lights in the sky, cold cold. upcoming UFO event.13 views
01342825151 fire burn down the Jews more bad things Shadwell.13 views
Explosives here 613 June 20 kelly h 21 14 days.13 views
July 2nd 6637211 2 hr.13 views
Earthquake to happen on June 9, 2017 at this location and I'm not sure who this is.12 views
Mesa Arizona R (I think) 12 views
Torture is not legal, Donald Trump kills mother ti be in ?? 2018 - more stuff.12 views
June 12th 2017 event, not sure how to stop it.12 views
Russia pays for the release of American prisoners in North Korea despite knowing if they are under Sarin gas and VX medical experiments, other details are on the DD and in my North Korea / DPRK section from August 2016.12 views
Russia pays for the release of American prisoners in North Korea despite knowing if they are under Sarin gas and VX medical experiments, other details are on the DD and in my North Korea / DPRK section from August 2016.12 views
We are ready to choke the children of rok while their mothers watch from behind the glass wall. 12 views
Fire on June 27th of 2017, I'm sorry but I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out what I scribbled in the last dream drawing (DD) I do not have the time try and translate this one, like most of my dreams lately, it's NOT going to happen...and I&a12 views
Earthquake fallen tower June 23rd, 2017. 12 views
October 15th, 1950 to November 20th, 2017 Theresa May dies of smoke not fire. 12 views
Otto David Simons (?) killed by Russian-US ops 7 exe order ???????12 views
Under the Sea Test, North Korea, I'm not sure about the rest.12 views
Anyone got a camera? two hands basically it's the same dream my hands getting cut off, for some reason my hands are walking around the living room and I want to take a picture of it but nobody has a camera.12 views
Night of broken glass London this is the woman who planned the destruction and bombing of The Shard building the witches a real building in the UK night of broken glass refers to world War II. 12 views
ISIS runs Ryon Muslim Sadiq Khan burns down Jewish-owned businesses tarring Street 01342 825151 more UK related terrorism and the worst part is their own people are doing it.12 views
June 9th and 10th 2017 dreams, text only.12 views
Something's going to happen on August 1st, 2017 over and over not sure.12 views
20 7424 5252 20 74 24 5252.12 views
Trump knew data was fake Otto Warmbier made them remove it knew that DPRK was using VX lies got him killed coma was induced, Cindy Fred.12 views
June 24th earthquake damage power unit. 12 views
Trumps 'secure' hospital unit a 'real' poison did not work, this is the man who did it, not food poison. 12 views
In the sky.12 views
Borough Market 22 days dad 18.11 views
Japan plane crash.11 views
The same clock as another dream from June 5th, 2017, seems to be about another earthquake on the 9th of June 2017, numbers are almost the same, again, small quake but it's going to be a big deal.11 views
US B-52 crash, how and why - censored.11 views
Same long dream about falling into a very deep pool of water, it was very warm and I could breathe, used this to my advantage and copied what I saw on the bottom, mainly numbers relating to Japan and upcoming events.11 views
Police shooting at a bar in Tulsa Arizona, Mega Millions n numbers for Friday next week, and Euro Millions lottery numbers for the week after that USAF Accident, very sad and censored.11 views
An unknown shooter at a Walmart Scott Ostrem from auto garage gay? 11 views
It's a water bottle cap that's stuck white plastic this is what is causing it to be clogged.11 views
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