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Most viewed - September 2019
Dream number 12159 15 September 2019 1 psychic prediction164 views today2019 USA MAJOR EVENTS :: PENDING :: WARNING

If at all possible please avoid or be careful if you're currently located within 10 miles of these marks. These locations were obtained using map dowsing and lucid dreaming, I'm still working on the rest of the world.

Dream number 12119 31 August 2019 5 psychic prediction153 views todayWinning Euro Millions Lottery numbers for October 2019, if you do not know how to use this pattern, you're not logged in. THIS WILL HIT AGAIN...LAST CHANCE THIS MONTH TO VISIT


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Dream number 12115 31 August 2019 1 psychic prediction125 views todayUSA winning lottery numbers (FOR SURE) for October 2019, both Powerball and MegaMillions numbers will match 3 EXACT numbers during next month (October 2019) use the same key in members section...in case you forgot it)


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Dream number 12120 31 August 2019 6 psychic prediction125 views todayIf you know a high school with the colors of white and green, in the USA this may be the teen who kills 272 students during an assembly, has a sort of abnormal part of his face, he knows an older person who was in the army and was bragging to this man (censored) about how many he could kill in M16 A@ burst mode...the key to save your ammo soldier!!! - numbers and other names censored for guests of this site. Brian
Dream number 12174 21 September 2019 3 psychic prediction115 views todayAustralia lottery numbers
Dream number 12138 7 September 2019 1 psychic prediction111 views todayMadeleine McCann's remains found the beach of light (Portugal, Praia da Luz)
Dream number 12118 31 August 2019 4 psychic prediction109 views todayHere, exactly here, number, too personal info to share, sorry (this is about missing child Madeleine McCann...and case the world has forgot)
Dream number 12153 12 September 2019 3 psychic prediction109 views todayISO code CH, routing number and account number (censored, login to view) Richard Theodore Otcasek murdered in 128 days?
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 1 psychic prediction108 views todayDPRK hacks Amazon's iPhone apps, the hacked app sends all data on the phone including pictures to North Korea hackers, this data will be used in an upcoming ransomware attack, see 2018 dream for more on this. There will be a major coverup by Amazon on this, I also think many Amazon executives will be compromised and extorted...including the CEO.
Dream number 12142 7 September 2019 5 psychic prediction105 views todayWinning Mega Millions Lottery numbers for September and October 2019, same pattern for both months this time.
Dream number 12152 12 September 2019 2 psychic prediction105 views todayIn 10 days or so, he says this. Ironically GOD does something 166 days after he says it... it's not murder when Jesus takes you. Welcome to hell...according to my dreams, I'll be there soon too.
Dream number 12140 7 September 2019 3 psychic prediction101 views todayPatricia Dean is here, pen? 4024751303 1339?
Dream number 12172 21 September 2019 1 psychic prediction101 views todayAustralia Lottery, 3 2 6 3 1 3 6 2 3 3
Dream number 12127 3 September 2019 1 psychic prediction100 views todayPlease tell her not to go next week, water is not right? please share this...Brian.
Dream number 12121 1 September 2019 1 psychic prediction99 views todayNalani Johnson missing child located safe, Russian adoption agency, Texas, gey and brown trailer.
Dream number 12151 12 September 2019 1 psychic prediction98 views todayAgain, if you're reading this and have cancer or someone else you does...please tell them (or you) to print out this image and keep it close during sleep (I cannot stress enough...these DD"s saved my life...at least so far...I ALWAYS put anything I want help on under my pillow...well, actually inside my pillowcase, just make sure the head of your bed is facing the correct direct...see past DD's.
Dream number 12128 3 September 2019 2 psychic prediction97 views todayTrump atomic.
Dream number 12135 4 September 2019 6 psychic prediction97 views todayAlex Trebek will die if he does not change the method, don't hide the truth, change it.
Dream number 12137 6 September 2019 1 psychic prediction96 views todayNot sure who this is.
Dream number 12117 31 August 2019 3 psychic prediction94 views todayPlease don't go, yes you are coming back as a human, but this pain needs to end? Karlie Guse Vis, numbers and an address, old photo, why don't you care? I HATE YOU, WHY DON'T YOU CARE!!! call now (603) 336-5984 please....she does not have to die?
