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psychic prediction 7231 18 may 2016 3 ladd1 views todayMore on actress Rosie O'Donnell's death...well a very well planned murder (see past 8 dd's on the same same subject matter. IMO, she is a wonderful actress and speaks from her heart. The sad thing is that most people in the US thing that our country and the people that run it do not have the 'balls' that Russia has about eliminating people that can hurt you. In Miss O'Donnell's case it's too late, but there are more people that do not need to die for 'male ego'
psychic prediction 7233 19 may 2016 2 ladd1 views todayEl Capitan Theatre fire was arson, no deaths
psychic prediction 7234 19 may 2016 3 ladd1 views todayworld lost a great person today, reports say actor was intoxicated and took off from Van Nuys Airport
psychic prediction 7235 20 may 2016 1 ladd1 views todayno comment
psychic prediction 7236 20 may 2016 2 ladd1 views todayA UFO 'accident' in Texas next month.
psychic prediction 7237 21 may 2016 1 ladd1 views todaysea floor map of a plane crash, no comment..yet
May 19 2016 dream review 11 views today
psychic prediction 7242 24 may 2016 1 ladd1 views todaymore details of the magnitude 8.9 and 9.2 quakes in California, not sure how these magnitude 3 quakes on the 26th of this month have anything to do with it.
psychic prediction 7241 23 may 2016 4 ladd1 views todaythis is him, the event will happen on May 26th of 2016, I do not know the time, just the face for now.
psychic prediction 7248 25 may 2016 4 ladd1 views today
psychic prediction 7246 25 may 2016 2 ladd1 views todayThis is about a real person confirmed by goggle...finally! A José Jaime Maussan Flota will go missing after a volcanic eruption in Mexico, and will return with the secret??
psychic prediction 7245 25 may 2016 1 ladd1 views todayMadeleine McCann found, sea ?? PDL 351 282 789 231 (more on dd)
psychic prediction 7253 26 may 2016 4 ladd1 views todaymexico church fire
psychic prediction 7251 26 may 2016 2 ladd1 views todaytom hunter dprk murders cia fort lee nj
psychic prediction 7250 26 may 2016 1 ladd1 views today1 3 3 1 2 4 (pattern 123, lottery June 2016)
140513-mong-north-korea-kim-jong-un c3dd77721033c29f0a42fb85ca5ef332 281291 views todayDPRK General's Notebook Readings
4589036561 views todayDPRK General's Notebook Readings
North Korea 285015250703291 views todayDPRK General's Notebook Readings
south korea defense 526864511 views todayDPRK General's Notebook Readings
psychic prediction 728 30 may 2016 2 ladd1 views todayThis is the guy who DID NOT kill Mr. Donald Trump, for the one one's who did see my dd's from 2014
psychic prediction 7261 31 may 2016 3 ladd1 views todayfire on water (see past dd's about this boat)
psychic prediction 7259 31 may 2016 1 ladd1 views todayfreedom tunnel and more stuff
psychic prediction 7262 1 june 2016 1 ladd1 views todayAn awful accident that's going to happen this Monday the 6th of June 2016 (do not know the time, place on dd).
psychic prediction 7275 4 june 2016 2 ladd - Copy1 views todayfire set by wife's boyfriend Saturday June 18th (assuming 2016)
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