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september-6-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd3 views today9621134 -- unexpected earthquake on september 16th was their first of a new fault line that will kill property value.
september-12-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd3 views todaydrug tube Texas, 2.7 milesx pneumatic tube connecting puerto de anapra and sunland park found - 2 inch tube made from fort bliss supply company 21st - drug smugglers using it for Anthrax (I was never stationed in Fort Bliss so I think this is coming from the regular source, the places are real...I think a drug tube is being used to carry anthrax instead of drugs, the tube's opening are in some sort of brink foundation in plane site. Spent a few years at Fort Sill, but that's nowhere near this place)
september-18-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd3 views today1/12/13 Ashford Christian Church 49-0013-762 Kent Madeleine McCann mom takes her here euro 0 tnn 7
september-20-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd3 views todaywaco government - did not mean to kill, recover navy survival water guide look at email 6/1/13 facebook victxnvss 2161137 man 27 year gay man Larry Bennett 6 - 9 - 13 body was only 6 days old
september-23-2013-4-dreams-brian-ladd3 views todayaf bomber from los teq??? broken nose
september-1-2013-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todaynot sure
september-1-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todaydon't let him drive - she's carrying his baby, crash kills 2 u school 61 days 65 days funeral
september-2-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today192.104.54.5 president makes first address to nation 7 days after may 9th attacks robinette
september-3-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayseptember 12 - they thought it was going to be on the 11th, they were dead wrong
september-6-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayJulian Assange did not hang himself in hotel suite 91, look at marks
september-9-2013-4-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today12345678910 1 2 3 4 2 6 5 3 8 15 1 2 lottery 4 day to go
september-9-2013-6-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayfire Sunday morning 4:07 am September 15 15!! -- starts bottom floor white tile hallway - 631 7762--
september-9-2013-7-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayeric priebke death party?? lazi
september-9-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayLisa you have breast cancer and will make a full recovery 1965
september-11-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayunknown, no memory of this dream
september-12-2013-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today12 23 35 2 6 7 2 days
september-13-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayNY Times GLP government agency illegally gathers over 2 million ip's and makes 97 false arrests, production? sues for 7M but only gets 720K judge orders 27M peoduc? users
september-14-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayparts missing, 1,7 million de shalit hertzelia pituch 46755 # 972(0) 9-9509893
september-14-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayi don't know
september-15-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayThis will stop the pain, touch.

(as with past dd's, print the image and keep close during the hours of sleep)
september-16-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today7 people will die in canada X usa ? phone 250 85\32.1020 part of 0157 h7 - suure? 3 oave south west, cow pastures 97 2 days
september-16-2013-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayseptember 21st accident was caused by friction ?? 3/4 mile to water HCT41 360 - 113 2116
september-17-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todayworking on this, not sure yet
september-19-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd 2 views todaycar in Amarillo Brookshire 3 days - green single engine plane crashes into garage 3 1/2 miles north of Titus Church - old = Texas sports - airport ??
september-20-2013-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todaytea will cure you -- Michelle D. 30th day August of 1972, I've seen the mark - breast cancer, you don't have to ????
september-21-2013-1-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todaylottery October 2013 order 3 4 2 4 0 - 1 6 1 3
september-22-2013-2-dreams-brian-ladd2 views todaymud volcano bad
september-22-2013-3-dreams-brian-ladd2 views today9 1 28 building collapse fire started on 9th floor room 913
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