Dream number 12129 3 September 2019 3 psychic prediction94 views todayFotis Dulos dies in an accident, it was caused by this man. the body behind the church paid 200K in bitcoin, Raymond, pond (not the body of Fotis)
Dream number 12193 27 September 2019 3 psychic prediction94 views today12 days.
Dream number 12177 22 September 2019 3 psychic prediction93 views todayReddit user that is just visiting this page doubts the pattern, faith wins over 11 million (no idea as I can't remember this DD...highly likely it's not for me...it's only for YOU)
Dream number 12137 6 September 2019 2 psychic prediction90 views todaycan't read.
Dream number 12173 21 September 2019 2 psychic prediction88 views todaySchool shooter, red blue, numbers
Dream number 12191 27 September 2019 1 psychic prediction88 views todayThe cause of the upcoming SpaceX accident, it was this '3d printed part' and here is the serial number (I was able to zoom in, but not out in this dream)
Dream number 12180 23 September 2019 3 psychic prediction87 views todayWatch next week, even if you do not play the lottery, pay attention to the results and the numbers on this DD's (date from September 29th to December 6th, 2019)
Dream number 12139 7 September 2019 2 psychic prediction86 views todayRenezmae Calzada, pipes, pipes, he did this, Los Alamos, 5056622996
Dream number 12148 9 September 2019 3 psychic prediction86 views today29 32 35 40 51 not enough numbers to be any lottery I know of, maybe a phone number or address (sorry about the paper, all I had in the middle of the night)
Dream number 12167 19 September 2019 1 psychic prediction86 views todayYou did nothing, numbers.
Dream number 12192 27 September 2019 2 psychic prediction86 views todayPick 3 numbers, use these now (as you're reading this I think) 3 4 7
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 2 psychic prediction85 views todayThe same man who kills Donald Trump (dream only SS!!!) will do this chemical terrorist attack...that will not work, but it will happen very soon.
Dream number 12134 4 September 2019 5 psychic prediction84 views todayPlane crash on Friday, September 13th.
Dream number 12150 9 September 2019 5 psychic prediction84 views todayThis will be on the bottom of your gravestone if you do not quit now...STOP THINKING SO FAST
Dream number 12199 29 September 2019 1 psychic prediction83 views todayStill waiting, very scary UFO dream.
Dream number 12131 4 September 2019 2 psychic prediction82 views todaySoon.
Dream number 12132 4 September 2019 3 psychic prediction82 views todayTheresa Caputo prediction comes true, why did over 500 people have to die...
Dream number 12190 26 September 2019 3 psychic prediction82 views todayMagnitude 8.7 or 8.9? earthquake...this is very soon (see my quake prediction section)
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 4 psychic prediction~179 views todayDetails on the upcoming train derailment (I'm not going to mention these horrible details in that dream again! I've drawn this 'break apart' train derailer device too many times since 2016) ZIP 62246, call (618) 601-1505, and as always this ISIS member ONLY targets oil tanker cars.r
Dream number 12169 19 September 2019 3 psychic prediction79 views todaySeptember fire starts right here.
Dream number 12200 29 September 2019 2 psychic prediction78 views today6103264028 go back on December 24th (610) 326-4028
Dream number 12133 4 September 2019 4 psychic prediction77 views todayKarlie Gusevis is alive, I spoke with her in my dream, not sure what this is.
Dream number 12176 22 September 2019 2 psychic prediction77 views todayYour cells can learn to stop dying, (yes, this is what I've been saying since 2005 - download my free subliminal audio program @
Dream number 12182 25 September 2019 1 psychic prediction77 views todayPlease tell him not to go to this event on Friday, October 4th, 2019 (If this make sense to you, please act on it)
Dream number 12149 9 September 2019 4 psychic prediction76 views todayAgain...I've been saying this for over 10 years...the human body has a specific type of iron in the body that needs to aligned to magnetic north plus or minus these numbers. If you have not done this yet, PLEASE try this out for a week or so and see the AMAZING changes in your life.. you will need a compass that points to magnetic North (not true or grid) Using the numbers here, point the head of the bed you sleep in to this magnetic direction.

