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Dream number 13741 2 October 2020 1 psychic prediction36 views today5 more days.
Dream number 13825 14 October 2020 1 psychic prediction36 views todayJennings Eight murders sometimes called Jeff Davis 8 or the Jennings 8 Loretta Lewis Ernestine Marie Daniels Patterson Cristen Gary Lopez Whitnei Dubois Laconia "Muggy" Brown Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno Brittney Gary Necole Guillory All eight of these murders were done by this police officer - at the time he was actually in charge of 2 of the murder investigation - this is his current location and spends, most of his time at a bar - he took hundreds of photos of his killing episodes and he still has them - this is inside his home in Youngsville Louisiana

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2127-09-september-2006-prediction-brian-ladd-dream~035 views today
Simple Drawings For Kids To Copy 1 UFO Report Case Number 299 Tags UFO Sketch Ufo Reporting MUFON Real Ufo Sighting Ufo Drawing Ufo Photo 2019 A35 views today
anderson brandon7 missing person case closed 2020 found psychic Brian Ladd35 views todayMissing anderson_brandon7_missing_person_case_closed_2020_found_psychic_Brian_Ladd Date of Birth
case Updates June 2020
Dream number 13342 19 July 2020 4 psychic prediction35 views todayPlane crash, Wed July 22nd, numbers and letter, he did it right yet it still fell? this is the man who called 911
Dream number 13692 23 September 2020 4 psychic prediction~035 views todayA dream from September 23rd 2020 says Proud Boys Stand Up Stand By - on September 29th 2020 Donald Trump said the same thing

entire dream says
Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, killed in an accident - the smoke killed him - not fire - stand back stand by? PB Trump orders hit - civil wars starts nov 10 2.3 M Americans die phone numbers (assuming 2020, search this site for more on this dream)

Dream number 13806 12 October 2020 2 psychic prediction35 views todayNevan Baker was murdered by these three people - they are from ? - daily stormer website - one is a ex Fruitland Park Police Department officer - James Elkins did not do this

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Dream number 13820 13 October 2020 3 psychic prediction35 views todayI don't know what this is.
dream prediction number 5431 january 24 2014 2 dreams brian ladd34 views todayyoung no staphyoc terrorist coveruo not ??? 417 2 days to 261371 mountain estadolibro de puerte c6se4 xso michale shawn?
Dream number 9208 22 August 2017 4 by Brian Ladd dpek missle launch~034 views todayOn August 29, 2017, at 6 AM JST, North Korea launched a ballistic missile over Northern Japan, DPRK's missile launch was also predicted from an August 22nd dream.
for-teenagers-design-impressive-unique-teenage-girls-best-tumblr-sketches-ufo-and-best-good-drawing-ideas-for-teenagers-tumblr-sketches-ufo-and34 views today
MISSING ANGELICA MARIA GANDARA 5 CASE NUMBER 59334 views todayMissing Person angelica_maria_gandara_5 2019 case by Psycic Brian Ladd
Verruckt Caleb Schwab Schlitterbahn Water Park accident dream prediction number 5689 june 10 2014 2 dreams brian ladd34 views todayWaterslide accident dream from June of 2014 two years later Caleb Schwab was decapitated in Water Slide Accident at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, the numbers on this dd matched the phone number of the park.

Verrückt Caleb Schwab Schlitterbahn Water Park accident

Police have revealed that 10-year-old Caleb Schwab – who was involved in a fatal accident at Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City on Sunday – died of a “neck injury,” PEOPLE confirms.

Caleb was found dead at the bottom of the slide in the pool and police confirm to PEOPLE that he had been decapitated.

Witness Kelsey Friedrichsen, earlier told PEOPLE that she and her boyfriend were on their way up to the top of the 168-foot Verruckt water slide for their scheduled 3 p.m. ride when they saw a large group gathered at the bottom.

“There was a woman being treated for some kind of injury on her face and head,” Friedrichsen, 27, told PEOPLE. “That was when my boyfriend said, ‘I think there is someone else.'”

What her boyfriend Josh Foster pointed out was first responders covering the body of 10-year-old Caleb. Two women in the boat with him – neither related to Caleb – suffered minor facial injuries.

“It looked like he must have somehow been ejected from his seat, bounced around between the netting and the slide and just slid down,” Friedrichsen added. “He would have fallen down without the raft. It’s kind of like a tube.”

Another witness Esteban Castaneda told ABC News that he and his 14-year-old cousin had ridden the slide earlier that day and the teen told him that towards the end of the ride, the Velcro on her belt had come undone.

