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orginial dds from July 2015 video review 693 views todayOriginal DD's from July 2015 video review, more details at : 3
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Dream number 8648 30 April 2017 7 by Brian Ladd93 views todayTerror attacks in France on May 8th and 9th are not Isis they are students details and locations are on the dd
Dream number 9495 1 November 2017 1 psychic prediction93 views todayPhoto shows boat location, Jennifer Appel? arrested for fraud Nov 21? 2017, grid location, numbers - Dream number 9495 1 November 2017 1- @
trash on florida beach 593 views todayWanted to film birds on the beach but could only find a few birds, did see a flock of something flying north. We had a really high tide and all the trash from the Atlantic washed up, in this video I show an example of what I found. Off camera, I found a doggie doo-doo station with bags and went back and pick up a few pounds of garbage, not nearly what I wanted to but will bring the kids this weekend. 'Surprise, let's pick up trash!!' I'm sure that will go over well :) BTY, I did have a dream about finding something on the beach a few weeks ago, did think it would be a 12-ounce diet coke can.
IMG 071393 views todayDecember 31st to January 2nd, 2019 was spent in the hospital...again! I had a bp of 210 over 120! This was related my new On-x aortic heart blood pressure is normal now and hopefully, I will not need to spend any more nights in the hospital...but the staff was wonderful and the food was great!

Psychic Brian Ladd uses his visions, dreams to accurately predict future events. His on-line dream diary contains over 8,000 documented dreams, lucid dreams and remote viewing cases. To date, over 3,000 predictions have come true, with more and more every day. Brian has personally worked hundred missing person cases since 2006 with a success rate of around 45%. Brian served 12 active years in the US Army and then joined the Army Reserves. Brian was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder in 2011, and some say this 'illness' maybe the reason why so many of his dreams have come true.
Saint Judes Memphis Marathon on December 7th 201993 views todayJanuary 5th, 2019: I AM GOING TO DIE...if I don't change my ways right now. Before I explain this I want to share a quick summary of my life to date.

I was born with a bicuspid aortic heart valve, with means my valve only has two leaflets compared to a normal of three. Your aortic heart valve regulates all the blood exiting your heart and is about the width of a quarter. When I was born (1969 Lorado, TX USAF hospital) doctors thought it was a hole in my heart, growing up I remember to allot of wires (EKG's) but with no ill effects...I was even able to join the US Army in 1989 with a waver and served 12 years with no issues.

It was not until I was 40 or so I noticed something was wrong, so I had an ultrasound done and discovered that I would need surgy by the time I was 50 or I would die of heart failure. Nine years later, I went into heart body was filling up with fluid and I could barely breathe.

On another note, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2005, a condition that runs in my family...I lost my uncle and little sister to what 'the voices' told them to do. My condition is treatable and I believe helps me to use my dreams and voices to predict future events...I also believe its possible that anyone can do this, not just me.

What it like hearing voices?

This is the best way I can explain it for the 'normal' person...most people have thoughts racing in their minds during the day, these voices are commonly called 'self-talk'. Most of the time self-talk is repetitive and useless...but the normal person is aware that this self-talk is coming from their own a schizophrenic person, she or he sometimes is not aware of the source of this brain activity.

Ever since my open heart surgery this year, I've been almost totally inactive and eating way more food than I should...right now I weight 250-pounds (39 BMI) versus my normal bodyweight of 180...this is awful, embarrassing and will kill me if I don't do something about it now. Make no mistake, being overweight is my fault and there are no excuses...not even medical issues.

As you may have noticed in my blog, I love food...and luckily the food I enjoy is mostly healthy. I used to run on a daily basis and doing so let me eat basically as much as I wanted plus I'm fortunate that I don't like sweet stuff and sugary drinks.

So starting today I'm going to get back into shape... I also starting to use my past dreams to help me do so. I have set a goal for myself, a high goal, but an achievable goal...

I want to run and fishing (don't care what place) the Saint Judes Memphis Marathon on December 7th, 2019

If you wish to follow my progress or share yours on Fitbit, please do so...I have more than 10 months to be ready...and I will be.


Dream number 12655 30 January 2020 6 psychic prediction93 views todayJoshua Vallow missing boy found here (this is about 2 missing children Tylee and Joshua Vallow and their biological mother Lori Vallow. This is an odd case and I did my best to produce a search map. There was no anger or hate in this dream, there was also death... :( I will open a case tomorrow, 1-31-2020 and will post anything else I get at
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anderson corrie4 missing person case closed 2020 found psychic Brian Ladd93 views todayMissing anderson_corrie4_missing_person_case_closed_2020_found_psychic_Brian_Ladd Date of Birth
case Updates June 2020
Dream number 13437 9 August 2020 2 psychic prediction93 views todaySchool shooter, twitch, Live stream, numbers, why did he go there? family not home, gun is not his? this is him,, you will see this face everywhere.
Dream number 13998 6 November 2020 1 psychic prediction93 views todayBennington Triangle missing persons - they are home - the lights in the sky mark the location of the 83 human remains - they are not dead - they are stars? go to - largest undiscovered gold deposit in the USA is also here - molly stark trail - this is the exact location per this dream and map dousingcase at

Vermont 05201

"Bennington Triangle" is a phrase coined by New England author Joseph A. Citro during a public radio broadcast in 1992 to denote an area of southwestern Vermont within which a number of people went missing between 1945 and 1950.1 This was further popularized in two books, including Shadow Child, in which he devoted chapters to a discussion of these disappearances and various items of folklore surrounding the area. According to Citro, the area shares characteristics with the Bridgewater Triangle in neighboring Massachusetts.
Dream number 14202 21 December 2020 1 psychic prediction93 views todayElyssa O'Dell missing teen found - not just a fight - he keeps telling her the wrong numbers - Southside Fort Worth apartment - numbers - she seems happy.

case at
Dream number 14217 24 December 2020 6 psychic prediction93 views todayCincinnati man is wrong - false alarm leads to ? the vehicle is not dangerous - number - red herring - l shape explosions from Netflix?
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