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Dream number 12197 28 September 2019 4 psychic prediction13 views todayOver and over this man tried Jesus is lord he got healed? 7, 8 - 19, 20, 15, 45,49 dies on March 11th 2018 Europe jack.
Dream number 12137 6 September 2019 2 psychic prediction12 views todaycan't read.
Dream number 12154 13 September 2019 1 psychic prediction10 views todaystamp i five pattern poland 5 20 xxx 25 viii 35
Dream number 12158 14 September 2019 3 psychic prediction10 views todayBuy CHK (stock) @ 1.43 sell @ 972.3 (and no higher as the markets will crash around that time)
Dream number 12181 24 September 2019 1 psychic prediction7 views todayCNN Chris Cuomo, this is the man who did and why someone needs to come forward (maybe next month, very sad event)
Dream number 12182 25 September 2019 1 psychic prediction7 views todayPlease tell him not to go to this event on Friday, October 4th, 2019 (If this make sense to you, please act on it)
Dream number 12187 26 September 2019 5 psychic prediction7 views todayMidland Trail Road love fire? call (606) 928-2063 other stuff, maybe non-related
Dream number 12191 27 September 2019 1 psychic prediction7 views todayThe cause of the upcoming SpaceX accident, it was this '3d printed part' and here is the serial number (I was able to zoom in, but not out in this dream)
Dream number 12193 27 September 2019 3 psychic prediction7 views today12 days.
Dream number 12194 28 September 2019 1 psychic prediction7 views todayJoseph Prince born May 15, 1963, murdered December 7 March 17 Wendy paid .5 million to kill him Justin paid .1 million not drink the tea.
Dream number 12200 29 September 2019 2 psychic prediction7 views today6103264028 go back on December 24th (610) 326-4028
Dream number 12204 30 September 2019 4 psychic prediction7 views todayPowerball? numbers (not sure about this one.
Dream number 12180 23 September 2019 3 psychic prediction6 views todayWatch next week, even if you do not play the lottery, pay attention to the results and the numbers on this DD's (date from September 29th to December 6th, 2019)
Dream number 12178 23 September 2019 1 psychic prediction6 views todayKarlie Gusevis May 20th, 2019.
Dream number 12179 23 September 2019 2 psychic prediction6 views todayAlex Trebek dies on June 7th, 2020, he is supposed to die on July 16th, 2042 unless he can teach his cells not to 'commit suicide' William Sikov, numbers
Dream number 12186 26 September 2019 4 psychic prediction6 views todayThis is the home address of the man from DPRK who'ss connections made him over $30M for the poisoning of state-regulated THC and CBD vape cartridges' Over 100,000 'Rx marijuana patients) will die because and the man being blamed has no idea how or why he' going to prison. Says the UK, but as far as I know, marijuana is highly illegal in the UK. Justin Gover maybe the man whos going to die over this, not sure but I od know the UK does not allow marijuana use at all, even medical.
Dream number 12188 26 September 2019 1 psychic prediction6 views todayFreedom
Dream number 12190 26 September 2019 3 psychic prediction6 views todayMagnitude 8.7 or 8.9? earthquake...this is very soon (see my quake prediction section)
Dream number 12202 30 September 2019 2 psychic prediction6 views todayDaniel Ray Coat's 'heart attack' was from the same Russian KGB secret modeled on a 'veterinarian prescription drug' (as past dd's there is a test for this drug, but it's only done in animals right now. pentobarbital base 4345S.
Dream number 12203 30 September 2019 3 psychic prediction6 views todayDan Coats and Susan Gordon, why? Whitehouse whistleblowers intentionally leaked by AG, Dan and Susan confess? vet heart attack.
Dream number 12205 30 September 2019 5 psychic prediction6 views todayOctober 7th, 2019
Dream number 12207 30 September 2019 7 psychic prediction6 views todayJoe Biden, do not drink the tea (another heart attack drug victim, see past dreams about the others)
Dream number 12115 31 August 2019 1 psychic prediction5 views todayUSA winning lottery numbers (FOR SURE) for October 2019, both Powerball and MegaMillions numbers will match 3 EXACT numbers during next month (October 2019) use the same key in members section...in case you forgot it)


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Dream number 12143 7 September 2019 6 psychic prediction5 views todayJames Monsees's suicide as murder, numbers SEC arrests Trump family arrested member over Altria short if you too want to get arrested, buy MO stock when it hits, sell when it reaches 246.05
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