Dream Prediction Number 5756 July 4 2014 3 Dreams Brian Ladd Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 34 views todaydream_prediction_number_5756_july_4_2014_3_dreams_brian_ladd top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Missing Breasia Terrell found Dream number 13338 18 July 2020 15 psychic prediction34 views todayfrom 3 dd's dated 7/18/20

Missing Breasia Terrell found

room, slept here, trash and boxes, the entire letter is lies, arrest made in ?? days, this is her, no, no, henry? stop, stop, found July 21st, numbers and symbols

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Breasia Terrell found 534 views todayfrom 5 dd's dated 8-11-2020

Breasia Terrell found, same place, numbers, he had a hammer?
The man helping search knew him and know what cell he is in? August 21st, (563) 3239912, 4539435, he was on the phone, he was in jail before, look again, keeps talking about a friend, his name is wrong, not him wrong man, police are wasting time, they are following tips from the wrong man?

Not sure, but id she is alive, she is still in this trailer or room, or near it is she is not alive, I hope I'm wrong about that part.

per dd, this is the location I hope she is not, but there is some sort of item from him there (maybe from another of his victims)
grid 41.580105, -90.531221 in Davenport

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An unsolved missing person case Suzanne-Morphew-1 until now by Psychic Brian Ladd34 views todaySuzanne-Morphew-1Unsolved missing person cases

To view full details of this case please visit

Missing Since:
Missing From:
Age Now:
Date located:

An unsolved missing person case Suzanne-Morphew-1 until now by Psychic Brian Ladd
Dream number 13727 30 September 2020 3 psychic prediction34 views todayMercyhealth Hospital in Janesville unable to accept new patients due to COVID outbreak
These two videos were made within hours of each other not the next day as Trumps tweet suggests - For all we know Trump may have passed away due to COVID34 views todayThese two videos were made within hours of each other not the next day as Trumps tweet suggests - For all we know Trump may have passed away due to COVID

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Dream number 13822 13 October 2020 5 psychic prediction34 views todayKelly Lynn Albright murderer confesses after this dream becomes public - he was never in the Army - numbers - Tori has the dream - she needs to talk to him now - he is 17 years old world - he was on drugs and needed the money - phone number and an address in Old Northwest-West University in Reno - these items were found next to Kelly at the time of death not after - police know this man as he used to work for them

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908633 alaska earthquake november 30 2018 psychic prediction brian ladd dream from november 27 201833 views todayMagnitude 7.0 Alaska earthquake on November 30th, a dream from the 27th and more on the coming San Francisco magnitude 8.9 quakes on December 25th. Other details on the DD may or may not be from the same dream.

dream says... Ethan Berkowitz San Francisco earthquake 9.2 on December 25th is related Anchorage Alaska 7.0 error, plate shifts in 3 days, church wall, breaking news (not sure about the 8.9 LA quake, was wrong last time...way wrong)

‘Major’ damage to Anchorage area after a severe magnitude-7 earthquake in Alaska
By Jeannette Lee Falsey ,
Mark Berman and
Angela Fritz November 30 at 3:12 PM

ANCHORAGE — An intense earthquake struck the Anchorage area Friday morning, causing severe shaking and damage and triggering fears of a tsunami.

The magnitude-7 quake occurred at 8:29 a.m., local time, the epicenter just north of Anchorage. Moments later, the National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for Cook Inlet and South Kenai Peninsula. The warning was canceled shortly after 10 a.m.

The Anchorage Police Department said the earthquake caused “major infrastructure damage” across the city, which is home to more than 294,000 people.

The extent of the damage was not immediately clear in the wake of Friday’s earthquake. Local and state officials said they were assessing the impact, which the police department said included “major infrastructure damage across Anchorage.”

Anchorage Fire Chief Jodie Hettrick said at a briefing that authorities were contacted about possible building collapses, but she did not provide more information. The Alaska Department of Transportation said that due to reports of damage in Anchorage as well as surrounding areas, crews were sent out to inspect roads and bridges, but a spokeswoman said this process would take time given the impact across the state.
Drawn Ufo Cute 587560 852390UFO Report Case Number 136 Tags UFO Sketch Ufo Reporting MUFON Real Ufo Sighting Ufo Drawing Ufo Photo 2019 133 views today
Missing Maura Murray 9 Case Number 10417 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 33 views todayMISSING_MAURA_MURRAY_9_CASE_NUMBER_10417 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
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