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Dream number 13970 2 November 2020 3 psychic prediction1836 views todayBreaking News Alert - CNN officially calls Pennsylvania for Joe Biden making him the new president-elect

These are the final electoral college results for trump and Biden - I think - congratulations - numbers - she called the wrong number? 7 days - court case dismissed - these are the numbers in on November 4, not the actual final results - see October 2020 dreams for more on this - the numbers are exactly the same as last month.

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Dream number 13960 1 November 2 2020 2 psychic prediction1494 views todayUSA Winning Mega Million lottery numbers - no matter when you are reading, please tell your friend to play these numbers - do not play yourself

Missing woman - hitting children - she is still alive - she has not been taken yet - she has a child - help her

321332613 lottery

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Dream number 13964 1 November 2020 6 psychic prediction1184 views todayThis will change your life and it's totally free to try - print out this drawing - fold it twice and put inside your pillowcase or whatever you use to sleep on. Now forget about it - in a week or so things will change for you - if you're already happy in life - please share this - they do work

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Dream number 13975 2 November 2020 8 psychic prediction1056 views todayLove - Mega Millions reverse? numbers - not sure when - just play

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Dream number 13959 1 November 1 2020 1 psychic prediction954 views today321332613 lottery

Austria - by Stadttempel - Innere Stadt - 7274204324 - Oskar Deutsch - Martin Sellner arrested for planning a terrorist attack - was in here 2 months ago - call 4315350403 - 11 men are responsible for 8 of the next 10 terrorist attacks? - this is the shooter look at his nose - soon I think

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Dream number 13976 2 November 2020 9 psychic prediction949 views todayST BL RS - not sure who this is - play the lottery now - numbers - just play now if you can read my terrible handwriting - sorry. Brian

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Dream number 13972 2 November 2020 5 psychic prediction754 views todayNovember 8th, 2020 fire - the church was not the target this time - numbers - 7 days again? was not electrical - children.
Dream number 13974 2 November 2020 7 psychic prediction382 views todayIn 11 days we are going to see this in the sky - not sure - not a UFO this time.
Dream number 13990 4 November 2020 6 psychic prediction376 views todayGOD is real.
Dream number 13969 2 November 2020 2 psychic prediction372 views todayCapital City Killings - this is the killer - he is still alive and working as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lives off lake Mendota.

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Dream number 13979 3 November 2020 2 psychic prediction353 views todayDonald Trump dies on December 24th, 2020 - at least 10 dreams in the past year have this exact same date but not the time - still a heart attack.
Dream number 14101 28 November 2020 4 psychic prediction313 views todayLottery - PLAY NOW (seriously, share and play these numbers as soon as you read this now matter where or when, just play them!)
Dream number 13962 1 November 2020 4 psychic prediction309 views todayShavonni Sewell missing teen found safe - Fairlop Waters Country Park - she is with her - not sure what these things are

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Dream number 13965 1 November 2020 7 psychic prediction282 views todayEye in the sky - this is another UFO alien nightmare - this eye can see everything on earth.
Dream number 13967 1 November 2020 9 psychic prediction273 views todayTandon Nielsen missing teen located safe - five points stout - 37274

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Dream number 13989 4 November 2020 5 psychic prediction273 views todayStock HOFV buy at 0.71 sell at $337.2
Dream number 13963 1 November 2020 5 psychic prediction269 views todayTerrorist attack in 7 days - look for these.
Dream number 13981 3 November 2020 4 psychic prediction267 views todayMarisela Botello missing woman located Charles Beltran took her here - numbers - to save time this is the exact location per dream drawing

S Good Latimer Expy, Dallas, TX 75226
32.779825, -96.784233

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Dream number 13968 2 November 2020 1 psychic prediction206 views todayJessica Gutierrez missing girls is alive and happy lining at Country Haven Mobile Home Park in Lexington

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Dream number 13961 1 November 2020 3 psychic prediction205 views todayLottery numbers for you - 3 2 7 day 6 2 1 night.
Dream number 13966 1 November 2020 8 psychic prediction205 views todayVeta Belford missing woman located - not what they think - Tanzanite

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Dream number 13980 3 November 2020 3 psychic prediction179 views todayVanessa Ceja Ramirez missing woman found - off Oaklawn Chicago - this is him - ford motor ex-employee - numbers

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Dream number 14098 28 November 2020 1 psychic prediction175 views todayFlynt Lee murder case finally solved - these are not the men who did this - the police officer investigating the case help create is retired now - Ricky Burrow was paid 25K by here - Billy Logan missing man - love - it was not organized crime - hate - Ricky Burrow also murdered 4 other people - DNA proves without a doubt Rick Burrow did these murders for money - numbers - blood trail was faked by LE - the other bodies are at this location 31.849722,-90.135833

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Dream number 14065 19 November 2020 1 psychic prediction152 views todayNovember 20th 2020 pending missing person case - Don't let him take her - trailer - this is a pending missing person case - he is going to keep her in this trailer an awful dream.

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