Men - 21 degrees
Woman - 7 degrees
Children - 40 degrees
Dream number 12166 18 September 2019 3 psychic prediction76 views today8564512124 family member arrested, they are telling the truth, he knew her from the bus (pretty sure this is about the night before last dreams)
Dream number 12175 22 September 2019 1 psychic prediction76 views todayRussia fixed lottery...no new or changing numbers here (see past DD's)
Dream number 12143 7 September 2019 6 psychic prediction75 views todayJames Monsees's suicide as murder, numbers SEC arrests Trump family arrested member over Altria short if you too want to get arrested, buy MO stock when it hits, sell when it reaches 246.05
Dream number 12164 18 September 2019 1 psychic prediction75 views todayOrange band on left wrist, on the table, 4125029019 R-4263.
Dream number 12165 18 September 2019 2 psychic prediction75 views todayElmet Towers Leeds, numbers, the WORST disaster of this kind in history.
Dream number 12171 20 September 2019 2 psychic prediction75 views todayIn the sky...another nightmare
Dream number 12150 11 September 2019 1 psychic prediction74 views todayAir China 818. row 26 (censored login to view)
Dream number 12160 16 September 2019 1 psychic prediction74 views todayDulce Maria Alavez missing child located right where he said she would be...don't trust him!! she saw the dog, vineland, forgive, (856) 451-2124
Dream number 12189 26 September 2019 2 psychic prediction73 views todayLottery numbers.
Dream number 12136 5 September 2019 3 psychic prediction72 views today(618) 601-1505 DUPO, TRUMP MURDER
Dream number 12158 14 September 2019 3 psychic prediction72 views todayBuy CHK (stock) @ 1.43 sell @ 972.3 (and no higher as the markets will crash around that time)
Dream number 12179 23 September 2019 2 psychic prediction72 views todayAlex Trebek dies on June 7th, 2020, he is supposed to die on July 16th, 2042 unless he can teach his cells not to 'commit suicide' William Sikov, numbers
Dream number 12161 16 September 2019 2 psychic prediction71 views todayTrailer, church, Dulce Maria Alavez found, tattoo, psychic, numbers, Dulce Maria Alavez found, (856) 451-2124
Dream number 12181 24 September 2019 1 psychic prediction71 views todayCNN Chris Cuomo, this is the man who did and why someone needs to come forward (maybe next month, very sad event)
Dream number 12157 14 September 2019 2 psychic prediction70 views todayHe's going to take her, bus stop, numbers (maybe in October or November of this year...I think, more to follow)
Dream number 12170 20 September 2019 1 psychic prediction70 views todaySinking, sinking...not sure how I can help on this one.
Dream number 12122 1 September 2019 2 psychic prediction69 views todaySeptember 9th, 2019? explosion, hole wireline, lots of numbers here
Dream number 12155 13 September 2019 2 psychic prediction69 views todayusa 3 pattern 1 32 2335 5
Dream number 12163 16 September 2019 4 psychic prediction69 views todayNo idea right now.
Dream number 12168 19 September 2019 2 psychic prediction69 views todayA scary dream about aliens.
Dream number 12130 4 September 2019 1 psychic prediction68 views todayFire.
Dream number 12116 31 August 2019 2 psychic prediction67 views todayMalani Johnson located safe, breaking news, numbers, a house, Jefferson Manor...I think, and whatever these are.
Dream number 12124 2 September 2019 1 psychic prediction66 views todayWait 45 seconds before starting your car on September 14th, 2019, delay in time, 45 seconds (just do it)
Dream number 12125 2 September 2019 2 psychic prediction65 views todaySeptember 10th, numbers, WHY??? they could have stopped this. lake, church?
Dream number 12150 11 September 2019 2 psychic prediction64 views todayNot sure but I know this is about the American Airlines crash to take place this month...I think (censored login to view)
Dream number 12162 16 September 2019 3 psychic prediction64 views todaySeptember 27, in the bible.
Dream number 12156 14 September 2019 1 psychic prediction63 views todayMissing woman found, sign on tree, near 'firebreak'
Dream number 12187 26 September 2019 5 psychic prediction63 views todayMidland Trail Road love fire? call (606) 928-2063 other stuff, maybe non-related
Dream number 12147 9 September 2019 2 psychic prediction62 views todayAndrew Cuomo finally admits he has cancer, just 13 days after his sons 'accident' 'this is a NEW America and he needs to go' (sorry about the paper, all I had in the middle of the night)
Dream number 12123 1 September 2019 3 psychic prediction61 views todayGraveyard of the Pacific, ship damage in 2005, fire (see last month's dream on this pending event, the link is

it's from August 20th of the same year)
Dream number 12186 26 September 2019 4 psychic prediction61 views todayThis is the home address of the man from DPRK who'ss connections made him over $30M for the poisoning of state-regulated THC and CBD vape cartridges' Over 100,000 'Rx marijuana patients) will die because and the man being blamed has no idea how or why he' going to prison. Says the UK, but as far as I know, marijuana is highly illegal in the UK. Justin Gover maybe the man whos going to die over this, not sure but I od know the UK does not allow marijuana use at all, even medical.
Dream number 12146 9 September 2019 1 psychic prediction58 views todayWhen you truly learn how to STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, heaven awaits.
Dream number 12154 13 September 2019 1 psychic prediction57 views todaystamp i five pattern poland 5 20 xxx 25 viii 35
Dream number 12145 8 September 2019 2 psychic prediction55 views today17 more days before the crash.
Dream number 12184 26 September 2019 2 psychic prediction55 views todayMatthew McConaughey dies in unexploded last minute request, stop, when someone mentions 'underwater' 'don't fucking do it'. Leonard Hartman?
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